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Justin Sun opening business in San Francisco

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wtf is going on with this shit coin

whales dumping out

retards are falling for the FUD and selling with their tissue paper hands
perfect time to scoop more
>inb4 I'm a retard
I can buy 10k at 15 cents, and sell 10k at 20 cents, and make 500 dollars. add that to the stack if it dips again and buy more, rinse and repeat
it's what i've been doing for the past few weeks with verge and i'm already up 20k on that so suit yourself if you don't like money

People are FUDing so they can buy in low before it skyrockets again.

shit part for me tho is I should have sold, and then buy at low again.
I can't buy more till it goes up again

Yeah....this establishment in sanfranis because of a major partnership yet to be announced that he has been alluding to....look uo the purpose of tron and the market niche its trying to invade and ask yourself why so close to silicon valley.....buy today or post pink wojacka tommorow.

at this point I'm convinced you're all just fucking aroun with this just for laughs. nobody on Veeky Forums can genuinely be this retarded

>nobody on Veeky Forums can genuinely be this retarded

>they said the same about ripple
>mooned like crazy
>they said the same about verge
>most predictable moons and dips of all time, easiest shit to buy and sell for profit
>now they've moved onto TRX
if you don't like making money, you're in the wrong business my friend

Tfw im new and suck at cryptoshit

Tfw i buy all in tron (300$) when it was at 1.3k sats

Tfw im literally retarded

you'll be fine shit like this is long term

He pulled an exit scam. The truth is already out there, not FUD.

This shit will drop to 0,01.

that has been debunked

>shitposting debunked memes

retard money has already pumped TRX to 10000% over the price it deserves, it's not going to "moon" now
the only way is down 1000 feet below ground level

You're an idiot if you think there's an exit scam going on. Check the Tron foundation's wallet. Everything is where it should be.

>This shit will drop to 0,01.
that would still be 5x from my original entry point haha



this is his side wallet, check it out, he's been selling 200,000,000 on binance every day since the moon. he IS exiting slowly.

remember everybody, the Chinese dream is to get rich and leave China.

If Veeky Forums wasn’t retarded they would be jumping on siacoin before that normie money comes in.

Literally they missed Verge, xrp, ada , trx, xlm now it’s time for Siacoin .

Dump at .40c

Screencap this

Why did TX fees rise for it?

On what exchange

Bittrex or Poloniex

Siacoin is a pump n dump like no other. WAY over valued and will for sure hurt people soon. get out while you're ahead.

Someone debunk this

>over the price it deserves
you mean over the price you think it deserves, numbnuts
i bet you were one of those people who said "ripple will never reach a dollar," and when it did, you went back to "ripple will never reach 2 dollars," you get the point

dude look at it, all of the transactions are public. he keeps moving it to binance, he's either holding it there or selling it.

i ask you this - why would he hold it there and not in his wallet?

that's not his side wallet, and you have zero proof that it is other than the fact that some leddit post with a lot of speculation thought it might have been

I just told you, the dump is at 40c
Are you literally retarded???

get out

Already been proven that it is a major stake holder that bought 15% of the ICO and is moving coin back and forth trading. Lame FUD at this point

proven? or believed?

Fag or pajeet?

Long term high potential token. Normies and weak hand FOMO moon chasers getting fucking wrecked by selling on a healthy retrace. TRX is a 5+ year hold. Even Justin has said this. Their roadmap extends 8 years.

Over the past month, I try to stay away from price related tweets, but it’s hard because price is such an important aspect of TRON growth. And whenever I tweet about TRON price or even just good or bad news, I get accused of doing it for personal benefit. Some people even think I short TRON! So in a sense, it is conflict of interest for me to hold TRON and tweet about it because I have so much influence. I have always refrained from buying/selling TRON before or after my major tweets, but this is something only I know. And there will always be a doubt on whether any of my actions were to further my own personal wealth above the success of TRON and crypto-currency in general.
For this reason, in the past few days, I have sold and donated all my TRON. TRON has been very good for me financially, so I am well off enough that I no longer need to tie my financial success to TRON’s success. For the first time in 6+ weeks, I no longer own a single TRON that’s not stored in a physical TRON. (I do have a few of those as collectibles, you can buy those for 1 BTC each.) This is definitely a weird feeling, but also somehow refreshing. Don’t worry. I’m not quitting TRON. I will still spend all my time working on TRON. When TRON succeeds, I will still be rewarded in lots of different ways, just not directly via ownership of coins. I now believe this is the best way for me to continue to oversee TRON’s growth.
Please don’t ask me how many coins I sold or at what price. I can tell you that the amount of coins was a small percentage of Binance’s daily volume and it did not crash the market.

>Justin posts "it isn't mine!" on twitter

look, I rode TRX up and will probably buy in again later, but imo right now sell

binance fucked me on a market sell so now i have to spread fud in order to get back in without a loss. i'm sorry.

the binance price is cheap compared to hitbtc... currently hovering around 1500 sat

Tron are aiming to get their mainnet launched by end of Q1 this year.

If they manage it, it should get rid of all the "no product" FUD.

do they have a firm date for the coin burn? I heard Q1 previously but haven't found a source to confirm

Can't wait to watch the normie bloodbath with this coin

No, just Q1. After the big partnership announcement on the 14th Justin will announce the next round of news and likely the date of the coin burn.

This guy seems determined to always have something to look forward to with this coin, so we have no news droughts at all.

