Normie Cringe Thread

Let's get one going cause I want some screens for my folder

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bls post more

90% if the comments on tron's twitter page are cancer

Oh god tron and xvg fags are the fucking worst.


The most normie comment there is
>I don't know that I've ever had spare cash desu
Leaving aside the fact that this guy is shilling ripple like he's the only person to have heard of it if someone gives you a tip like this you should always have some capital to be able to invest. I was talking to my 'smart' friends from uni about crypto and I asked why they weren't investing in crypto (only what they can afford to lose) and they said because it's too risky.

I don't want to sound sanctimonious or or superior or whatever but some people are just destined to be poor

well yeah kek everything that's profitable in life is a risk

i felt a bit bad for the normies who got into XRP right now by thinking it was gonna go to $100 at first but now it's just funny

>everything that's profitable in life is a risk
I'm sure they'll buy in in a couple of years once it becomes properly mainstream and established and safe - i.e. the point at which you'll only be getting a few % a year

The XRP thing annoys me because I hate that useless coin and it immediately exposes the normies who don't understand market cap
>Bitcoin is $17000, Ripple is $2. It's like buying bitcoin at $2!

go back

Learning about IQ + delayed gratification has convinced me that some people are destined to be poor.

>I don't know that I've ever had spare cash

This is what I tell homeless people. Do you know what a lie is user?

Whats a whitepaper, TRX/XVG investors. AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA

you can tell who's going to make it at a very young age.

kek his comment immediately made me think of this as well

reading posts like this makes me want to volunteer at the first mars mission with spaceX.





White paper is racist brah

muhfuggin’ wypipo ‘n dey why-paypuhs

HAHA ugh god. Remember that dude who took out a second mortgage at BTC when it was 20k and sold at 13k?
>I have children to feed
The dude must be absolutely livid right now, because you know he's following bitcoin. Normies have hands of butter and nothing but youtube to help them.

hahahha yes, that was fucking great

Dont even start pretending that people here read white papers user. Half tue fuckers in here trade based on which logo and memes they like the most.


Please user, I need more of this.

Sadly, it works well
I can't guess the exact percentage, but a lot of Veeky Forums runs on secondhand information

The dude in the OP is investing based on social media hype on major websites, which is at least way better method than "that wojack picture on last nights shitposting thread is funny, im gonna put in 200 dollars".

My dad is telling me not to get into crypto because it is high risk but idgaf I'm only 18

>be me
>been in crypto since 2013
>have made over $300k
>have never read a single whitepaper

Most people don't know anything about crypto dude. Only this year have people even heard of it, much less even have a dollar alone in the market.

This is why the name of a coin is really important.


whitepapers? why not blackpaper? you racist white boy.

What actually are whitepapers? Aren't they just the goals of the company and the rollout stages/ideas?

idk man I've never read any, I wasn't kidding

Thats the roadmap, AHHHHHHHHH

Imagine being this guy

they are suppose to be scientific papers that layout coding and mathmatical calculations for the coin.
If you dont read whitepapers i do recomemnd reading BitCoins whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Basically, a white paper should by todays standard include a roadmap but it really should include things like coding, and formulas and network structure.



The shitposting thread happens before social media hype. Wojack wins.

You're retarded look at the top part of the screen

cd.. cd cd code ls etc are all normal things for a coder to type when they navigate through the pc you fucktard

Codefags, pls explain

They used to be highly technical papers about the tech behind the coin but as the industry matures more and more they become more like roadmap, product and marketing plan papers than pure tech papers.

naaahhh, you would ls first and see there is no code plus she uses pwd (print working directory), she's already in code...

I am still researching before investing so no, but good luck user

I did read a whitepaper from some crypto tho I don't remember the name. It was interesting but I did not understand half of what I was reading

And they're still gonna be rich. Fuck this gay earth

Pics old af he probably bought in at 100 bucks probably rich af bangin your mom rn

>theres people on this board that never read Satoshis whitepaper
Fuck off Veeky Forums

Why are you talking about pokemon lol

They're pretty much bullshit these days so reading them for most shitcoins is pointless.

Which part of I am still researching didn't you understand? I'll read Bitcoin's whitepaper today if I can

>she needs to join our startup

> Don't know nothing about investing
Why are niggers so illiterate

Changing directories is common but she's clearly lost and has no idea what she's doing or where she's going. She also doesn't have enough knowledge to know that posting a picture like that would make her look like an idiot

she's basically navigating through her files in mac, but in the terminal. She's doing a horrible job of it, however. Its like opening up a random windows folder, wondering if she's in the directory code, backtracing back, manually checking if she's in code again several times, when she was in code in the first place.

Also she seems to proud of printing "Hello world! " , literally every coder's first program.

Not a coder but cd means change directory and the .. means go up 1 level. Basically whoever typed this is trying to change folders but doesn't even know the command to do it

weak hand betas btfo



He's right ya know. TRX is a 5+ year hodl.


>both hands on keyboard

How did she take this photo?

this was confirmed as just a nigger trying to get free btc donations

Explained eth to my father
Laughs it off as a meme
Week later phonecall. Can you buy some Bitcoms?
This year is the escalation

Ooga booga

that girl at the end: typical future roastie

my sides
best brainlet shit Ive read in a while


That's what the code is for

If you want to go up a directory, the command is "cd .." (with a space), not "cd..". Yet she does it 3 fucking times and still doesn't get what she did wrong. Anyone who is teaching a coding class better know that since it's fundamental knowledge.

chad took it

probably also own only 100 trx and think he is gonna become a millionaire.


Full version here
Hello world

>has no idea what he's talking about

fucking kek

This one is even better


lmao web 4.0 and lots of roadmaps coming up. I love people like this that can buy my bags in the coming years.

She's printing hello world using an array because she's initializing a very high level framework and she's checking that the installation of the framework went right and I've just made that up

I've committed myself to finding projects that normies will buy in to before they do (desu they are usually all shilled here at least once).

That way, I can buy in before them and dump on them near the top.

Who's with me?

cd.. works on windows

That's not so bad. It's just newb coding, that's all.

Honestly, those are both fucking terrible for uniquely different reasons.

She's using terminal on a macbook.

I can't wait for the correction for these faggots.

oh god

>Revolutionary piece of code
Pick one.

>so true OMG guys overcomplicate things

what a stupid fuck


fuck they leaked the TRX source code...


>he doesn't base his entire portfolio on wojak quality
niqqa wtf r u doing


>hello world
haha is it even her laptop

Shortcutting code at the expense of losing it conceptually can hardly be called revolutionary. This is the same mentality all the assholes on CodeFights have for writing sorting algorithms in under 60 characters. It makes the code completely fucking illegible. There's a line between the left and the right images where quality coding exists.

This is an actual text I got from my mother out of the blue. Peak normie is here.

>if(x < b)
>return b
>/*Returns b if x is less than b
Wow, what a fucking useful comment.
Also why not just give them meaningful names, this has upset my autism

David why are you on the 4 chan? The news said its a hacker website!

is it normal for a mother to know what a meme is ?