BNB is it worth investing in? Does it work like KuCoin or what is the plan with it?

BNB is it worth investing in? Does it work like KuCoin or what is the plan with it?

why dont u do ur research u feggot?

its nothing more than the internal currency of the binance exchanged and can be used for deducting trade fees with a 50% discount instead of paying the respective coin as fee.

Every retard has been fomoing into bnb in anticipation of this token burn, not having the forsight to notice the smart money will dump this right before the burn to lock in astronomical gains.

ofc during these alt btc waves BNB gaisn so much value i did it yesterday now btc having another run im gaing sooo much by puttign it in bnb GET IN HERE NOW

>dump this right before the burn to lock in astronomical gains.
explain pls

this shit never goes down holy fuck

Maybe you are new to crypto, but look at every instance of a fork/buyback etc... Buy the rumor, sell the news.

They all tank right before said action.

whilst everyone is panicking whether to flush all alts into btc or buy them back with btc im just chilling in this making mad money

I legit think this thing is gonna stabilize around this level. When Binance shut down new registration, they basically shot up a signal flair that this was an EXCLUSIVE exchange. People are going to be SWARMING to get in when they open back up again, and theyre all gonna want a piece of that 50% fee discount.

I called this spike, but my money was tied up in REQ and didn't add. BNB isn't gonna crash nearly as bad as people are hoping.

but where will it end. its really hard to evaluate. i dunno when to take profits it keeps going uppp

I was waiting for this to dip further but it bounced back from 14$

> Does it work like KuCoin
if it did I'd go all in

i honestly have no idea how high it will go now i thought it would top out at 20 but theres still so much buy pressure

When do you think the exchange will close?

BNB is legit a long-term hodl. I regret not scooping up as much as possible when it first released, but I never imagined it would dethrone Bittrex. Now I trade on Binance almost exclusively.

That is all.

I literally don't understand why this shit pumped while new users can't even register I got out of it to consolidate into xlm link and eng reeeeeeee

its because they are about to burn tokens. and the new registeration thing + the highest trading volume ever on any exchange was a huge indicator lmao

What do you mean exactly by burn tokens?

Token burn is coming mid-January, this is actually still low compared to what will happen then.

You're better off investing in KCS. At least KCS gives you a dividend so if you hodl you get free money.

The only benefit BNB has is lower fees.

its one the website about how the tokens are used. we use them for fee payment and then every quarter they take a % of the circulating supply and destroy them. making the token more scare. obv this make people more invested in the exchange but i dont think when they came up with this idea they knew just how well the exchange would be actually doing.

Token burn and anticipation of new users flooding in once registration opens again. This was like the kindergarten of moon missions.

They use profits from the site to buy and destroy tokens that are not in circulation. Less tokens to go around = higher price.

Not for long...
>pic related

I'm just not good at moon missions it scares me to have my money sitting in something I don't personally care about

This mindset has worked out "good" for me, but not "amazing" like the ballsy folk. Missed 2x fun because I consolidated that, too.