For those who doubt me, look through the archives of my threads, I told everyone my institution and others would be buying behind closed doors in december and that LINKs price would go up as a result of these tokens being taken out of circulation. I said that it would have a delayed effect and LINKs price would go up seemingly without any obvious reason.

Now I have nothing to gain from telling you the following, I am not telling you to buy LINK, nor am I telling you it's gonna crash and to hold (because I am not some whale about to dump his bags) what I am telling you is that several private individuals are planning to buy amounts ranging from 1-10MM LINK soon, these are individuals who are big enough to have insider knowledge but not big enough to have been able to get in earlier and they're going to be dropping their Christmas bonuses on it. Some have already started, they are savvy enough to do it with limit buys, but ONE individual I know of in particular wants to get at least 2MM LINK, the sell book is too think to allow this. So what I am asking you is if in about two weeks you see some large buy walls DO NOT SELL. I am not telling you to buy any more LINK, nor am I telling you to hold if it crashes (if it starts crashing dump by all means I don't care), I just know this person is very motivated and its in everyones benefit not to sell. The reason I'm telling you guys is because you autists are pretty much the only people currently invested in LINK who don't have insider knowledge and thus are the only ones likely to sell.

As usual screencap this and see what happens in the last 2 weeks of Jan.

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I have always thought you were a fake but have no intention of selling in the next six months anyway. Thanks for the shill either way.

Urchin here with 5k link

Fake assbalster

I have 28k. Average price 17c. I just don't believe anything random tripfags with supposed inside information have to say.

Capped for anyone who wants to save.

Why people don't use tomorrow is beyond me. If you are on Veeky Forums more than an hour per day the difference in eye strain is noticeable.

Your mother will be down on me Tomorrow

Wow thanks for this. I didn't know.

Omg my ass is blasted, thank you. Wasn't ever planning on selling anyway.

gtfo newfag. But yest tomorrow is 100% needed. That bright shit is blinding and everyone recognizes it as Veeky Forums.

>Why people don't use tomorrow is beyond me.

I always browse incognito, and I can't be bothered changing it every time.

ooohh you think darkness is your ally..

Didn't this dude get exposed for being a fake? I moved a considerable amount of my LINK into VEN. Hopefully I don't get fucked.

As you have helped us. Check this shit out blaster bro. I have not seen a BTT post with that many replies for a long time.

Ven is good but link hasn't had its first real moon. make sure to put that shit back


The prophet has spoken again!

Thank you user

you don't have to tell us to hold, assblaster. it's what we do for a livin'.

>you autists are pretty much the only people currently invested in LINK who don't have insider knowledge


Get a load of this loose butthole! Sounds like some little lady has been assblasted.

Give us more updates AB. What else can you tell us?


nah interesting though, i own 1.5k LINK myself but it doesnt stop me from making FUD memes


>So what I am asking you is if in about two weeks you see some large buy walls DO NOT SELL.
why the fuck would I sell after seeing a big buy wall, doesn't that pretty much mean there's a lot of demand for something I own, which is good for me
am I retarded

big if true.

From what I've been seeing and hearing, LINK and Veeky Forums is the most surreal thing to ever happen. This will be on the level of Hillary talking about Pepe. What do I mean by that? Most financial firms are completely aware that 99% of blockchain tech right now is a joke, the only reason Wall Street is pumping corporations involving blockchain is too dupe boomers. The important people, the experts, all know that most of the shit coming is useless vapourware and the incessant decentralisation/tokenisation of everything is ridiculous. One of my coworkers was even laughing about Ripple the other day calling it a glorified SMS service.

The difference is ChainLINK is supposed to be the FIRST in the new wave of true utility function tokens, following Ethereum. Ethereum took the big guys by surprise, that has a real use case, but ChainLINK is an industry token from the ground up.

One of the weirdest thing was that these institutions didn't even want to do an ICO, but then they realised they had to because the whole POINT of LINK is to be a true industry built blockchain but if it doesn't have even a slight claim to decentralisation then it doesn't really meet its goal. So paradoxically these banks and insurance companies HAVE to let you guys in on their cash cow, that's why they are desperately trying NOT to market it. Because they DO NOT WANT YOU in their club. But Veeky Forums being the turbo autists that you are, you found and bought this shit right up. Kudos.

