Been telling you for weeks to jump on this cash cow

All the sell orders are obliterated on ED

Kucoin Listing imminent

This will be 1$ end of next week

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i'd rather wait for kucoin or be poor than learn ED

All the walls have been breached less than 20 eth makes it go 5x

ED isnt working any whereelse i can buy

this is the only reason i havent bought yet. fuck ED

>All the sell orders are obliterated on ED
What did xe mean by this?

you tell me famalam

>There are red orders and green orders, since I am purchasing EOS I’ll be using the RED SECTION.
>You can also check out the Trades section to see the prices of recent trades so you can know what to expect to pay.

>I like to check out a few orders before I select one so I know I’m getting a good price.

Brainlet here. I really don't get it. The red numbers are ED->PFR? So I'm meant to be looking at them? But what I'm I supposed to glean from the red numbers?

red is sell order green is buy orders

So am I making a sell order (red) for EherDelta or a buy order (green) for PFR? And why do the numbers vary in magnitude so much? What happens if I click the smallest number versus the biggest?

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Buy the lowest red number

pls no bully
ED is clearly awful for people not used to it
All I want to do is buy into and help grow the meme in which you are already well established

You are literally asking if you need to make a sell order or buy order. Do you not know the difference to buying or selling?

ED is too risky to buy on right now. Stay comfy and wait for KuCoin listing.

I said pls no bully pls
It wasn't clear to me whether I needed to buy shitcoin to sell ETH or to sell ETH to buy shitcoin

Is 0.000177 an acceptable price to buy PFR? It's more than the market price but that was the lowest buy order

By February...

Holy shit. This is why people are making stacks on shitcoins.


What's the top one? Saw it yesterday but can't remember the name. Just remember the post had a map saying it was located in like Switzerland but the website said like California lol.

click on lowest red number and click on the box where it says pfr amount and make it equal to what you want. the corresponding eth amount will be displayed in box underneath.

make sure you leave some eth in etherdelta and in wallet for gas fees. since eth is backed up may need to make gas 30-40 gwei.

What makes Payfair better than FairX+Stellar coupling?

the advantage of payfair is, that you can make a quick buck on a shitcoin if you get out at the right time.
thats it.

Nothing. They just have 100k of them and want it to moon. One has IBM ties, while the other is... Who would you bet on? In todays market though? Payfair will make many people rich AF

I already managed to get my ETH into EtherDelta. I can't see anything to add gas when buying PFR.

Sorry for being such a brainlet but I've heard too many horror stories about ED and don't want to get JUSTed

gas comes after you hit buy. also in future use it with meta mask. makes it so much easier.

Thanks for the confirmation. I wasn't sure if they had some ace up their sleeve.

yeah fuck ED

set gas price before doing any transaction by clicking on public key in top right

Lamden, ICO ended this week, but only place to buy it right now is at ED.

Already am using MetaMask fäm
thanks for the help
we're all gonna make it together

and you have to leave some eth in your wallet connected to ether delta, but don't deposit it, in order to pay for the gas

comfy with 20k lambodens

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so now that you are all helping me, where's the fucking current price on ether delta holy shit

I just look at coinmarketcap for actual info on PFR

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lowest red order is lowest price. its in ratio to eth.

lmao get the fuck out of here

What is it listed as? I want to get in but holy fuck ED is garbage.


but not "listed" on ED rn you have to use the smart contract address under other


ED wouldn't be that bad if it just. was. quicker.

I'm going to pick up PFR and Lamden as soon as they hit something else than ED.

there is talk is may be but payfair doesnt have enough money to pay kucoin atm. maybe something is resolved soon though.

Say goodbye to the gains

It's your favorite brainlet back again

I have 0.08 in my EtherDelta column. I click on the cheapest listing and choose an amount of PFN less than the amount of ETH I have. Then MetaMask pops up saying the amount is 0 ETH/0 USD. I tried clicking submit anyway a while ago but the transaction had an error (but wouldn't tell me what the error was.

fuck this, i already deposited to etherdelta, fucking etherscan already reflects that it has been deposited and etherdelta still shows nada, and the price just jumped up a whole lot.

fuck etherdelta holy balls

Welp Payfair is officially taking off boys

Lol I shilled this coin for a few days for a clean gain but I am fucking out

Just look at the whitepaper> A couple pages of comic sans and a team full of Russians FUCK THAT

me too bro me too

Don't go for this fucking troll. The higher the number the better ratio for your eth you get, that's the only thing it's showing.

I wonder how many people actually looked at their whitepaper. If you look at it and still invest you must be retarded.

lol what

Now tell me for real is TAU legit or just some other shitcoin? like this one