Went from Mars, back to the moonbase, preparing for the next launch to Pluto!

Don't say I didn't warn you.


wraith protocol = vaporware

It went to Mars and then accidentally entered a wormhole only to re-enter in India covered in shit.

nah its done

no thanks gna pass

Shitcoin. Will die and drop to below 500 sats.

no one wants your lead bricks of bags pajeet

Buy pressure is surprisingly high, i feel this has one leg up to go after the FUD clears off. it was obvious it was all lies and fake news.

They will need to release a massive announcement for it though

Buying XVG in 2018. KYS

Literally a shitcoin. Do some research into this coin before buying...

>>missed 3 scheduled releases
>>Wraith protocol doesn't do anything it is promised
>>No marketing team
>>only 1 shitty developer who can't a working product. Literally waits till the last minute like a college fuckup to meet the final NYE deadline.

VC's have become more picky choosing which startups to invest in. With so many good projects on the market we should be thinking and investing the same way.

People actually still believe in this piece of a shit coin thats dogecoin dark.

No...just shill bags elsewhere.

let me guess
you all follow JUSTin Sun on twitter?

TRX and XVG are both utter garbage and scams, I hate all the double digit IQ bag holders.

Nope, sold TRX at .20 and bought into the xlm moon.

They're basically the same thing. All hype no substance.

You sound like the most uneducated person on this coin Ive seen yet - holy fucking shit.

I knew this coin was garbage when I saw the developer hanging out with a XVG community member and a pack of newport menthols on the table in front of him.

sounds pretty educated imo

Man, the Veeky Forums hatred for XVG is insane. Sounds like a bunch of anons bought at 26 cents... stop chasing moons while they are happening and you won't get stuck with bags anons...

the release is done soon, constant updates on github/travis.
This thing will go up.

If it's done soon then they missed the deadline for a fourth time.

I had high hopes for this coin, I even mined it. Glad I sold at 1800, loved that run. Thought of buying back in... Never going to happen

Fucking garbage of a team and joke a community.

Good luck holding shit in your PC.
I would never touch this shit again.

if you want to fuck go fuck your mother.

I followed the wraith release all night on new years eve. That piece of shit Vendetta was promising a full release right up to the deadline...fucker even tweeted that they're following EST for midnight. I know more than you give me credit for you fucking nigger pajeet.

I was holding since it was at .03 so I still came out profitable but I sold that shit on the 2nd and hitched my losses to XLM and am back to green.

I thought you like moon missions

Nope. XSH is where my bag is at.

XVG is a shitcoin and sunerok is full of shit. Don't say I didn't warm ya.