I just sold 100 dollars of bitcoin to put into Litecoin, was that a good idea?


probably not

Pack it up boys, the normies are here, it's done.

No. You should've just bought some pizza and crack cocaine with that money.

why not

I can get way more litecoin w/ 100.

you didn't even go into 1 litecoin
why are you even putting in money in the first place

>Wow I just slit my wrists, was that a good idea ?
Fuck off with this shit bait

Almost.. but it hit 1.82mil sats on bittrex.

$350 in a few days

BTC looks like its recovering and as far as I know LTC have no reason to do better than BTC, be it short term or long term.
What was your reasoning?
Also it sound like you did it all on coinbase, if so that's very foolish because you got fucked twice by the fees.

Fuck, it takes like a week to get my money back


Who the fuck cares that's toilet paper anyway.

das a lot to me

ltc is way cheaper

Dont be rude. My whole portfolio is 75 bucks.

yeah not all of us have capital

> 100 dollars of bitcoin
or fucking leave

>100 dollars
Wow it's fucking nothing.

calm down jesus christ

Am I just supposed to pull money out of my ass?


It keeps going down anons, make it stop. When will it reach 300 again

Think of it like this: If LTC doubled up and hit a brand new all time high. a high that the LTC world has never seen before. You'd have:

200 whole dollars.

Zoom out your chart and look at the trend. Forget about these small fluctuations.

In this market even guys with a 100 bucks can make a fortune if they put in the time and effort.
Read, trade, learn, repeat.

I’m hoping when Korea wakes up we’ll get a boost

considering ethereum was at 200 like a week ago and just broke a thousand today, I'm definitely not missing out on litecoin

eth hasnt been 200 since November

LTC should keep going up for a few days before correcting, maybe 2. So it's not bad.

>ETH was 200 a week ago
What planet are you on

When Ethereum was 200, Litecoin was 41.

So this board is pretty much filled with fucking larpers. Do you guys post pink wojaks after losing 5 bucks?

Hey, I started with $100. You can get pretty far with just that and some intense day trading.

Such a tiny money amount eon’t really make a difference if you invest in the already big coins. Now if you would but into some more risky but profitable alts...

It’s still dropping, I want the pain to stop

It's hasn't even started my man, I projected this shit would hit lower 200's and hit high 300s to even mid 400s if all goes well. I actually looked at it yesterday and it could go potentially 500 because of how hard it retraced.

>literally never invested a dime other than electricity
>somehow at 10k

Time to start working the faucets

ltc is solid despite all the Veeky Forums shitposting

Buy beans $100 wont buy you shit.

>100 dollars

lmao I piss 100 dollars

i cant get verified on like any exchange its pissing me off theyre taking forever

I don't think they allow mentally disabled people to trade. Ask your guardian if they can sign in for you or something.


Funny that's about where I started and just about to cross into $500

next stop lambo land

get off coinbase you stupid fuck


Day treading ?