Want an easy 10x? COLX

Want an easy 10x? COLX
Im done accumulating so I can let you know a secret. This coin will EASILY do 20x in the next few weeks. A coin burn is coming up so at least get in before that.

already at $0.01. I ain't gonna make it if I only invest 100 bucks

Already all in, my man

see what I mean, this guy has 500k in colx and ill only have a measly 6k

You'll get a good enough stash going for the next moon mission though. Baby steps, man.

I'd like to but coinsmarket is shitting itself.

:'( *sniff* okay..

TradeSatoshi has it, definitely an awful exchange but you can buy it and just keep it in your wallet

FUCK. Someone shilled this on here a few weeks back. I wanted to drop 10k on it but was too pussy. Already missed 14x gains.

Can't register there?

where do you trade for this shit?

These sites suck literal ass right now.

Damn, really? It was working on Thursday, fuck that place is awful.

It sucks guys...I'm running their wallet and it's buggy as fuck.

Yea sucks ass.
Got 45k though.
But still.

The exchanges are shit but just wait for it to hit some good ones and it will take off

what the fuck is this coin, shill me and I will give you 5 COLX

another privacy coin wanting to be the next verge.

Where to buy this shitcoin? 100k readys

kucoin soon. devs submitted an application

As usual

Will i make it with 18k

Used lambo maybe?

there's a billion currencies now, why would colx pop.

why not just use monero instead of colx

It is impossible to buy this shit - all shitty exchanges crashing

That's partly why it's smart to accumulate now, get it while it's cheap since normies would never use these exchanges. Then, whenever it gets on Cryptopia we'll really see movement