Stop buying crypto, goys

>stop buying crypto, goys
>buy a stock index fund at ATH with a schiller p/e of 33x
>buy AAA corporate bonds at 3.5%

In the future, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be measured in satoshis

boomers need eventually to flip the assets in their 401ks to millennials to fund their retirement. that is the true ponzi scheme.

hes not wrong

kike or not, he's right man. this gravytrain will not last forever. i think there's still room for growth, but these gains are definitely NOT sustainable.

>Boomers starting to worry that their retirement funds won't get propped up by millenials who are more interested in crypto
>Start fudding the shit out of crypto

on the other hand boomers could buy a big house for a normal(let's say teacher or industrial worker) salary in the 1960s, then invest in american tech and medical stocks in the 1980s... not like they are poor

even worse for the boomers, crypto eventually could start cannibalizing funds that otherwise would have been invested in stocks

Lmao, the stock market is in a bubble, and when it pops cryptos are going to fucking skyrocket.

We're all gonna make it boys.

they absolutely are. Crypto is tiny right now. It will be a global phenomenon. Until we have channels on Fox Business dedicated to crypto markets, the gains will not be slowing down

Why on earth would cryptos flourish when traditional companies go bankrupt

Unironically this

That's why you push it as hard as possible and set yourself up for a long time.

I made 20k into 100k from just three months and no the bubble isn't popping right now, when Binance isn't accepting newfags because of so much demand. It's just getting started.

Because people won't want to put their money in a dying system and see this new market that is emerging

I fucking would if I had big boy money, but with chump change you wouldn't be able to even generate enough money per months for literally anything.

There is literally a section of CNBC called CNBC crypto that just does that

What? Literally everone in the developed world has heard of it at this point. And still no one is for anything other than buying it in the hope to sell it to a bigger fool later for a larger amount of fiat.

I have invested in the stockmarket and its fucking trash.

Not because of the lack of or slowness of gains but because the stockmarket is trash.

Flat rates, minimum deposits of 25,000 to trade more than 4 times a week.

In the stockmarket, the rich are not allowed to fail and the poor are not allowed to succeed. In crypto the rich and poor are allowed to succeed and fail.

stay delusional. Blockchain is the next electricity.

*using it

holy shit this is gonna be the ultimate flippening.

The average person has no idea what ethereum is or anything else beyond Bitcoin for that matter. Maybe they've heard of ripple but they will be hard pressed to actually tell you anything about it. Forget about all the promising DApp tech coming out.

Probably best thing about crypto markets is that they will force eventually stocks, commodities and forex to trade too 24h7 with no holiday breaks. That is much better for traders and markets overall

What's its use then other than a pyramid scheme?

speak for yourself faggot, the only purpose of fiat is to buy more bitcoin.

>but they will be hard pressed to actually tell you anything about it
So what? The same is true for the people investing in it.

Lmao you are so deluded, everybody is talking about it and even boomers are buying. Coinbase was the most downloaded app one week on appstore.

The purpose of fiat is efficient transactions. Crypto cannot have efficient transactions by design.

>Taking advice from boomers

lol I hope those old shitters enjoyed the ride because now we are taking over and making a u turn that will throw every uppity boomer outside the carriage.

umm sweaty its' called decentralizaation, maybe you should google it.

Decentralization is not a "use" idiot.

you clearly dont understand the technologic leap that a decentralized blockchain brings to the table

lol, some normies have invested 150 bucks to see what happens.......way more to go

>Crypto cannot have efficient transactions by design.

Here's what you're missing: it's NOT sustainable by the fragmented, isolated, and bordered margins we compare it to. Its not out fault we do this because we have nothing else to go off of. And by all means, compared to traditional markets, COMPARED TO WHAT WE KNOW no it absolutely is not sustainable while they might trade in respect to one another, they are still cogs rolling within their own segregated machines...

Crypto is a warm, fucking blanket falling over the whole 10-20 individual machines running the world today. It's entirely global. There's no borders here. There are not special times. Or dates, holidays, anything to close off of. It's global, let that sink in... globally, 365-24/7. THAT. is what we crave as the whole human race. The internet exposed our commonality.

If you're American, European, Chinese, Japanese, and all the other races, you've been exposed to your own limitations via your nations GDP. Your business ventures, up until now have been solely funded by people of your own race. All the metrics are based off America exclusively, China exclusively, like drips of water falling into separate buckets. Imagine dumping all those individual buckets into a pool and started pumping a hose into it, THAT's what is growing right before our eyes. The fear-mongering that runs rampant over the idea of crypto stems from DECADES of mistrust between nations. All the wars fought between each other for valuable resources, all the lives lost, the mistakes, the tragedies... it makes it hard to trust someone living on the otherside of the planet when their ancestors tried to eradicate your bloodline. But, yet again, the internet has exposed those prerogatives to be government driven agendas. And we as a human race, think its total fucking bullshit. We're wising up to the fact that we don't need to be governed the way society has BEEN telling us for centuries.

