If you have below $5,000 funds, should you be all inning or having a selection of coins?

If you have below $5,000 funds, should you be all inning or having a selection of coins?

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don't diversify, your profits will be meager and eaten by fees

1k - all in
2k - all in
5k-10k - start diversifying

All inning.

All in. Unless you're a low IQ soyboy, then diversify instead.
t. poorfag with $5k ---> $66k

2-3 coin max
2-5 coins max
Do what you want

All in on shitcoins (PAC, TRX etc) or long term coins? (NEO, DBC etc)

all in till $10k

All in is a meme after 5-10k, please don't do that. Make a diversified crypto portfolio.

>tfw all in on XLM with $1.3k USD

desu diversifying but keeping a min of 1k in a shitcoin of your choice wouldn't be bad

then in 2 months go all in on buttcoin.


lol no its not its making me rich when i manage to time it well

Honestly man I diversified the whole time but I am a wizard with moon missions. Sometimes I look back and wish I had all in'd. Honestly just try both. Do 10 days of all in, then try diversifying and see what works for you. Don't just listen to us, fucking find out yourself.

>mfw portfolio of 250€
>mfw have 6 coins
what should i do ?

Depends, If they're 6 low market cap high risk coins it could be a good Idea.

xrb, kucoin, link, xrp, xlm, eth

all in xlm

4k here
i have a long term coin
a possible 10x 100+CMC coin
and a pump and dump shitcoin

so the answer is diversify, but not too much (2-3) but on different types of coin, not all eth tokens, not all top 10s, etc

All in on fun and req with about 500$ and now up to about 1300-1500 cad. Plan to buy more every week or 2 but dont plan on diversifying unless i learn about some other great coins.

I started recently after seeing that some friends went all in on TRX. I've done some research and don't trust in that enough to go all in and instead looked into what I think had a future. XLM and Fun are supposed to have announcements soon and should increase their value. But I don't want to miss out on buying enigma before it goes higher.

What are you guys thoughts on this poorfag? All in on enigma or wait and see?

There is no correct answer. How you invest does not change based on how much money you have. You invest how much you can afford to lose. You invest portions of that in to single entities that you can remain impartial about.

The only way you can remove your fear of a loss is if that loss wont hurt you. If you are not the type that can all in on a coin and you all in on a single coin, you are probably going to lose money.

Figure out what you are comfortable with and stick to that. When you get more comfortable in your abilities, step up your game. Keep in mind you still need to invest a large enough portion that you can make a motivational gain. ]

Ignore the retards that say you cant diversity less than 5k. Fees in this market are all percentage based and will have no impact on the size of your orders.

I mean coins like ETH aren't going to grow very fast, How much have you got in it? like $50? ETH would have to be $2000 before you even make $50, better taking a chance on some pump and dump. Take a big risk for the big reward. Lots of shit coins can do 50% in one day.

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I've been "diversified" from the beginning (november)

Just cracked 5k with today's moons and it feels fucking awesome

I am all in on REQ with 70k, how fucked am I?