Useful Cryptos

ITT we post cryptos that are actually useful and are undervalued.

I'll start:


I think Salt is useful. Really surprised it hasn't taken off yet.


Just about read for mass adoption for actual usage.




>Am I doing it right?

yikes, fuck outta here with that shit

Is POET useful guys? It looks like it has potential.

ripio and probably powr as well

Plasma is going to change the game

> PRL.
> REQ.

>Litecoin (ultra high transaction volume compared to market cap)

>VeChain and Walton


>iExec RLC

Siacoin is mooning. I feel really bad for the people who can’t get onto Bittrex lol

wanchain will wipe out ripio

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link and xrp desu


Stellar Lumens

Yes YouTube killer, publisher killer

DENT, DBC, ZCL isn't shilled hard here (Veeky Forums seems to favor BAT) but in other spaces it's talked about a lot. Partnerships with content creators rumored including Pew. Heard he'll even be getting a paycheck soon. Buy the rumour sell the news.

im waiting for this to hit binance. do you think it will dump or should i just fucking buy as soon as it hits?

Got only about 10k and bought in at 190 sats. It isn't much, but I'm liking the 3x

>Full control of your wealth, can use it to buy things without others peeking, fungible so your coins are not worth less for someone.

>Can be used to tip Japanese illustrators, can be used to buy doujins and other products from Japan.

ChainLink, any other response is second place.

You fucking tard it's been in binance for a while


delete this please

no it isnt

Coss it's like kucoin except they are planning on a fiat gateway..

This is an undervalued coin in a big way I think. By fossilizing the 50% dividends for the community, they are essentially ensuring the success of the token and the platform itself.

This DENT already has a working app and is still under .10c it has real world use by normies.. idk why you retards arent shilling this coin

Checked but I don't want your CP on my hard drive user.

I'm surprised omisego hasn't mooned yet, realistically it should be around $50

I agree with this. COSS has a functional use today, and will explode up some day soon.

Verge. If you are in the drug or human trade.

It has a similar pattern to the old ethereum, where it spikes up and then consolidates forever. Last week it went up 80% and nobody talked about it. Now we are in that long ass consolidation phase. Best to trade it after it starts to loose steam and buy back when its pretty low. It's a safe coin to do that. Anyway, ICX, VEN, OMG, STRAT, WTC are all undervalued right now.

Sumokoin. More secure Monero with 15 mil market cap.

Noone mentioned modum yet?

This one

Meme use.

But they market themselves primarily to publishers

Metaverse ETP
Ripio credit network
IHT token
Decision token

prl isn't useful. what prl did, the xmr miner can ' t do too. So what is special about prl? Ye right nothing. The solution was made before, but normies don't care anyway and shill about it.

I had a friend casually mentioned it about a month ago so I got in at 95sats but only threw $100 at it. I never thought it would explode like it did

enigma (ENG)


Siacoin and digibyte

enough said