So for you to say it is NOT sustainable, is pretty fucking ignorant

look at FUN. there's a use. Look at BRAVE. there's a use. Look at Monero. There's a use.

Think about it. AI on the blockchain. Imagine. Elon Musk. Just think big, dude

So you can't name a single use?
I agree the technology is somewhat nifty in a theoretical sense, but what is it actually good for in practice?

> sweaty used where sweety is normally used


You misspelled gwei

Proof of work is inefficient by nature.
Proof of stake is proven not to work.
If it's not decentralized it has no advantage when used as a currency compared to fiat.

lol tl;dr

>these gains are definitely NOT sustainableā„¢
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Maybe you should open a dictionary and look up the definition of the word "use".

Here's an example of a use: illegal transactions on the black market
This is literally the only use of it so far and it has very obvious limitations/risks.

>future traditional markets investing

automation of trustless systems:
voting, e-government, complete automation of accounting and banking, money, IT service barter, IT delivery automation

we are able to decentralize anything (information, decision making, data, etc) without needing to trust anyone

it solves the byzantine general problem
(not sure if youre into computer science, but trust me this is groundbreaking)

>Proof of stake is proven not to work.

LITERALLY anything where a single source of truth is required that is currently entrusted to a single (thus corruptable) entity.

The blockchain means the end of corruption.

and DPoS?

And Tangle crypto is still in its early days aswell.

Crypto is a more efficient stock market. ICOs make it easier for any company to gain equity. Cryptos makes it far more easy for dividend payments. I fully expect to see crypto replace the traditional Wall Street NASDAQ style exchanges for this reason.

With that said, does this mean BTC or ETH's valuations are correct? Or that they will last into the future and become Facebook rather than dye out like MySpace? Not sure.

You realize how young this market is? Maybe it won't be sustainable if this shit happened in a 5 trillion dollar market, but right now this shit is going to go for 3 years before shit starts erupting.

dubs confirm truth
Bloomberg still fudding hard, "the future of money is over"

For most of that it isn't practical because of but you have to be more specific as to how you would actually use it

Why are you here arguing if you don't even know the absolute basics of how bitcoin works. Leave now and never return you disgustingly retarded piece of shit newfag.

Yes I'm mad.

Hasn't the penny stock market been doing exactly what the altcoin market is doing for decades?

nah, wealth is wealth. Companies that make it here will become publicly traded companies, and smart wealthy millennials will wake up--probably after a good scare--and look for less riskier investments. Big banks and insurance companies will make money from all of this, which will help boomers retire without pain. The only people who will be disappointed are the revolutionaries, just like the .com boom. There will also, of course, be losers--maybe companies like pay pal or credit card companies that don't adapt etc.

No reason to go on marxist rant buddy.

>what is XLM
>what is dPOS cryptos
kys your shelf

Cutting the middle-man, bringing a revolution commerce and finance, killing central banks.

FUN: Gambling online with guaranteed fair rules
Brave: advertising without being gouged by a middleman

stay delusional. Blockchain is the next electricity.
this is adorbs

me and the other user tried really hard to explain it to you

do your own research, really
we are not here to spoonfeed you

Good read. Crypto is like /pol/. Natural Globalism coming to a head in the form of a swath of people trying to fuck each other over endlessly. Harmony.

>can't even greentext
pls go grandma

If trusted systems are trains and PoS systems are cars, dPoS systems are cars on rails (i.e. fucking retarded).

Without checkpoints it's vulnerable to forking, with checkpoints it's not decentralized.

- being able to own your money in a digital form. when it's in a bank you can't be certain you can get it out

- being able to control your money freely by yourself without outside regulation
- moving money in seconds between two entities that don't trust each other - the elimination of trust enables transactions to happen faster when no escrow is needed and no multiple middle men are needed like for SWIFT transactions

>And Tangle crypto is still in its early days aswell.
Isn't tangle just proof of work? Distributed ledger has nothing to do with this issue.

Goddamn right
Returns in x- so comfy
muh heres your 5% per year with 8% inflation and 20% tax, great investment, celebrate goy

Turned $1000 into $1M

What's my next stop?

for most of these uses transaction speed is irrelevant, it's really only a problem for usage as a currency and even then only for micropayments.

Hopefully you understand how voting would work.

For banking and accounting it simply eliminates the need in millions of middlemen if your information if verifiable.

For IT systems - client creates a specification for a product and acceptance tests. Any developer can take the job, deliver a product. And if that product passes all the tests - contract is executed and developer gets paid automatically.

