Hey /biz, I wanted to make an appreciation thread for you guys...

Hey /biz, I wanted to make an appreciation thread for you guys. I'd like to remind everyone that BIZ is probably one of the best sites for trends in the entire crypto sphere outside of whale groups that spend massive amounts of money on researching market trends and insider information. EVERY SINGLE COIN SHILLED THAT HASN'T MOONED, IS A GOOD INVESTMENT. Share your stories, I know that I made a killing on ICX when it was shilled here post ICO. I know I made a shit ton of money on REQ when it was 8 cents. I made BNB swing trading easy because of a thread. We all know FUD and ACTUAL pajeet coins when we see it and call it out. But if it hasn't moon, it's a good investment. We all going to be rich by DYOR and following good advice here on this board. Thanks for the money, I am also giving back with TA analysis of coins you guys shill for good entry points.

i have $800 Aud/84 icx coins, should i dump after incoming moon and reinvest in a newer coin that hasnt already mooned, even if it went to $100 i still wouldnt break 5 figures. im new and have no idea what im doing

Tell me about BNB swing trading user.

I don't know what AUD is. ICX however, it's extremely bullish. Right now there is heavy resistance (whales) at 8.50, so there's is a good chance when it breaks out of that threshold it should go up. If you look at the ICX graph in the daily, it's just one huge bullish pennant. The bad thing is that I can't TA the actual time, I can only TA good entry points and right now it's a good entry point. If you want to use your money to ride on some moon missions, I would keep an alert post 8.50 on ICX and jump back in when it breaks out.
BNB is very technical. So when it goes down, it always falls to a previous support level and goes up. The volatility is nice too, since that's how you make your gains, it's really an easy coin to daytrade. However, the recent surge of it going to 22 bucks makes me hesitant to play with it right now. I'd go back to trading when it smoothes out a bit. The user who shilled this, at the time was around 5 bucks, it was really a safe bet. Just had to set a stop loss under a support level, but the dip, and sell when it hits a top or another support level. Learn how to read candles and support levels and you should be good, don't need super technical skills to trade that coin (at least until now).

thanks user

dubs confirms wholesome


you're welcome, just keep an eye of your coin throughout the day. IT sucks but you have to. I usually would recommend stop limit sell orders, but whales always spike the price to get those people out of the running. That's just crypto, there's always a chance for traps to get people weak handed and sell, spiking is a good way to do that and has happened in almost every coin.

Thoughts on TRX and FUN?

Where can I get ACTUAL Pajeet coin?

Veeky Forums is probably the only serious board on this site

keep it real brahs

Good shit

Look on coinmarketcap for biggest losers.
TRX was a surprise, honestly I was on my phone and saw it went like to 12 cents in the monring and was like, Oh that's weird. Checked later it was 15 cents, oh that's really weird. Checked much later and it was 27 cents, oh that's really weird. TRX is in a correction phase, it's still not out of it. A lot of bullish coins have a correction phase that has a low A, a B that retests the high, and then a C that comes in between. But seeing as TRX is so media driven, all I know that it's still in correction and should retest the high soon. Then it's just a matter of seeing how bad the FOMO is and laddering your sells so you can buy when it eventually goes down for that final correction leg.
I honestly wish I was on the train earlier with this. People were shilling at 5 cents and it went up and up. I haven't done an analysis of it at all, I'm just astonished how on point biz is with shit like that. Meme magic is real, I even think LINK is still a good long term investment, but it all depends on what your desires are (chasing moons or holding for moons). I still believe the shilling that it can reach 1 dollar because of its niche environment and that gambling is a HUGE business. Long term it looks good, I'll look at it later and maybe post about it.
It is, just don't buy shit that already mooned because that's just BIZ being excited lol. That's where most of the wojaks come from.

I'm not saying right now is a good buy for FUN or LINK, it's just that it's been shilled so low and it's doing really good. FUN went 3x already, it should correct down.

