How do normies buy crypto if they don't even know how to withdraw?

How do normies buy crypto if they don't even know how to withdraw?

>this is not a bubble

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i can't wait till the bear market burns the normies so hard that they swear off crypto forever

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Let's see if i can get his dragonchain tokens.
What's the best way to get him to send it to my eth address?

Best answer gets some lf his tokens


"first you have to press withdraw and use this global intermediate address"

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just tell him to transfer click on withdraw and enter /your address here/ and a popup will come to ask where you want to transfer them to

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whats a bear market

Bumping for interest

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He looks decent and trying to make it, just like you

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That just means they can't 'run on the crypto bank'

>He looks decent

Tell him that Kucoin uses a global intermediary smart contract to validate and execute transfers to ensure no malicious party has tampered with the transaction. And that he then can send it to his bank or other wallet.

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He isnt answering anyways or else OP would've posted. Thread is over.

This is why Coinbase exists
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We arent leaving beta ;)

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normies have been able to enter the market so easily all because of the mobile coinbase app which is very popular on the appstore and makes it so simple to buy. then you have the normie who has some wits about him who uses binance like i saw those meme pics yesterday of the guy using tron and shieeeeeet on binance. they don't even know what a whitepaper is they buy on impulse and if the price looks low like ripple they have no idea what they're doing.

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Yeah he isn't answer the facebook post either

Will update if he replies

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