Bought at 1.18. How fucked am I?

Bought at 1.18. How fucked am I?

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is this a larp?

Yes, this is a live action role-play

Don't open Blockfolio mate. You're comfy. You can't expect to get a timemachine back to a month ago and buy low, but in another months you're the guys who bought low. Keep cool.

might have to wait a couple of days

a $1.25 floor should happen by monday


req is a shitcoin buy lux for easy 100x

lux is a shitcoinscam you brainless chimp

>req is a shitcoin

>lux for easy 100x
>check out website
>lead dev name is "216K155" (pic related)
>thanks but no thanks, user

"For REQ to be part of the top 10 on Coin Market Cap, it will need a market cap of more than $11.6 B. With a supply of 640 M, that means $17 a share. And that's just today. The market cap will be much more in a month, so there is lots of room for growth. Furthermore, when it goes live, the supply will diminish because tokens are burned after a transaction is made. This will further increase the value. As long as REQ maintains its trajectory, I can see it eventually being $100 a share."

Saw that in another post and I can't really find any holes in the logic in it.

>the absolute state of pajeets

This... I’m not selling... but I only have 3.5k :(

Lol are you new or something. We are long overdue for a complete market correction and when that happens who knows if half of these shitcoins recover to their previous ath.

bahahahahahaah kid is delusional if he thinks that coin is even going 10x look at that fucking cornball

where were you when it was under a buck ?

People have been calling for corrections since BTC was $10. Calling it is impossible. Just make money.

Not saying it won't bounce back eventually but yesterday's shitcoin dump was a little sampling of whats to come. Bull markets don't last forever

Yawn. Bored of these fucking threads.

Never bet against REQ. Seriously. Yesterday people were fudding saying the project was done for (because they were salt they didn't buy in or they were impatient despite 300% gains in a week or so).

This is going to $15-$25 by mid year easy.

ArE yOu NeW oR SoMeThIng

> actually thinking someone on biz can tell when the market will 'crash'

Don't forget the possible staking implementation

People talk about larpers but all the it's gonna crash/correct/bubble pop any day now experts are unironically the least creative and most annoying larpers on this board.


It's getting tedious and REQ just keeps on giving.

Sitting at 2000% as of right now.

>using nigger memes
You have to go back kiddo

Look did you ever think that maybe it's best to sell when the market begins to stagnate and rebuy at 25% it's current value, thereby increasing ur stack by 4. That's right you probably didn't you greedy fuck. Ur all gonna get burnt

Your grand kids won't look like you.

Our grandkids will be even more racist. Than us, champ.
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>Have to wait an entire 24-48 hours for it to return and shoot past entry for what is essentially a long-term solid hold

Poor little babby.


Let me guess
You came here from r/cryptocurrency

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>5992446 (you)

How come every time we reach a ATH with REQ we get someone posting this? I remember when it hit .17 cents and people posted these threads bitching about it.

Reported. Jesus I hate this board.

0.95 is the new floor
0.7 was the floor two days ago


i didnt even know it went up to 1.18, I thought 1.15 yday was ATH +

jesus dude, look at the charts before you buy. use limit orders.

Why would you buy at ATH after it pumped 50%? Nigga all you had to do was wait for its correction over the next few hours.

It's not stagnating yet though. And making the call for a 75% dip would be 100% luck and no skill.