Where my Oyster Pearl niggas at?

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110k reporting in.

Jesus fuck

>Under the radar
>Test net #1 soon to be released
>Test net #2 to be released afterwards
>Main net to be released
>Bigger exchanges


524 bought the dip yesterday.

No idea if I should commit more but at least I got in.


Fomo after fomo. Fucking kek. Also still hasnt been on news yet properly

Completely undervalued coin with tiny market cap. Boys this month is looking good!

got 686

15$ soon?

Its already almost 3 dollars though fugg

I have 120 prl

will i make it?

Where do i fucking buy this u fags.

>unique idea to change the market
>has purpose other than shitty meme digital currency
>no one is talking about it


I think it's just market fatigue. This shit along with bnty was all the rage 2 weeks ago and even though they're pulling ATHs there's no discussion.

Probably because people are trying to accumulate.

this coin is fucking insane some people on biz got stupid pockets form this. good job faggots.

For those of you reading this who can't figure out what an actual orchestrated biz pump and dump scheme looks like... This is it... don't get stuck holding bags. Fuck these guys.

Thanks for the tip a few weeks ago. There's a pretty big wall keeping it from climbing though so I'm going to dump for a bit and come back in a few days when it's low again.

you absolute right. the coin was shilled 3 weeks ago when it was around 3ct. I think Veeky Forums readers of the thread hodled at this time 30-40 percent, there was a big dev sale. You saw big buys through the shill thread.
Now they want to dump there package don't fell for the shill
prl usecase is a html miner, which some devs did with xmr 1 year ago, its usecase is absolutly worthless, but normies fall for the meme, because they say hurrburr iota underdog, but it is working more on ether, than iota. If you don't want to lose money to invest in this coin. It fucking mooned 100x in under 3 weeks. And its a coin with no general usecase its a specific usecase, which there already is a fucking solution do your research or lose money with prl.

Shhh, dont shill yet, wait for a dip and buy up

You guys are idiots if you think this a PnD. Have fun getting left behind.

I used to have 100k+ but sold to trade around. 37k here, bought in at .04 used lots of that to diversify and bought back in yesterday. Now I also have 100k of TAU. Comfy.

just read it and decide on your own