In other words ChainLINK isn't just the most promising blockchain coming out, it's going to lead the charge and be the industry standard for blockchain tech. The days of blockchains that tweet out memes targeting millennials are coming to an end, the corporate blockchain is coming.

But LINK is not a blockchain faggotron it's a token

Stop being a retard, ChainLink is a network.

oh my god i just jizzed on my pants

>not using extension which makes all websites dark themed

Yes, but how can we ever be sure about it being singled out by the power of autism, or that we magically memed it to success, like Trump?

This is FOMO, everyone SELL SELL SELL right now

I was using blockchain in the casual sense of the word not formal, ChainLINK will run on blockchains and allow blockchains to work together whilst allowing staking etc. This is a decentralised profit network designed for corporations with close management by corporations. Do you really think the suits at SWIFT want to enrich a bunch of NEETs on Veeky Forums? That was why the presale required you guys to pool your money together, that's why ChainLINK was only on Binance for ages. These people are trying to basically deploy ChainLINK on the ETH network (because they have to in order to call it decentralised) whilst not attracting your attention. You weren't supposed to be invited to the party. They even went with a relatively boring logo and name.

Ohhh yee of little faith.

Should I sell all my xrp or sell all my eth to buy this?

Their behavior regarding publicity corroborates this story IMO

When is the price singularity going to happen lad? I'm not done accumulating, only have 50k at the moment.

Going all in on link

>have a delayed effect and LINKs price would go up seemingly without any obvious reason.
Stop larping nigger, everything went up at least 3-4x during December due to the altcoin boom. Even fucking Bancor.

That is the only reason LINK mooned and during that time it was shilled by a few fags on Twitter with tens of thousands of followers.
You could even see those big green candles just around the time when they posted that "LINK is undervalued".

Is this you? Someone has been posting dumb stuff with your trip, which makes me think this may not be the real Assblaster.

Can you comment if we're on the right track regarding speculation about,, Singapore Exchange, Axa/Fizzy?

Since you seem to have some insider info, can you tell us how the testnet is coming along? I'm holding 20k since ICO and will hold at least until Q4, but I'd like to hear some kind of status.

Assblaster please tell me that we see one day 100$ per chainlink

i need some hope to my shitty life

fresh oc
no bully pls

tripcode matches

hey man, long time no see
you still gonna post that cold wallet?

another shill thread for chainlink by angupta and pranjeet

I'm new to you, but not LINK. I work with a bunch of cucks in the finance industry that own way more LINK than you could fathom, and they almost dropped this project all together because of how public it was initially. I am just curious how you could possibly fucking know this? I've always thought it was weird that all the autists shill the fuck out of it here, but they don't even know the reality.

I watched the original assblaster thread, This guy has not been fully debunked yet. Also this is a lot of effort for a LARP. That being said it still could be bullshit.

My question is if big finance has known about CL from the start what's the end game price scenario and how fast will it get there? What tactics will they use to fake out all the small fish like myself and secure larger holdings in CL? I.E. will they crash it too 20c before really letting it launch?

Buy more ENG or buy more LINK

that is my dilemma

Posting relevant

I want to believe but someone has been shitposting with the trip. Doesn't seem in character to me, but idk he is a Veeky Forumsraeli too.

fwiw like the number 12 wallet has sent over 1mm (one lot of 700k and two others of 300k i believer. link to other addresses with nothing in them. It looks like it could be like private sales that assblaster described, among other things obviously. .

Last time assblaster posted the price crashed by like 30%, just a heads up lol.


bro has been using this trip for yrs, he is well known among the circles of /g/ and /a/

someone can clean this up if they want. Here's all of Ass Blaster's replied capped and edited professionally in paint

this better not be AB samefagging

thanks user, archived as the "4th letter of the Prophet Assblaster to the Linkies"

The suits shook the tree
I wonder if they have my address somewhere and think "when this motherfucking party crashes gives up, we'll allow it to moon", if yes well good luck suits kek because I'm not fucking selling

I'm not that cuck.

photon masterrace reporting in

And there's one more thing, I don't think the suits are too worried if a few Veeky Forums neets get rich off LINK, they know that a fool and his money are soon parted, just look at lottery winners.

