Delta fags can join in too. Rate hate and leave advice

move into bitcoin before it's too late/10

Original investment $2800 in June 2017. Hold only, no day trading. I've held strong through multiple bloodbaths.

Hi Veeky Forumsrael, please roast me

The dgb bloodbad must've been hard

>not posting btc value
>not tracking how many million sweet USDs you gonna get eoy

That sia must have hurt for a bit. Congrats on holding through

Nice. I used to flip bat a lot when it would go from 18 to 25 cents constantly back in September. Kinda wished I'd kept a little

Started a month ago with £2k

I bought digibyte as a joke because the memes here were funny. Turned out to be a good investment

I think btc will fail eventually so I just measure in usd. Also the number is more interesting to look at then 4.3 to 4.8

>eoy balance
My BAT will carry me all the way to 0.5MM

Started yesterday

cool. hold and dont be a weak handed pussy who sells at a loss. Seriously I have made so many fake portfolios that i bought random and obscure coins on and they have all done a x2. fucking hodl

The Sia sent me into depression for a while. They have a good product though, cloud storage is huge. Esp anonymous cloud storage.

Icx cost me every single moon
Bought fun ATH
Bought SNT dropped like a fucking rock and sold $100 loss

Ignore stats I just entered holdings

Feeling depressed as fuck I I'm down $100 from my initial investment

Started in November with 300 euros.
Should I diversify more?

Act is a fucking diamond. Gonna pull a zcl. Fork on Jan 12

Drawn back some of my short-term positions in anticipation of the next BTC rally. Comfy AF.

Not keeping up with FUN, but you hold those ICX tight. They'll take you to moonsville.


I just started a few days ago as well. Should you still hold when a coin moons? Or should you try to sell at peak and buy back when it dips?

Looking for my moon mission.

that coss

I feel like you should consolidate and go for something risky, you might not see much movement out of xlm until FairX

Am I gonna make it guys?

You need UFR

it's really hard to say. $1 in TRX month+ ago is $100 now. spreading out among shitcoins is a valid strategy, however much riskier.

Fellow 4.4k LINK marine reporting for duty.

Why doesn't Delta have bittrex on its exchanges list? Did I miss something while I was gone?


nice one. ven looks the most promising.

I should also have 14 btg but haven't extracted it

I'm down on civic and stox

Up on everything else, way up on a lot of things over the months and have cashed out at least 150k, don't keep track

Does anyone else experience massive freezing with blockfolio?
I'm getting real tired of looking at a white screen or it taking me 15 minutes to update a simple trade.

What platform do most of you use, I need a new one. Literally every trustworthy one has closed their registrations(Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex).

strategy of the week, get the normies to smell these cheap CND tokens.

if it can break the top 100, this fucker is going to EXPLODE.

Am I too diversified biz? Also holdong $1k in SALT

Most shitcoins in Binance are high af.

Have a recommendation to increase my portfolio to buy more Lumens?

low iq investor playing it safe

+120% in 1 week but I'm scared this shit is just luck. How to make money on crypto consistently?

I was at 0.6 btc a week ago, sold it all for shitcoins, up $7k in a week. whatishappening.jpg

FUN (I hope) will be flying off the shelves in 2.5 weeks.

Please FUD and rate.

GVT carrying my stack atm

seconding this guy, what platform is left that wont meme u, looked at okex but looks untrustworthy

My nibbas anyone btc millionaire wants to throw some coin my way?

don't feel like selling anything right now

I want to throw shit at you, but I know that would make your pajeet ass happy

You can do this, but if you're just starting I'd just forget about it since you might not know the market very well. Just wait a few months of even years with selling.

Tips welcome :)

Bags are getting lighter when end of the month gets closer.

Jesus man, sort by holdings!

Advice please

still months to go on them bois

Broaden your base. You just lose time getting up to a k or two. Plus, imo, xlm is going sideways for some time. Have yourself some FUN

Should there be more LUN?

Im a slav. Feel free to help me out.

Hey here, any advice?

go all in with that little money.

The only one that I use except those three is Kucoin

Started with 10K 8 months ago, yes I know fuck me for not 100x -ing, but gains are gains

>XLM @ 45.32
>BAT @ 45.29
are you from the future

What do you mean by broaden your base exactly?
I'll try to find a good opportunity to switch out my XLM to something more alive.
Getting to a k is my goal right now.

Drop the ARK, LTC, maybe even BAT or FUN pick 3. They'll slow you down

I hate being this poor...I want to go all in and double my gains off some shit coin

drop fun? u must be drunk

Btc at 7k, a little at 14k
Eth at 810
Ltc at 360
xmr at 350
req at .18

My only good pick had the leftover money in it. Trying to Rebalance now

Never gonna make it

started three days ago after cashing out of my normie coins

Will I make it guys

Good work and nice trips

Up from 6k in November.
>The final solution/The Standard/ The moon

Am I going to be poor forever? What should my next meme coin be ?

sell pfr and tron(too high market cap), buy some ven, a friendly advice.

Ffs I wish I could make 20k in 24 hours.

I'm just at 3k total right now


Thinking of selling XMR and ETH for either FUN, LINK, ICX or XLM

Help me. I send my 8500 TRX.
I don't know what to do now


If that shitcoin takes off I quit this stupid fucking market

Knock knock, it’s me the memebot genius

I've been holding the big three BTC/ETH/LTC since 2013-2015, looking to get more into the Altcoin market though, but not via selling my original stack.

Already won big with Ripple, Cardano, Dash, and Stellar, but unfortunately I didn't have very large stakes and am afraid of buying high at this point. What coins can I sink a few hundred into every month and expect some excitement?


Same, that's why I pulled my profits from Cardano and looking for a x5-10, you should find coins with lots of room to grow


good job user, yep definitely add some more but dont be impatient and do your research. also I'd add some top 5, BTC seems to be going back to ATH so why not

Should I consolidate more? I feel like I'm spread too thin. Maybe sell BMC, WTC and buy more ICX?

100x is a meme

Not enough risk in here

When did you start and how much did you start off with? I'm new to this and am wondering if it's worth it.

What do you consider risking

Am I going to make it?

Is this a decent hold for January?
I’m gonna be travelling with work for the next month, not gonna have much time for crypto.

Also, should I wait for the next Tron pump and sell it?
I’d love to get my link up to 2k if possible.

Get VEN next dip, best coin to hold longterm imo


shill me, baby

Started one year ago with 50 USD

Hit me with some advice

hats off to you, job well done.