This guy knows all the korean insiders, including the icon boss, who he interviewed personally, make of it what you will ;)


all in this bitch. moon already

so you wont be able to use binance without registering a bank account?

just the korean exchanges.Binance is basically registered everywhere now so they cant be closed.

appreciate this user

The government gave them grants last year in april

>The project received a government grant from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in April 2017

Why would the government give them money and then turn around and ban it. It just makes sense that Icon would be added, at the same time though this point isn't too valid because it was april last year, seperate government bodies etc. Still all in on ICX.

As a side note, searching for the grant in their white paper I noticed their english version uses "governance" like every other sentence.

We are literally getting Ethereum as it should have been right now. Even when Ethereum goes into POS and sharding, it will STILL be inferior to ICX because ICX already has sharding aka. isolated chains and proof of stake is inferior to certifcate based consensus like ripple and ICX do.

yup.Exciting times, Im predicting the biggest moon and fomo since eth earlier this year.

What's your estimate mid February?

Which will grant the most gainZ in 2018?

jump in icx now and jump to wan when it gets on exchanges

My body is ready icon gang let’s do this

my personal opinion, is even now, this deserves a 40 billion marketcap+.Its a fucking huge blockchain with a whole country set to use it, hundreds of staff working on it, partnered with who is who of korea, government funded and supported.Cardano for example is a 32 billion whitepaper.I couldnt even guess where this is going once fomo catches on.

I'm going to laugh my ass off at all the idiots that lost patience with this coin when it hits $20 this week

Soon they will not be laughing at us.

Comfy with my 74k ICX. This should be my last moon mission.

50 ICX here. Will I make it?

lol he's in his garage.

Usually he has some lambos in the garage. Therefore has to be a fake video.

500 ICX pray for my anus boys

make it to the international house of pancakes, baby!

Anyone want to explain what's happening with the bot on the ETH/ICX on binance. I think it's buying it's own sell orders in determined increments and they have 4,000 sell walls in multiple places. Is this just driving the price up for him to dump at the top?

133 icx here, pls kill me

he was one of the first bitcoin millionaires.and the first to buy a lambo with bitcoin.