No, OP is.

what's the current price in USD

damn this is juicy af user

Also Assblaster is saying this isn't just Sergey's company that he made up that happened to get noticed by SWIFT and others?

I completely buy this though. Sergey's and ascent to appearing in all sorts of shit (the Capemagi report, Klaus Schwwabs [director of the World Economic Forums] book, the Axa stuff, SWIFT itself, sitting on the stage with Vitalik, other random publications if you keep digging too are out there, etc., ZeppelinOS calling smartcontract the industry leader, there's more oddities but that's all I can think of off the top of my head) is really bizarre to me.

How did this one philosophy major get the attention of all these people and companies even though the main net of his product wasn't even finished? The focus of SmartContract itself completely shifted from 2015 to 2016. I'm not saying Sergey is a plant, but something weird happened to raise his profile. So the idea that these institutions were backing him behind the scenes makes sense to me.

this disgusting traitor just wants to get out and is dumping on u

Oh, I get it now, meme magic IS autism! We're all gonna make it!

I've got 1 Eth to blow. Whats a good price to get into LINK? Fr long term holding

Right now

This is the future price action of chainlink

Posted this prediction around Christmas, its not far off now.

it could dip back down to $.85 again but i wouldnt chance it at this point. maybe do a buy at 3/4 eth and then keep the rest and pray to allah for a dip

where can I get somee now that Binance is closed

Not even 5000% gains would get me to buy your bags.

How about %50000

Do we have any proofs that the last predictions of this tripfag were true?

No however he was right about 1 dollar by 2018

he called the december 6 pump weeks in advance

Although someone was posting withb the tag assblaster saying that he was going too pay people in link to post reddit threads. Doubt that was the real assblaster.

I've got 115 but with I had more. It's cool though. Holding just 50 eth got 2 years got me set pretty nicely so I'll let this and my other coins grow.

In which case you'd be the second person claiming that financial people are doing big things with LINK in secret.

Tell us a little bit more about what you know

Ill just say its unusual for LINK to be up and moving in the day. I know its not by much but LINK doesnt usually go up til the nighttime. Its a nightowl.

I kind of forgot, this is more or less what assblaster told us last time. But since then digging into sergey's past it really feels true.

Assblaster - can you please shed any more light surrounding what insider information these individuals may have? Thanks

Ffs still trying to pump and dump link.
You could have bought req/tron/xlm or any other fucking coin and made x10/x50 your money, jsut give up and jump on ENG or smthing fucking idiot even confido the comfirmed scam has a better ROI than link

>he doesn't ride pumps to accumulate more LINK

remember to adjust your space suit before the lift off

please help


Please, please, include me in the screencap hi mom

don't listen to that retard above me, etherdelta is compromised and will steal all your shit. it'll also take 24 hours and take 50% in fees if your shit doesn't get stolen magically
go here and pick one

If assblaster is a larp he has tremendous self control not to keep posting threads. Most larpers would milk this for all it was worth but he hasn't made thread in weeks and it looks like bailed on this one.

its priced in.
LINK reached its limit.


OKeX is really good if you arent american

>Binance is closed


AB made a claim that is pretty spot on and only a finite amount of people know about. Never heard of the cuck before.

As for info, I am not going to just tell you anything straight up, but I will say that the company I am apart of and their affiliates are a huge reason that Sergey is quiet. He fucked up going public and felt the heat. I do find it funny that LINK gets shilled daily by you autists, yet no nothing. lmao. So curious as to why you guys picked LINK of all the fucking shit coins you could find.

Wouldn't that be counterproductive to the cause of link?
If big corps hold the majority of tokens wouldn't that go against a decentralized network?
I mean that basically drives away smaller nodes to alternative oracle networks because they cant compete woth the big fishes

is it still closed 4 real?? kek if!!!

I dgaf, as long as it makes me rich