Is Deep Brain Chain a scam?

Is Deep Brain Chain a scam?

Hot air and bullshit. They haven't explained how their AI is going to be more efficient that a centralised version, nor how they're even going to produce it.

0/10 would not buy. Don't say I haven't warned you.


It always was along with FUN

Their first conference is in a month, at the NEO conference. You're a sperg retard on Veeky Forums who doesn't know anything about AI, so why should we listen to you over chink geniuses?

There you go.

yes no one has a fucking clue what it does.

Brain Gang Unite! Just woke up even richer!

Are you me? The coin that keeps on giving

Why is this even going up? It has no use right now.

i don't give a fuck as long as i can make some money from it

I think the giant team of Chinese geniuses and multiple Chinese company partnerships know more than you.

Not to mention the creators of neo, who dropped 15m into the project.

No you retard. I'm surprised there are so many of you redditors who believed that FUDing faggot who was butthurt he didn't get in on the ground floor.

I'm selling after huobi pump. Ride the hype for now

Not sticking in for the conference? Do you mind if I ask why? Thanks

Buy rumors, sell news

Not a scam, just another random shittoken with empty promises and nothi but vaporware
Also broken English on twitter and social media
With all the millions they got recently they could at least hire a translator or just pay to some Veeky Forums neet to translate their shit

At least FUN has a working product
The only thing you should be worried about regarding fun is, once they release the full thing, it might rekt the entire eth network just like cryptokitties did

If it is, then the whole market is a giant scam and you don't need any coins. I'll post my address if you don't want your bags.

>assuming anyone on Veeky Forums reads chink moonrunes instead of weeb moonrunes

whats so special about the conference?

>a scam
Buzzkills like you will day of the rope themselves at one point.

The conference is sooner than you think