Has there ever been a bubble where everyone knew it was a bubble, and kept telling themselves that it was a bubble?

Has there ever been a bubble where everyone knew it was a bubble, and kept telling themselves that it was a bubble?

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normies haven't even flooded their money in

real estate is a far larger bubble my friend


>normies haven't even flooded their money in

whaddaya mean
normies are in crypto full force

>normies are in crypto full force
How many of them have taken out mortgages compared to how many of them bought $100 worth?

>Normies are in crypto full force
Yes cause those tweets of people putting in 5 dollars into ripple is a good indicator. Go outside user

Eh, not really. If we look at the normiegraphs, there is a steady influx but we have just barely scratched the surface. Do you think the average normie retard can make a transaction? Even autistic NEETs in here fuck that up.

he's obviously a normie

In my country they have. Saw a 50 yo woman talking about Verge in a facebook comment of an article about crypto. Saw a 40 yo dude talking about reddcoin. Top kek, my sides.

The normiecash is already here, you dumb nigger.

Majority of people don't even think about cryptocurrency until the news fires up about it, and if they do it's just BTC.

When places like Amazon start listing BTC as a payment option, that's when they'll suddenly care.

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Even my mother who cant use word has invested in ICO

>half the posts about crypto relate to it being a bubble

Ah yes very accepted by the mainstream

Your mum must’ve put a lil extra in the chocolate milk this morning user, you’ve gone retarded

new oldfag here

Does anyone have the quote from the user several days ago, about the "Crypto Ball" with the sparkling champagne, the dark horseman and the clocks with no dials?

i worked in Silicon Valley through dotcom1 (first boom) until the crash in 2000. The parallels to crypto are many. There's money to be made here, but it will change from you you guys have been doing in prior to 2018.

Also, after the crash, (consolidation) there will be be another round.....this time of more products utilizing the block chains, as opposed to BEING the block chains. Think of the difference between Netscape IPO vs. Facebook IPO.

Is it a bubble or is it technology that has the potential to replace monetary systems worldwide, i.e. a fucking big deal? We're among the first to come live on the frontier but many will follow.

You mean like when bitcoin crashed a few weeks ago and all the alts utilizing the block chain started mooning? Really makes you think.

I went home for Christmas. I surprisingly heard someone invested in crypto. Found out by that they meant they put $1,500 in bitcoin. HAHAHAHAHA

Is this it?

Normies aren't in crypto until memecoin index funds are readily available through shit like Merrill.

these need to be put on E-Trade before most normies start buying


What do you mean 'theres money to be made but it will change?

That's a quote from Warren Buffet or Keynes.

For example, Coinbase has something like 11-13m accounts/users. When trying to estimate unique account count it's tougher cause most these people have accounts in various exchanges, coinbase, poly, bittrex etc etc

That is not "all normies", most of these are penny accounts by millenals. Most millenals are broke anyway, that is why they havent been stock market rally since 2010.

Dotcom bubble was about any fucking .com
pets, sex.com etc
round2 was facesperg
Now we buy any blockchain just for sake of being token /crypto
Future holds working use case apps

Why does being old make someone a normie?

t. 34 yr old

I just cashed out everything through Gemini. This shit is about to burst. I know a couple whales.

Here ya go

When do you think the party comes to an end?

yes....but only part of it....picture is nice

The crypto bubble is like the Dot Com.



This is actually a fucking great point. Right now I know tons of normies who are putting in $400, $500 here. Once they 5x it in a month and see how fucking easy it is they will start going all in, mortgaging the house, selling the car, taking out personal loans. We are gonna get fucking rich, just don't get too greedy and remember to take some profits.

No it's fucking not. Percentage of people with more than 100 bucks in crypto is fucking tiny.

PROTIP: Nobody knows its a bubble until it bursts. Every other boomer thinking crypto is a bubble is talking literally out of their ass.

Let me see a source on that outlandish claim, please.

Yep. Right now it's like 2005-2006 of the housing bubble or 1998 of the tech bubble. Calling it a bubble is the right answer, but if you short it now, you're going to lose because your timing is off. Ride the wave until it explodes.

That said, Google really was born during the tech bubble. Likely what will happen is all the shitcoins will explode, but ones that can actually show some kind of use case value will be great long term hodls.

Thanks user, interesting shit

Normies are just a way for Veeky Forums shut ins to feel superior. If you really think that Crypto is a really visible thing to real "normies" then you're an idiot.