>- being able to own your money in a digital form. when it's in a bank you can't be certain you can get it out
What about like EMP or some shit that destroys all information? Crypto cucks BTFO

It is truly the next industrial revolution, you want to think it isn't sustainable, I agree but we are nowhere near the peak. Everyone is starting to hear of it but no one has easy access of getting their money in yet.Do you know how many people ask my how to get their money in to an exchange when they hear I have some knowledge of cryptos? It's all coming, we aren't the early adopters or smart money but we are somewhere between that and the pre public phase.

get a load of this guy

@ current growth rates we'll be @6T USD total market cap in like 2 months dude

currently @1T including all coins minted, not just in circulation

get fucking real

kill yourself :(
i dont have any money it's not fair. I'm too stupid to accomplish anything.

>ICOs make it easier for any company to gain equity.
Lol, yeah, it's easy to gain capital by printing money if people are stupid enough to buy it, but that's because of the current speculative insanity and has nothing to do with crypto inherently.
Crypto is not a substitute for shares because it doesn't confer any of the rights of shares (dividend rights, voting rights), and if a company makes an ico you're not actually investing in the company by buying the coins because there is no reason for the value of the coins to be linked to the company's success.

>Cryptos makes it far more easy for dividend payments.
Crypto has inherently extremely inefficient transactions. How does that make dividend payments easier?

If an EMP large enough to take out the entire power grid happened you'd have much bigger problems to worry about than money and crypto. Brainlet.

Sounds good, if I 6x my money in 2 months I'll be pulling out anyways and moving to an island.

>Hopefully you understand how voting would work.
Not really. Are you suggesting to use proof of work to secure voting? Say hello to your chinese overlords then.

EMP where? In the whole world at the same time, retard?

Anything that can kill crypto has to be so disruptive that not having money would be the least of your conserns. You'd probably be busy barricading your doors and building some weapons.

that is why you have a paper wallet.

you do sound like you (((know your shit))), so your criticisms seem justified.

However, you should look into what XLM is doing. It uses a novel FBA algorithm for fast and decentralized consensus and uses a acount-balance-based data structure instead of a blockchain. The upside? The "blocktimes" are 2 - 10 seconds, and there's no classic blockchain scalability problem. I think other cryptos are doing it wrong right now and fully expect to see a switch to this system sooner or later.

What is xlm

Everyone is issued a token by the government. When you need to vote you spend one.

What proof of work has to do with anything here?

>implying any of us should need to still make gains by 2019
In this market every need should have a retirement fund and a lambo for every day of the week. We've got a year till the jew destroys crypto. Get it done.

Most people incorrectly saying it's unsustainable are actually referring to the massive shitcoin bubble

Way too many worthless cryptos with manipulated market caps inti the billions, and no product, are flooding the crypto market.

Everything you see on biz right now is a shitcoin that needs to go away, including bitcoin, before a real crypto market can be implemented worldwide.

The market is still too young, and as a result, it's full of scams and poojets. No one cares about the crypto and just wants to hold until they can cash out to fiat, because that's really all there is to it right now

>For banking and accounting it simply eliminates the need in millions of middlemen if your information if verifiable.
And it makes you pay through your nose for fees. Millions of middlemen? Most of it is already automated anyway and much more efficiently than crypto could ever get.

>For IT systems - client creates a specification for a product and acceptance tests. Any developer can take the job, deliver a product. And if that product passes all the tests - contract is executed and developer gets paid automatically.

That's funny, I work as a software developer and clients couldn't produce a useful specification if their life depended on it. That's why everyone's moving to agile and away from waterfall.

Well another thing is that that's a pretty conservative cap, since Crypto allows the common person to invest quite easily compared to like FOREX. I didn't run the numbers but I'm sure it's a big buffer for us.
It's altcoin season, lots of vets make threads about this and even hedge fund managers into crypto state that it's just the season for this crap.

Turn 1m in to $1000.

>buy high sell low the climax

What does this have to do with blockchain technology then?

>A global market
>That anyone with an internet connection can access

$800B is nothing.

How does xml solve the problem of decentralization without the inefficiency of proof of work while remaining secure? (it doesn't)

Because that is the reason they came up in the first place
Traditional companies sell you the top of pump, if you are good goy

I feel bad. My little brother sacrifices a lot to max out his 401k and other retirement accounts. He wants to retire at 35 and is saving to do so.

I've been telling him to buy Bitcoin since June but he says he doesn't have any money, he has a plan he is sticking to to retire.

Retiring early and his 401k is all he has, and he has given up so much to get there. I honestly believe crypto is the future and might collapse this whole thing.

He told me to buy some Ripple at $1 and I laughed cause it's a shitcoin. I think I might give him 100 Ripple or so to try and get him interested.

How can a text file format solve that?

Putting your faggot ass out of work for one

>And it makes you pay through your nose for fees
You're equating BTC with crypto again. Seriously, read some of my fucking posts

As a dev you should be able to tell XML from XLM

Who said POW is needed? XLM holds a BFT vote to achieve consensus on how to update ledger balances. When consensus is reached, every node stores a copy of the agreed-upon ledger. Boom, decentralized.

>I think I might give him 100 Ripple or so to try and get him interested.

Would be a good brotherly thing to do.