So alts are way too inflated right now, when can we expect another BTC pump?

so alts are way too inflated right now, when can we expect another BTC pump?

Nope, fuck grandpa coin

The entire community is inflated, bitcoin is not immune to that inflation if that is what you're implying.

The bulk of everything in the top 10 is completely unjustified/vaporware.

gtfo, dinosaur cuck, you aren't /ourcoin/ anymore

You must be delusional to still believe in bitcorn

you're retarded and OP is a 65 year old faggot

>my argument is that you're retarded

This board is 18+ little girl

BTC was taken over by the banks.
Ripple is a scam. People bought based on it being taken over by the banks but they are not using it and there are no known banks who actually intend to use it.
Ethereum remains true.
Alts and Etereum go hand and hand.

Alt market will rise and so will Ethereum.

wow are you guys seriously this fucking retarded? how long have you been in the market, like two months? it moves in cycles, btc is down right now and it will eventually rise. you fucking stupid 17 year old virgins, go back to playing league, you're making this place worst than reddit

Ethereum is the real king right now. Not by market cap, but by holding true to the community and bettering crypto as a whole.

Never, GrandpaCoin is dead. People generally don't buy broken things. The correction shattered the one thing it had going for it with normies, that it always went up.

Nice cycle you got, losing dominance and in all time low now. Best store of value indeed.

btc is at the lowest market dominance ever. imo it wont ever go away, but it wont be the king forever.

I'm not denying that bitcoin sucks, I'm all in alt's, but you'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to deny that bitcoin will never have another bull run and that the alt market won't hurt because of it

Whats bitcoin? A store of value that has no real world purpose.

Whats Ethereum. A store of value in people and technology. Which has real world purpose.

Whats Ripple, a promise that banks will dump trillions in to it and make you wealthy. Because banks for known to make people wealthy AMIRIGHT.

Whats Cardano? A store of value in communism and SJWs. Mah science, mah engineers.

Bitcoin Cash is Schrodinger's Cat.

Times have changed old man, fuck your dinosaur coin

enjoy getting pink wojack'd when the market inevitably corrects

Thanks to this shitcoin, my transaction got confirmed 3 days late which killed my chances of buying many ALTs cheap this weekend .

Fuck BTC and the faster it dies, the better.

I rather think it should die off slowly like it is been doing recently. If it suddenly crashes then it might bring others down as well.

All time low????

How fucking old are you user, 6?


>Alts are inflated but bitcoin somehow isnt


Just because the ocean's gotten a lot deeper doesn't mean you disrespect the kraken any less.

>disrespect any less
God I need coffee. You know my point.

Is there really any difference between SJWs and altcoiners at this point?
It's not Bitcoins fault that your shitcoin doesn't succeed.

>gets lower every time and never reaches previous highs
Good point