Sure you get some more internet savvy ones who stumble into reddit buying into the hype but they're mostly weeded out within a month.

Anyone who thinks "normies" dumping 100 USD into ripple one time is responsible for pumping things you're literally a brainlet. Normal people aren't dumping 500k into coins to pump the price

The vast majority of people have no money in crypto retard. It's still a lower mcap than just apple. Fucking brainlet.

Even if it does burst, it doesn't mean every single coin is a shit coin. Amazon & Google were still there after the dotcom crash, i think things like Eth, neo, some currencies, & hopefully things like req if they come through will survive any crash cause they legit can change the world as it currently is

Also this.

Board thinks to black and white, to many people here when they hear it's a bubble or it'll collapse they seem to think that literally means that the market will go from 5 trillion to literally 0 dollars and that the entire industry will cease to exist in any form. People need to stop taking things so seriously on this board.

>anecdotal evidence is valuable
Why do people with such low information literacy invest money?

As much as people are shitting on this, it's at least 60% in full effect.

How many of you retards ACTUALLY know someone who invests in stocks? Most of the normies never think about investing period.

It's a statistic that the average american holds less than $1500 in savings at any given moment.
>Approximately 63% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair.

Normies don't have as much money as the idiots here think. It's the institutional money that really makes the market move. That and the small group of ACTUALLY wealthy people (

I think:

PND plays with 10x returns will be gone, as big trading money becomes more sophistication (as trading begins to emulate modern stock markets and their players) ....its like day trading vs. other day traders, VS. day trading against Morgan Stanley.

new winners will be picked, but criteria will go back to fundamentals (team, proof of concept vs. logo and hype) ....so the ROI cycles will begin to lengthen.

After the bubble bursts, there will be a consolidation of crypto TYPES. For example, prior to dotcom1 crash in 2000 there were many search engine companies that had big IPO's....everyone thought they would be 'Portholes' like AOL....capturing 'eyeballs'.......post crash there was only Google supported by advertising dominance. However that sponsor an entire new industry (Search Engine Optimization) and opportunities.

biggest difference is unregulated money is available now.....high school kids didn't participate in Dotcom boom IPOs......

He said 40 and 50. Once you approach boomers in crypto it's pretty kek-worthy. For example my uncle makes bank as a software engineer but fuck if he'll ever touch crypto. It's just not in the 50+ crowds blood. They're too tied to 401ks and shit. I can't even convince any 50+s to throw 1000 bucks in. I'm rambling but 34 isn't old nigga you're almost considereal a millenial (cut off is like 29?)

My fucking sides. Does biz not know who this guy is?

>normies have less than $1500 on average
What the fuck? There is no way people are that stupid?

"normie" is starting to refer to "crypto uninformed" / old / not in on the secret, as opposed to its original meaning of not being autistic, of which many anons here are on the spectrum

LMAO , I convinced me dad to throw in 1k, It was really ez ( you made how much with your savings user?)

Dude it all goes to bills. Car lease, house rent, useless decorations (if you have gf), student loans, credit card bills if you're stupid, so on and so forth. It's crazy, just talk to Chad and stacey. You'll see.

I estimate my best friends family has 150,000k of debt from these things combined (mostly student loans, lel) and I think they only stay afloat because they leverage their house. I doubt they have even 5k in the bank for emergencies. Just put it on credit.

thanks user - this is so beautiful....and there is a matching pic. higher in the thread

this, all of this

I had 2k in a retirement account before I started investing in crypto. Now I’m at about 10k in a few months. But yea, shit’s rough out there for people with no money management skills (I’m an addict that wasted my money on drugs and alcohol. Now I’ve turned my addiction mechanism towards crypto)

watch the big short

ye saying real estate is a bubble is easy, when you sitting in your basement, financed by momy and dady, and never needed to rent or buy or build a house yourself.
Real estate is for a basic need.

Market has been growing to 800 mil, still small. It might burst around 5 trillion. Dot.com was 20 trillion.

it everyone thinks its a bubble, its not a bubble

beanie babies

just 5x in few months man thats shit,
should be at least an cashed out lambo + 1 mill, feel sry for ya

any prober information in another thread they said dotcom was 20 trillion. But you the problem is you cannot compare it, there were stocks before and there were a prober liquidsation. You just need to calculate the gain. and compare it with the gain of cryptos. ccryptos also have an inner value, knowledge code etc, so that is how you could compare it proberly. anybody did that?

