Before it Moons

This coin just keeps going up and soon it'll be a dollar.

This coin has been around since 2012 when litecoin, ripple and doge were the top alt coins around. Every other coin from that time period has mooned now it's Colossus turn.

The team behind this coin is an amazing team. For real this is the final form of the Colossus coin. Before that it was called CV and CV2. They just keep making it better. And this one is their best one so far.

Colossus is anonymous, the only coin currently running proof of stake 3.0 and is super fast. The fastest coin I have seen. You send millions in seconds.

This coin is a green coin. Which means that it does not waste too much on electricity to run. The team even has a solar farm in Brazil where all the transactions are processed. This team is truly off the grid.

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Mfw picked up 10k of these bad boys yesterday.

goooood good good

why is this better than monero?

which exchange is best for this?

pic related

Trade Satoshi, but Kucoin and Cryptopia will add this next week (althought it would be a good idea to get some before then, to ride the wave up)



check their twitter:

Kucoin and cryptopia registrations were handed in (and paid for) yesterday.

From experience I'd say this means it should be listed in a week or so.

I have 13k of these still stuck on coinmarkets who are currently probably exit scamming. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Ok... what makes it better than PIVX? Isn't it literally the same thing?

You need to get them out now. Are they on novaexchange?

Pivx has an unlimited supply. Hyper inflation. Colx is limited.

Dumbass. I have 275k, pulled to colx wallet and have been earning around 1000 colx a day staking.

Leaving shit on an exchange, you mongrel.

what makes it better is shut the fuck up.


Its not paid? Or isit?

No they're on coinsmarkets. They're currently "upgrading servers" but some people managed to log in and found out that withdraws were disabled. I still have 90k in my wallet tho so it's not that big of a deal.

pic related

They tweaked it a lot to fix the shortcomings. They also plan to add the zerocoin protocol to the existing tech. At that point you might as well call it a new coin.

Pivx fees are burnt every transaction. 100 Million Pivx by 2070

Dont tell me anything about the coin. The logo looks like a sports logo so normies will love it. Im in.

Is kucoin and cryptopia actually paid for? I couldnt find tweet

Yes, they kept 5% of the coinburn yesterday to pay for them. It was mentioned on the slack that payments were made with part of the profit.

I'm willing to bet this coin isn't going anywhere until its added to a new exchange because nobody could actually do anything on tradesatoshi and coinsmarkets

tfw you got 100k under a cent.

Welp im screwed my coins r stuck on coinsmarkets.

Current market cap?

These two exchanges are the main reason why it is still at $0.016~

> colx steadily goes x100 over the course of a month
yes yes, that's definitely because it's impossible to buy

Seriously though, tradesatoshi has the shittiest UIs of any exchange, but it works fine.

Can't even register on that shit trade satoshi exchange right now

why the fuck can't I register on tradesatoshi, it just redirects me to the home page

TS is so fucking overwhelmed right now it's basically broken. All these shit exchanges have too many people on them

Wow 2070 user there wont be a need for it the stupid

these fucking goys. I have 150k ECA on coinsmarkets too AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

COLX gonna get dumped for ECA just like it was before coins market shit the bed

b-but can COLX make a 10x from here..

might just dump $500 on this

COLX made ECA obsolete the moment it came out. COLX came out a bit later, but it has already passed ECA in terms of listings and partners.

In about it week it will have passed ECAs marketcap. You sure you're on the right side?

Holy shit, about to hit $.2

Fuck I meant $.02

>tfw got a 131k stack so even these $0.001 increases in value feel significant

Just wait to white paper, atomic swap, staking rewards... If buying today then ECA will be a better ROI at this point.

I can't even make accounts on either exchanges. Epic, simply epic.

Colx will get to $0.50

These shitty exchanges are always holding me back to get my moons

You wish, by the time ECA reaches $0.01 COLX will be a mainstream coin. People will be FOMO'ing into this for the COLX's run to $1.

There's another exchange coming soon that I havent mentioned yet:

Dont know when it will be available, but thats also an option. However, im sure tradesatoshi will get its shit together later today. I used it just a few hours ago.

