Why would anyone use Brave when Firefox + Adblock exists? Can I get a quick rundown?

Why would anyone use Brave when Firefox + Adblock exists? Can I get a quick rundown?

Please explain to me why BAT isn't a shitcoin of the highest order.

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You don't deserve it.

only pajeets and other bottom feeders will waste time clicking/watching ads for a 10th of a cent each time. and no publisher wants to waste their ad budget advertising to those kind of people

Look at the BAT tab, its a pretty good explanation


BAT implemented machine learning to fight fraud

because the CEO is based even if he looks like a dweeb.

If you're not all in on BAT right now. You don't deserve to make it.

BAT was created by Brendan Eich to reward the hard working /pol/tards that saved planet Earth by making sure Trump got elected. Everyone who is holding BAT is and was a part of history.

Brave browser blocks ads on _mobile devices_

>what is swagbucks
there's not being a normalfag, and then there's being completely out of touch

yeah so does chrme just get adblock mobile you pleb

>muh based republidumbfuck is going to free us all from our libtard overlords
go back to /pol/


no YOU go back where you came from faggot.

We're not gonna talk about BAT, we're not gonna talk about BAT at all

people still use firefox? You know they donated a shit ton of money to antifa.

Use waterfox buddy.

Anyone who does not own BAT will be very sorry in a years time. I said the same thing about Ethereum at $8 last year.

I'm inclined to post my ethereum wallet so you can see the dates and transactions yourself, but I have a fuckton of money on there and down't want to make myself a target.

In addition, I don't care if NEETs on this board make it or not, I already have. I'm hitting this last moon mission and cashing out while the bubble bursts on you faggots.

that's why i didnt invest into it, they are trying to tell me that "buy a few BAT and have no ads!" is better than "no ads for free!"

how will that work? why would normies BUY something to have no ads?
my mom loves to see ads for example, she thinks that is interesting content.
Literally doesnt appeal to either *ME* as the adblock user nor to normies.

BAT is a coin made by people who want reality to be different than what it is. I'm sorry, but it wont happen. Every single BAT coin holder will kill himself by this time next year, screencap this.

Pleb. Ublock Origin + uMatrix.

post more twin peaks

Literally not what they're doing lmao.

1. Open forbes.com with Firefox/Chrome + Adblock

2. Open forbes.com/ with Brave

Which one is a better experience?

except it really really is literally what they are doing, I confirmed this with them. Sorry pajeet, ur shilling doesnt work on me.

Brave browser literally has built in ad-block which you can opt to disable

imagine being such a redneck that you'd have that picture saved to your computer to whip out whenever someone mocks your dumb conservative beliefs

oh nononononono

Crypto is a conservative/libertarian endeavor.
If Hillary were president it would've been made illegal by now or taxed and regulated to hell.
So maybe have some fucking respect you dumb burnout, none of this would exist in a world of leftists only.

Imagine being such a newbornfag that you don't understand that the economy and markets are booming because of the people you hate.

Go groom your nubeard and watch Rick and Morty, Cupcake.


Libertarian yes. Conservative? LOL. You think that the individuals behind destroying net neutrality are also pro cryptocurrencies? LOOOOOOOOOL

For what its worth, 95 percent of the people I know that do cryptocurrencies are extremely liberal.

Jesus do you even know what NN or crypto are?

LOL you think that destroying internet freedom in favor of the Verizons of the world and being pro cryptocurrencies are consistent with each other? Really? Cryptocurrencies are all about internet freedom.

I also remember the Republicans being the reason that online poker is essentially illegal in the country. If you think that conservative/Republicans are pro internet freedom and pro cryptocurrencies, then your head is up Trump's ass.

Can we talk about Judy?

BAT is the only Dev team that actually visited with Mark zuckerberg.

That's because 95 percent of the ppl you know are fags my dude

>destroying internet freedom