Initial coin investment

Hey Veeky Forums, I'm starting out fresh on the crypto gold rush and I could use some advice on what to buy off coinbase for my initial coin to trade. These are my thoughts:

BTC looks a little high at the moment and could go either way --risky
ETH is at ATH and buying the ATH is a big no no.
LTC looked strong yesterday but it's already made a sizable move, am I too late?
BCH looks safe to me unless I'm missing something

Do I have the right idea? What do you guys think?

Litecoin because Eth is too slow and Bitcoin is too slow and expensive.


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Thanks! Thoughts on BCH? no one is really talking about it.
Been on Veeky Forums since 2006 buddy. I use to trade FOREX so I'm not a complete noob to trading but crypto is not in my wheelhouse yet.

I'm seeing plenty of moons and bullish trends everywhere. You sure you know what you are talking about?


Faster with less fees to move to a different exchange or wallet, with more upside potential on price.

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>Do I have the right idea? What do you guys think?

If you have another suggestion, I'm all ears.

> Create account on Binance , Kucoin .
>Buy ETH/LTC from GDAX (Coinbase) , transfer it to Binance
>Open and Coinmarketcal
>Coins moon when there's a major announcement around .

This is even to get you started

>buy ETH
>trade to cuckcoin or binance
trade your meme money for newer cheaper meme monies
>don't diversify too much/hodl
>watch price go up
>trade back for ETH
>send to your cuckbase and cash out

No new accounts on Binance at the moment, so I'm stuck there but I do have a kucoin account. I'll look into GDAX, thanks.

>trade back for ETH
even with it being at ATH?


200 eth
150 ltc
100 btc

>cashing out from coinbase
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Cryptopia is still accepting new users. Kucoin and Yobit are also good choices.

Thanks I'll check it out.

seems like a good entry point to me

Litecoin for sure. Fees will drop 10x next week, high increase in volume + price inbound

bcash is garbage, ignore it.

Likely why no one is talking about it. I'll avoid, thanks.