fuck this cryptocurrency bullshit. I'm going to buy a new laptop and some prostitutes. still have over 3 litecoins left lmfao

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will repost from my lambo

Why you're in the game so early, worry when the market hits a couple trillion and then get out. You could easily turn that 10k into 40k in a couple of weeks with safe coins.

which ones would those be?

Fine by me. You could turn that 10k into a million in a few months. More gains for me then.

you seriously bragging about 10k, brah?

My friend said Trump is going to make crypto illegal because North Korea uses it so everything will probably crash


Don’t you have to pay like 9,000 in tax? I suppose you could also have SWAT kick in your door and shoot you dead. Such is life in America.

And u i bet u think that was smart decision, die poor stupid

Lol poorfag

OP mad cause he started at 100K and bought high and sold low.

>cashing out with 10k
>not trying to put it back into investments
>doesnt realize an easy 200$ ROI would put him at 30k

just keep the money in crypto and cash out enough to pay bills. btc is the best savings account.

Started with 100k and traded it to 10k :DDD

>leaving the market with free money with 10k


fuck off with that kiddy money

north korea also uses the internet.

have fun fomo'ing back in when you realize you could have been withdrawing 100k if you waited a few months

>and some prostitutes

so why did you make money in first place if youre spening it for nothing at all

At least get a nice fucking civic or some shit.

How long until he fomos back in? In a year he'll look at the shit he held and realize he'd have hundreds of thousands of dollars by now.

If you think this crypto PnD will go on forever, then you have been massively mistaken.

>be American
>300 million people out of 7.5 billion people in the world
>"b-but if we can't use the cryptocurrencies they are going to crash, right?"

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the American ban on crypto would send BTC to the mythical 1 million euro.


kek I'm a third worlder and even I have more than 10k
fuck off poorfag

In all seriousness, don't blow this money. Use it like an adult. Years from now you'll wish you had put it towards something constructive rather than just buying toys.


Losing $10000 will not feel as bad as knowing you could have made $100k to $1mil by doing absolutely nothing. You will be kicking yourself for your entire life and will have to explain it to your kids.

I'm only 22 I'm not an adult. My dad gave me 5k to invest so I already made a better % profit them him. A laptop is pretty constructive I would say

yeah i remember when they made torrenting software/movies illegal and the entire thing came to a halt


Trump is allowing crypto nigger. Literally taxing it so it won't go away. Look what happened under his first year. This is Trump's way of beating the fuck out of the fed. Take your liberal bullshit back to safe space reddit.


Still wrong lmao, but what to expect of somebody with brain damage. Should've bought FUN.

If crypto has taught us anything, it’s that everything goes up in price and it’s only a matter of how long you’re willing to wait. The stronger your hands, the more money you make. Somebody who has a million dollar portfolio right now could slip into a coma for two years and wake up with a hundred million.

kek I cash out 10k a week, need a higher limit, baka

We burgers actually believe America is "the light of the world" and their president is "the leader of the free world"
You hear these phrases just about nightly on every single news channel from far left to far right, it's the one thing they all agree on.

>A laptop is pretty constructive I would say

It's really not.

Put the money in an IRA and never save another penny. Boom. Retirement. Pic related

hello government friend

ICX and VEN. Those are easy holds that you know will go up if you leave it alone. VEN has partnerships with the chinese government for usage and already has a working product. ICX is the same but is Korean, dunno about government, but it already is used and has tons of people wanting to sign up for their product. The same with OMG and STRAT, these already have products so you will be safe in investing. XLM is going to be a blue chip eventually, so if you excuse its current volatility, it should go up. For this month, my picks are ICX and VEN, easy gains that have low risk. Just understand to sell when you made what you wanted, because these coins are really being accumulated right now.

this might sound fucked but lately I've been fantasizing about being in a coma for 1-2 years. I'm very diversified and have a lot of long term holds, I'd wake up rich af.

Nice, have fun with it man.

lol 65?? I might not even live that long. I think you should learn to enjoy the moment

In before the IRS

Trade like you’re in a coma, then. Don’t sell ANYTHING.

Every single fucking day you hear cucks saying
>fuck, i sold X to buy Y and X went up
>damnit i sold Z at ATH and it kept going up!

Just don’t sell anything ever. You can cash out a bit if you need the money but keep the vast majority of your funds in crypto.

yeah you might not live that long but you know what would be worse than not having your laptop right now? Being in your fucking 70s and having to work. Also having to frantically save for your ENTIRE LIFE because you missed the window on getting started early. Don't make this mistake. You're sort of at a critical period for developing financial independence later in life and that's worth a million times more than some fucking laptop that will be replaced in 5 years.

Hit me up when you're in your 30s so I can say I told you so.

ok fine ill buy some some silver and gold

have fun paying 30% short term CG taxes on that and only being able to afford toothless meth whores.

This guy just made the biggest mistake of his life and he'll spend the next few years rationalizing it

You do know that amount is reported to the IRS, enjoy paying 30% tax leaving you only 7k minus the 5k your dad gave you leaves you 2k. Lol stay poor

Shiiiiet i'd definately get a cereal box like that. What's up with the just add milk sign on the bottom right, aren't most negroes lacto-intolerant?

That kiddie money is a year's salary average over here.

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>well, there's no way I could have known, so whatever

Lol no worries, this retarded genetic deadend will not reproduce.

My dad works at Bitcoin, the info checks out. Gonna sell everything right now

> withdrawing 100K today.
> Still have 490K in my portfolio.

Feels good man.

go back to your dusty stocks.

When people stopped bartering with items and began using precious metals as a form of currency, many people thought it was crazy and never worked.

Then people began to hand out bank notes with the value tied to gold. People thought it was crazy, that it would never last. How can a piece of paper have value? Oh how mistaken they were

Either get with the times or stay in the dust as the most massive transfer of wealth begins.

Best of luck to you, where ever you may find yourself in ten years.

>tfw I just pased the $10k mark and I'm only just getting started.

almost everything went up 100x last year. This isn't over by a long shot.

op is gonna kys in a few years

started at 5k last noth at 30k now, aint stopping till i hate 1million+

So sad to waste what is most likely the biggest opportunity of your life. Enjoy wagecucking in your 30s, 40s, and 50s ... and 60s. But at least you have a laptop.

No they don't. They use intranet.

Did you call your bank in advance to say you have a large transaction incoming?

>10k even
>implying you fully cashed out

peace out

it is funny though. that 10k would have made you a millionaire. Youll probably do the calculation in a decade and have a midlife crisis, be bitter, maybe pick up a drinking problem, cheat on your spouse, get divorced, argue about child support, eventually lose your job because of your drinking, get a way shittier job, have to sell your shitty house for a shittier appartment, get even more bitter about what could have been, drive your friends away out of bitterness, enter a shitty assisted living center pretty early because of all your drinking, make some other bitter ass old fuck friends, rarely get seen my your family, die.

Don't listen to these retards, ROI = win, good job bro. yes the market could reach a couple trillion or it could also disintegrate.

agreed, the internet could go out at any moment and all the companies in the world could stop issuing stocks for trading!

obvious boomer

except for the part where 12% is impossible

You think 10k is a lot? I started with 1k three months ago, and now I make 10k a week.

Have fun with your laptop that is going to depreciate in value for the next three years, and then spit out dust, while I'm going to be a multi-millionaire by 2019.

Later, faggot.