I managed to snag 45k last night. Been waiting 4 hours now for another 2LTC to hit tradesatoshi., while I just watch that price keep moving up.

It's built on top of PIVX code, kind of like this. Mopdern Ford cars are built on top of the Model T, but they are better.

Do you want a model T, or a Ford fusion?

I'd rather have a Model T if I'm being completely honest but I get your point.

I'm sitting on 677k of these fuckers. I'm gonna make it!

(I spent roughly 1.6 LTC worth on them at 6.8 sats on CoinsMarkets, and I've had my first stake as of a week ago.)


They do look cooler, as long as it isn't winter outside.

how are you guys storing your COLX? I don't receive my ledger until march

wallet of course, don't use exchanges

>Try to buy these earlier today
>TradeSatoshi registration just reroutes to the homepage.
>Try to sign up for CoinMarkets.
>Registration email never comes.
>Go back to TradeSatoshi
>Apparently my ip has been banned for spamming


what wallet?

The official wallet, of course. Staking is always good.

I don't think they're two opposing sides. I want to see them both succeed, and I'm holding fat stacks of both. They're both going nuclear this year.

where can I buy this??????

CoinsMarkets and TradeSatoshi. Two hole in the wall exchanges that look 15 years out of date. Get in before it hits Cryptopia and KuCoin.

Join and win BIG weekly rewards up to 500$. Take part in pumps and instantly gain up to 40%

discord dot gg/6ddqFHd

thanks m9

Enjoy. If you can get on there and grab some COLX without running into a 502 error, you're going to go far this year.

ECA is a bumbacoin fork, that doesnt do atomic swaps. COLX already does.

ECAs wallet isn't even codesigned.

Stop it, this is pajeetcoin.

The wallet is unstable as fuck. I saved the .dat and I can't retrieve the 10,000 I left in there.

yep, just got the wonderful 502...

Is it synced?

It works for me, I've tested it out. You have to delete all the dats in the base file where the wallet.dat is present and then you'll have to wait until the block is redownloaded if that's the case.
If you have the same passphrase as before things should turn out fine.

Eca wallet works perfectly for me just fyi

What's with the feud between ECA and COLX holders?

i did the same thing i almost lost all my coins but i went and collected all the .dat that i could find and put them in the directory.

Have you deleted a wallet? Go in your file directory and take out the new new wallet and put in your old .dat file in.

I don't know everytime a Colx thread starts the ECa fags come in here shilling it. But it doesn't happen the other way around.

ECA is shit.

no worries they're legit

Try TradeSatoshi, you may have better luck.

Both on coinsmarkets. People are stupid, get both.


Can't fucking register on it

Model T was a really long hodl. If you buy a Ford Fusion now, you’re gonna be holding bags



Please help us user. Are there invite codes?

kucoin. Thank me later, or thank me now using this inv code 1vdhP

Move your COLX gains into ECA . It’s about to leave the galaxy when exchanges allow it

Can I stake this on a raspberry pi?

No one gives a fuck. get out

Go away pajeet

$1 here we come

>Privacy Optional?
>green check!
lmao these coins are such a fucking joke
There is only one privacy coin and everyone knows what it is.

I got 2m of this thing.

Feelin preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooood

We do not say the orange scourge's his name here.

Trying to pick up some more, but shitoshi is fucking me by taking so long.

Can't wait for FairX and Upcoin.
That $500 in free fee's looks better and better the longer I wait

I found my doge coin that I mined in 2014 recently and decided to dump it all into COLX. Worst case scenario I lose what I didn't have last month. 15k ready for moon.

yes im staking it on my laptop

what exchange did you use?

>the orange scourge
I mean, you guys can pretend it doesn't exist and ride the pump but just don't expect this to go very far.

We need a Colx Girl

Explain staking to a poorfag.

I want more colx a day also pls

You put the coins in the official colx wallet.

They use all your coins to confirm blocks.

During that time you cannot use your coins because they are been used by the network.

You get pay something like an "interest" on the coins you let the network use.

So staking is lending out your coins, proof of stake is the interest earned on lending your coins.