>normies haven't even flooded their money in

They have. There are several guys at my job who trade Crypto and I dont work in Tech or anything fancy like that. Even my dad bought some, Though He has always done a little stock trading.

it's 800 billion, not 800 million

So you just have to get lucky and find the yahoo

Bs most normies with cash 30 years and older who are invested into stock still see the crypto market as too risky

You guys are the normies. Who do you think we've been fleecing?

except now the exchanges are the banks

because it is fucking risky not see it as risky.
I mentioned it in another thread.
You can atm just make money if you adapt normie thoughts. Look at xmr, solid coin. But normies doesn't invest, because it isn't < 1 dollar, they think < 1 dollar coins are cheap. Furthermore it is too old and its not shilled, because nobody needs t o shill it because it is solid and used in dark web daily.
And stars didnt shilled so much about it like verge. It is irrational, there are solid coins, and didn't half the increase shill coins did.

Will you guy tell me that a firm with 10 employyees and lets say some lines of code is worth 1 billion in some weeks? Really?
Ye it is possible if it was a coin to heal cancer with real usage, then it would be rational, but we have dunno 600 coins atm with > 10 million market cap, which is surreal. It is like dotcom, look software firms, they just did anything with software were worth 2000 bucks now pennystocks or they dont exist. Look micrsofort was worth 50-60 dollars, plummet and needed many years to go that high

crypto is fundamentally different from .com. the blockchain technology is extremely sound as a store of value, unlike stocks which are valuations of commercial organisations with profit and loss results.
a 1st generation coin like bitcoin doesnt have profit and losses. its value is inherent when compared to say, the dollar. this argument can be extrapolated to all coins, but bitcoin is the most secure of them.
basically as long as there is more money outside of crypto than inside crypto, the market will grow.

Bullshit. It's a real bubble when regular people start taking out loans to buy big.

Yes. They're called bubbles.

but the normies want to get rich. They don't care to store there money. they store it to get it rich. So when they put in 50k of their savings and it plummet then they will start to get it out of this, so the last guys who will go out will lose.
There around real usages of crypto, except xrm for dark market atm. Bitcoins transaction fees are too high, and it seems unfixable when btc increase more. Other coins have roadmaps, the earliest betas for real usage are in 2019. We will see. I hope it will crash now, because the longer it takes, the more the technology will blamed about. I'm (sad) late investor, but early "knower" of the technology. But if crypto make tons of normies broker, then crypto and its technology will be blamed.

Yeah whatever. Normie cousin only asked me about Bitcoin a couple weeks ago and is still trying to work up the nerve to buy at a Bitcoin atm.

this bubboli
italian style bubble

there 3 indicators of bubbles.
-if normies, who didn't invest before, talking about cryptos like they are pro investors
-if dumb money goes in, like you said, mortage money. Even risk managers traders don't do that with conservative stocks, or just do it with a calculated risk.
- if nobody thinks the bubble will burst, and this trend is atm, it doesn't burst for 6 years, why now. Normies and 99 % of the guys doesn't see the burst.


Check BTC wallet richlist for insight, people with decent holdings are in the minority, extrapolate the logic to alts

Aka ripple???

>When places like Amazon start listing BTC as a payment option
my sides

You evidently don't read reddit. That has and is happening.

b-but muh lightning network should make this a possibiliy!!11!

Basic need it might be but highly influenced by interest rates, loan lengths etc. Most dangerous market it is also because people believe there is no danger in real estate and it effects the whole economy whenever you bring it down. We have had japan collapse due to real estate, subprime effects still lasting, and now we have european core real estate starting to crack

normies dont burst bubbles, banks do

I didn't care about BTC when Steam accepted payments. And I cared about vidya a lot (back then)

Euro real estate is ridiculously overvalued

How much FUN to get a gf like that?

>PND plays with 10x returns will be gone, as big trading money becomes more sophistication (as trading begins to emulate modern stock markets and their players) ....its like day trading vs. other day traders, VS. day trading against Morgan Stanley.

we're already getting close to this.

literally the name of Clintons book loll

>useless decorations (if you have gf),

actual true kek

Listen smart guy, I saw Bitcoin when it was trading for $5 and I called the bubble then. The reason I don't lose money is because I don't buy into speculative manias like you idiots.

wtf kind of shit logic is that