>but imo right now sell
buy high sell low stay poor

I got my TRX when it was $0.002 and sold at 0.21 but whatever you gotta tell yourself

is it worth to keep investin in trxn or just sell now

why is it stuck on .16, so many faggots on sale panic

it's going to hit a new ath. but the whales have to be nice and hungry first.

bots are keeping the price down, not panicked sellers. once it reaches a certain price they will start pumping again.

pumping until Justin sells his bags again

he got caught so probably won't happen again. also aren't they sleeping in china now?

I'm hoping the dumb fucking dog game releasing soon pumps the price so I can finally sell.


MASSIVE FUD over on r/CryptoCurrency about it.

The entire sub upvoted a complete hoax because they have a vendetta about it. It's sat at top spot all day and another post filled with bullshit was in second for a while

fucking plebbit. there were even fags here fudding it down who obviously came from that autistic place

Okay seriously. What is stopping anyone from buying this shit on binance, transferring to hitbtc and selling at a premium??

Still comfy holding my airdropped TRX.

answer this faggots

TRX wallet broken on hitbtc right now so can't deposit / withdrawal

People are jelly that they didn't get in on TRX early. This project has massive potential

We hitting $1 real soon

Literally read his twitter you fucking cuck lmao, it's a reddit FUD

>I'm getting out of TRX because Justin's webcast seemed disorganised and he has a poor grasp of english

Total hilarity. Just seen a post amounting to this over on r/CryptoCurrency

Linking to that shithole should be an insta-ban on Veeky Forums

finally sold at a loss so expect a pump soon

Bog it.

fucking hell man. sometimes you just gotta hodl.

shit just his 26 cents in hitbtc. only a matter of time until binance catches up

dump tron for appc tonight.
lets go kids.. displace tron with appc.
tooot. tooot.

How many of you are bag holders that thought you could get rich off dumb normie hype? And if you are holding bags from dumb normies, what does that make you?

Damn. Why?

This is what we mean by paper hands. You could have a solid portfolio but if you're going to shit it and sell at the first sign of a trouble you really have no business being in Crypto trading because you're going to lose all your cash.

Shit happens in crypto. A post on r/CryptoCurrency could see it drop a good 20-30%, it's all about staying strong and not cashing about, because I guarantee the poster behind it is doing it so he can scoop up some of what you have for cheap.

What exactly is the long term potential of this shitcoin? That roadmap wasn't too complicated for you to understand (like you probably assumed), it actually IS just a mess of nonsensical buzzwords that that have no meaning.

Tron roadmap reads like anime

its the biggest scamcoin to date

Mmm and other currencies don't?

You guys bought a coin with star trek in it.

get fucked


So tired of reading this shit, Veeky Forums truly is full of retards.

Kill yourself now please

t. notroner.


You're right about this place being full of retards, but they all seem to congregate around buying coins like Tron.
Prove to me you are not a retard, tell me in your own words what this coin does that separates it from any other shitcoin.
Inb4: Justin Sun is a prodigy.


>dis nuht a scam.
>dis nuht a scam.
>dis nuht a scam.

You are the retard is one thing buying worthless amounts like 10k and another buying a more than 200k if you do the first nobody gives a shit on the second the whales bots will target you as a chance to dump some bags

Some bits of mews for tron

1/7 crypto doga release anticipated

1/8 getting listed on korean exchange coin rail

By 1/14 big partnership announcement

And by eoq Main net and coin burn.

Even with all the fud it appears that there is way too much in the pipelines for Justin to actually be pulling am exit scam. Setting up a business location in san Francisco under the company name you used to burn thousand of people is just stupid. Only biz could be dumb enough to do something like that

Justin Sun is a prodigy.


This. I bought some at 30% down. Just bought more at 35%

I was dumb enough to sell before news with Tron before and got burned by missing a big pump. Never again.

I will hold this as it bleeds, like it always does, and them profit in the huge pump.

>b-but muh fartketcap

You don't understand crypto market caps.

I got blacked out and ordered 3 chinks from backpage and fucked em for a total of $800. Tron confirmed for mooning.
>I think one had a dick because my asshole is sore

Is there literally anyone who bought their dogs and can sign in

i'm making a killing off Tron just laughing about it, this is a joke at 2x Space X valuation

keep buying n00bs

i'll let you keep your bags later as a bonus

The game releases tomorrow.


Just sold 2k out of my 8k stack. This shit might crash, it might pump again idk, but right now I need money for BAT/FUN before it's too late

Thats cool but why can't I sign in?

Honestly as a poorfag looking to hit a few decent moons to build a strong base amount im hodling until the inevitable .70 and bailing 75% then. It will make it easily. As long as Justin keeps tweeting the right things and keeps up the pretty boy image his twitter image will keep throwing money at it. All i see on biz is people who fucked up and didnt buy crying and for some reason they cant be happu for those who did. I didnt get in on ripple but my god are some of those guys rich lucky bastards now

So you admit that you have no idea how any of this stuff actually works, other than it gets hyped on social media and then the price goes up?

I cried myself to sleep last night while very high because of picrelated during the TRX scandal

Because the game releases tomorrow.

Fags saying TRX has done this before. It will pump again. Can u not fucking read charts? No, it has never dropped like this and recovered. If you're holding bags, get out or kys

Ah, the elusive scam within a scam! It takes a very special person.

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