Most Important Male Traits

What are the most important traits a man can have?

not ugly
social sckills


Strength and leadership.

A taught yet malleable anus.

Sharp wit
Positive outlook

A jumbo cock.

Good looking Face

In no particular order

Leadership skills - humans naturally feel comfortable around someone who knows what they're doing and can guide them.
Social skills - making friends or being able to talk to anyone is highly important
Confidence - you don't want to put doubt in other's minds

I'd say in that order too.

deliciously black skin colour. who doesn't like chocolate

Checked and upboated

Confidence + self-awareness

big weeny


holding LINK

not indian
good looking
no hairloss
thick cock

Hold trx

hates jews


not posting dumbass old frog memes on a vietnamese bbs



Realistic outlook
Self awareness
Ability to forego emotion to do what needs to be done
Survival instinct
Physical strength
Verbal tenacity

not posting on an anime board daily.


From a female perspective:
Passion(for life, for interests, for mate)

- Full head of hair (fuck reddit's le bald head and beard combo)
- Low body fat (not freaky low but with visible abs and jawline) and decent muscle mass (enough to look athletic not like a bodybuilder)
- A Chad jawline (if not, at least having stubble with no patchiness)
- Light eyes with dark hair... ideally blue eyes and dark brown hair
- Alphamale persona, treats other males in his peer groups like one would their little brother
- Masculine voice, deep and loud
- Does what he enjoys, doesn't follow the crowd...
- Much wealthier than the economic position he was born into
- Has a lot of girls under his belt but eventually marries a girl and has children. May go through a few divorces but NEVER gets into a relationship with a girl that has children from a previous man.
- Isn't heavily involved in party politics but is personally very conservative

A tight, innie pussy

Fuck you money, anything else doesn't matter when you have enough money to do what ever you want.


Self-sacrifice / humility
Confidence / social skills
Handsome (not necessarily tall)
Control / a sense of direction

If you're asking what's the most important traits for a man to attract women, then its a slightly different answer.

>Full head of hair (fuck reddit's le bald head and beard combo)
Tbh it seems like females are more interested in me when I shaved off my hair and grow a beard. I also look much much more manly with this combo.

A thick neck.


Self control

Control over their emotions

All these traits, yet none of them will make you happy.

I know we talk about divorces all the time but seriously this is a /soc/ tier thread

I believe that helping others while making money can make you happy

big chin, big penis


I can make you happy baby

Given the stories posted here where blowjob enthusiasm increases after reporting on them crypto gains, one might say wealth

You just described what you wish you were but aren't, right?

I hear girls like guys with skills

I'm not all those things, of course not. Don't be a woman, men chase ideals.

>doesn't list money

Nice try

This is pretty accurate. Marriage material

being boss

The willingness to be crucified for speaking the truth

Thinks for himself I'd say is #1
Basically everything follows from intelligence


Cognitive ability, Emotional intelligence, confidence