Bittrex and Binance have both closed new user signups

Bittrex and Binance have both closed new user signups.
Kucoin is the only exchange allowing new users.

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Bittrex and binance really shot themselves in the foot. Kucoin is a sure moon

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So how long does it take to transfer ETH from coinbase to Kucoin? Just send 30 euroshekels worth of it to my kucoin account.


Ethereum is backed up. Best way is to use litecoin and then switch to bitcoin once it hits exchange

It's too late to undo it right?

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Yeah. You will just have to wait.

It always eventually gets through, but it couls be hours.

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thanks anons


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Ok it got through, I can see it on but it's not showing on kucoin.

signed up but the same email as i have on binance. now they want 2FA. Is it ok to add their code to the same account name?

Thats the part that takes a while, Kucoin's eth deposits are backed up.

Yeah its perfectly fine.

Ok thanks a lot m8. Also I have trouble sending LTC from coinbase. I want to send the max amount but it stays on "sending" forever.

Take a nap, s'what I did when i sent ltc.

I will send 0.2 ETH to everyone who registers using my code.
Just post screencap and your address.

Okay I'll let it do its thing then. Now, what should I go all in with this money once it's on kucoin? I was thinking about VEN. Any suggestions?

Sending things from coinbase is always a pain. Coinbase does its own "pending" thing before its even broadcast to the network (could be hours). Then it has to go through the network to the destination. Then once it arrives at destination the exchange needs to again go through a "pending" stage before its credited.

Always transfer out of coinbase once you get your coins. Transfer to your own wallet so you can send instantly.

I went in with kcs, you get bonus points for it and whalegate suggested it a few days ago. Apparently they're aiming for 100 dollars by the end of the month.

What do you mean my own wallet? Sorry I'm new to this.
I should do Coinbase > my wallet > Kucoin ?

As soon as you buy from coinbase, transfer to your wallet ready for whatever you wanna do with it on other sites.

Ok but if I need it right now it won't go any faster right?

can't forget about livecoin, especially since it has iexec


anybody have any calls on there? picked up KCS when it was 3.80 lol.

No once you submit the transfer from coinbase request nothing you can do but wait.
There is a new ICO debuting in like 15 hours or so called "CanYa". Very low market cap ICO that might be good for a pump and dump.