Good info, thanks user.

I'm also the guy who shilled WTC after my trading view scanner saw it as a good buy with my parameters. Triple bottom is really bullish and it's already up 40%, if anybody is in Walton, look for how it plays with resistance, because if it doesn't break out (really rare) it could go down. But if it does, it's a super comfy hodl.

The hardest part is telling who is shilling trash and who is literally trying to help

it's a pretty fun game, 2bh

thanks biz

So I was wondering what your thoughts are about KCS, its been on a rampage today from 7 to 15$. I sold at 15 because it was getting too crazy, but I was wondering if an EOY value of 100$ for KCS would be reasonable.

I'm relatively new but you really need to DYOR. Like Linkies where saying to buy when it was on a downward channel becuase they were lying or emotional. When it hit the bottom, you can listen to them since it was a good price entry and the trend changed. One filter I have is BZC or whatever, it's really strange shilling that seems pajeetish, even though I never even TA'd it. People will also lie, like XLM right now, that shit is mooning because they are hyped up, when it's still in correction. As long as you have the tools to figure out what's alie and not, you know what's good to get into.
Sorry I don't know much about KCS, but whatever trade you do for profit is a good trade. I don't care if it goes like 5x if I sold at 2x because I made some money. You did good because you got profit and it somewhat mooned. There's other coins to invest in now, like I said with Walton. if it meets the criteria I posted earlier .

Interesting. Do you take more of a TA approach? Another user a few days ago seemed to know his fundamentals on WTC. Pretty comfy with my small stack, gonna slowly grow it

I'm pretty new to this, how do I do my own research? I mean I don't know how the blockchain works nor I'm an expert on market trends, so what exactly do I look for while researching? market cap? volume? even then I wouldn't know what, for example, a high market cap could mean to the market. I would highly appreciate any help guys.

I do because it tells you where the price SHOULD be moving. So to exterminate the FUD I do my own analysis and compare it with others on tradingview, youtube, and sometimes here to get a gist. I would honestly recommend anyone in crypto to learn some basics of TA because it will help you know when to buy or sell without being really technical. The technical aspect comes from projection, so where the price is going, but when you know the bottom price it's good enough to know that to make some gains without a lot of knowledge.

I would like to point out that I'm not looking for you to explain everything to me, I'd only like to know where can I learn

A lot of biz people will shill low cap coins, so I don't use TA for that but actually try to figure out cost by whatever they have laid out in terms of design, white paper, and niche in technology (investor research not TA). BIZ likes coins that are cheap so you'll see good returns on them, but BIZ doesn't like coins that are median cost (10-100) outside of bluechips.

Just ask. I use youtube for that stuff because I don't fully understand it. I use a youtuber that shilled ETH at 10 bucks since he has a good track record of being correct about analyzing market cap shit. But that's for coins that are young or pre ico.

Thanks, getting the grip of it its not as easy for me as i thought. Could give the name of the youtuber?

what do you think about ZRX and AION?

Drunk whale shilled that last week, said in the next week it should be good because that faggot has a ton of code/calc that determines good price, apparently was also called out from the Palm Beach Club dickheads, so it's a safe bet. I took his advice about ICX when I didn't know shit and got 4x returns, so I put money on it. Dunno about ZRX, but AION is also following a consolidation pattern similar to ICON. I think the two are really safe for performing well this month, though I'll save some extra money to chase moons with TA.

You can google Trading Devil, he's pretty good. But you can't rely on just TA for one coin especially if they are in a pairing. For instance I put money down on stratis and it got fucked by BTC and ETH and the trajectory changed immensely since it was suppose to moon last week.

Still undervalued from an investor perspective, but it does suck since that money could've been used elsewhere and whales are faggots with spiking stop losses. But then you have shit like WTC, easy knowledge, easy gains.

Thanks to anons and I also appreciate having the opportunity to give advice to newbies, moreso back in summer before the real normies hit in December. I made so much money because of this board.