2018 gonna be great:

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Noticed the same today, theres some real good updates coming up. Will hold my bbt for long.

Did you read the update on the marketing strategy?

Sounds promising!

moon when? Its dropping now FUCK

you guys told me it's going to x10 this week

Impatient cucks should just get out now so that the price drops now instead of later.

stfu faggot. this is just getting started. you are so fucking early if you hold any BBT at this point. It will MORE than 10x. These low market cap moon mission are not measured in days, they are measured in weeks and months. This will be the biggest gains your portfolio has ever seen


These gains are going to fuck you in the ass with jelly. Read the blog post. 2018 is all us

where is the fag who said tgheyre adding it to a new exchange this weekend

I agree, people who bought yesterday and now are complaining that it is not x10 already are impatient and only in for short moon mission.

It's the current state of Veeky Forums. Something is going up 25% for one day, and people start posting 'we're going to the moooon'. Next day it goes down 30% and people are posting 'whyyy reeeee'.

The value of the coin only increases with the real product behind it. And a real product is not being developed in 2 days. It takes weeks and months.

That being said, I really like their roadmap and their tone of writing. It's not only marketing bullshit to attract greedy suckers. It's very calm and technological. I'm very confident with this project.

And also this. I even wouldn't mind if I'd loose money one this because I can really justify my investment.

with this roadmap, if there is a large drop in price, im going to double down. I already decided that.

It really does take strong hands to realize 50x gains with these small marketcap coins.

BBT gains are going to pay for a new fucking house in a year.

And also I'm already sick of educating newfags here, people who do not understand what an accumulation phase in crypto-currencies is, should probably have a look on this article:

I'm posting it despite I think you do not deserve to make any profits here with your attitude.

Just finished selling all my BBT at 12K, trading some shitcoin for an hour, then rebuying BBT at 11500. Got 32% more now kek

how do you find good shitcoins to daytrade


they should just stick with their 20-30% gains in the top 10 coins.

No idea man, it was my first time.
I just saw what looked like a favorable pattern on a coin that had a decent trading volume. Bought at 20 sats and sold at 26.

Do you have any experience with daytrading?

Is this getting added to any exchanges aside from ED any time soon?


Buy the dip fags

I know how it works and the philosophy of it just how do you find them

Yes, it's already on YoBit. Be careful when buying, because prices vary heavily from YoBit to ED, from hour to hour. Just place your buy order at a decent price and wait a few hours or maybe days. It's because the coin has such little trading volume right now.

Also, it will be added to another (unknown) exchange soon. It was supposed to happen this weekend, but then the CEO posted this update (Pic related)

If you do not have actual experience with it, my advise would be to stay away from daytrading. It sounds easy but it's harder that you might think. In my personal attempts, I've always lost. Try it out with fictional daytrading for one week, observe the markets. See if you would have won.

This keeps looking more and more like a smart investment. Damn for once Veeky Forums really found a gem that I saw early.

I'm perfectly happy with it not listing in a new exchange this weekend as it will give me more time to accumulate.

day trading fucked me in the ass. and stressed me the fuck out. Finding moon missions is so much easier and profitable.

The gains from my moon missions have dandruff larger than the miggest of my daytrading gains. But also because I am retarded.

Exactly. I'm sure Veeky Forums did a great job for once

/biz actually spots most moon missions before, they are just hard to see because the threads pop up and are gone in 15 minutes a couple times a day. you have to really pay attention.

Thanks kindly user, I'll throw a small amount at this, forget about it and then hope for the best. The project does seem legit.

But I wanted to be one of those guys who puts in 600 and has 10k in a month

this shits ain mooning any time soon

It will hit a new exchange in the following days faggot

Since this post was made the market cap doubled. Good job anti-shilling yourself.

If you really are willing to give it a month then I'm sure you will see at least 5x gains.

The problem is that when something is hyped and a Veeky Forumsnessman buys it, he starts the fud after a few hours if it hasnt mooned.

Ok. Did you even read the article I've posted in this thread. Just above.

I have no idea why I am reposting this because I dislike uneducated or uninterested people like you from the deepest corners of my soul and my mind.

There are too many people like you in crypto currencies right now. I believe we will see a big consolidation phase during this year in altcoins. A consolidation phase between coins that have actual value and potential, and between coins that just go hyped by people like you wanting to "invest 600 and has 10k in a month"

Faggot also tricked me. Now holding 600 of these bags, but no seriously I did some research and it looks like it is a fucking solid hold for me. I don't want to be a pump chaser.

God. You people are literally so stupid, you deserve nothing other than serving burgers to me. Have a look at the screencap.

Ok? This is not news to me, how is this related to my post? The "tricked me" was more or less jokingly as I still consider this an early buy with tons of potential.

Any retard who sells this coin now deserves to be poor

I see some guys panic selling on YoBit.

Just set a buy order at >8000 sats and its basically free money.

Cant wait for this to blow up and all the wojaks on Veeky Forums crying over the missed opportunity.

I had an hour long conversation with the lead dev today. If you want short returns on a scam coin you probably want to sell now. They are actually trying to make a real fucking business and are accounting for many aspects other crypto companies neglect.

Also 300% in 4 days seems like fine growth to me

Sorry then, I misinterpreted your post. I've seen too many strange people around here recently.

Where did you speak to the dev?

Why do you call it a scam coin then if they're trying to be legitimate

If you check the linkedin profiles of the people working under bitboost its quite obvious they could have high paying jobs on other companies anytime they want. They choose to work in this project even though they must have other profitable opportunities, that should give you faith in them being serious about this.

They are definitely building a business and not a small one at that.

"If you want short returns on a scam coin you probably want to sell now?" statement implies it's not a scam coin because you won't get short returns

The devs and team are available on telegram and very active.

Learn to read.