Fascinating piece:

Fascinating piece: theroot.com/bitcoin-and-why-white-supremacists-love-it-explained-1821629765

>White supremacists like bitcoin because it can fund the movement without the people who contribute being labeled white supremacists. The average, run-of-the-mill racists like it because they can donate without anyone knowing. Bitcoin is essentially a digital Ku Klux Klan hood.

What can we do about this guys?

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Love it. Helps fund daillystormer, TRS, chris cantwell, etc.

I don't mind being labeled a racist desu

We need more pieces like this actually, Trump may come out and support cryptos if he knows he's supporting the KKK

JAHAHAHAHHAH they are desperate

Thats right goy. If you invest in digital currency, you are a nazi homophobic bigot!
Now invest in disney!

Wow. They must be desperate for clicks.

Fuck off liberal poorfag

wow that settles that. I'm going to cash out all of my coins and donate any profits to my local holocaust museum.

know that money isn’t really worth anything and that a dollar is only worth a dollar because we all have decided that a dollar is worth something...

But I still can’t get into Bitcoin, and that was before it came a tool for white supremacists to fund other white supremacists. The market is so fucking volatile and it seems like it could crash and stay crashed at any moment. And yes, I know that could happen with the dollar too.

I think the main thing that turns me off of Bitcoin is how SUPER INTO Bitcoin some (mostly white) people are. I was reading a Splinter article and the comments were one giant “WELL ACTUALLY BITCOIN IS ACTUALLY THE GREATEST”, and any time a group of white folks are way into a thing, I try and stay away from it.

If black moms, aunties, Big Mommas and the like were into Bitcoin, I’d be more assured. White people have horrible judgment. 54 percent of white women voted for a serial sexual assaulter and most white men voted for a guy who openlysaid he could assault their wives whenever he wanted cuz he was rich. I can’t get down with any currency those kind of people are into.

Oi vey! It's like annoda shoah!

end white pride worldwide

You are fucking kidding me. Go back to your leddit containment board

Wow ill bite/10

I hate you with every ounce of mx body

Kys and stay outa here with politics

Pictures of Nazis and gold coins together, this must be like torture for a Jew.

I bet History Channel will come out with a documentary how the Nazis actually invented Bitcoin in 1939 to steal Jews money from overseas.

A little pain with their pleasure, a little pleasure with their pain.

End all prides desu. Fuck pride.

I have a new favorite merchant.


Same logic, baffles me.

MMM HMM, dem honkies gots horrible judgments.

Look at the Black crime rate, SUCKA.

so what is /ourcoin/?

>that pic
Can't unsee

all you know is hatred and bigotry
Veeky Forums is a marxist board now

>tfw failed the paper bag test when getting verified on kraken and coinbase
Truly keeping a brotha down.

We must hack bitcoin before it's too late!
Also this.

I'm Hispanic and I use it to fund my business. Kkk members are just chickens, always hiding and will never confront you head on.

>Kkk members are just chickens

Anyone wants to buy some of my niggers?

Fantastic. I'm reading Mein Kempf as I check my blockfolio right now

This is honestly the most well-written news article I've read in ages, much better than the "sponsored content" pushed by the msm


Right winged degenerates drink water and eat bread. I recommend anybody to stop doing it or else you support those scumbags.

White Supremacy has to go.

We should use our crypto to hunt down nazis and silence their toxic ideology


True, they also sleep btw. So also stop sleeping to revolt against them.

2 steps ahead of you i bought surveillance equipment with my crypto gains and donated it to a local college. they are quietly forming a database of right-wing extremists.

cmon biz remember our old chant

no no no no
white supremacy's gotsta go
no no no no
white supremacy's gotsta go

fuck drumpf
his blomp full of flomp
end my blumps
terminate my plompfs
take me to the riverside
that i may one day see
a world run by madam hillary

repeat 6x

How much do i have to hail victory before i see gains?

Either 14 or 88.

Donald Trump has emboldened white supremacists to come out of the dark shadows of our nation and become active again.

Cryptocurrency is a symptom of late stage capitalism, and it is NO SURPRISE that white supremacists want to use a CRYPTOcurrency, so they can foster their crypto beliefs in the shadows.

Ronald Flumpf must be impeaches and nazis must be forced back into the dark corners of our nation where they belong. We cannot allow this toxic ideology to continue to spread.

Ban cryptocurrency and bash the fash at every turn, comrades

except gay pride
and black pride
Well, everyone's pride really. Except whites. Those should be ashamed all the time for being better

I'm a white supremacist, but I prefer Xlm. Can we co-opt that one too? You know, just kind of inject our morals and make it our own?

Lol fuvk you poorfag.
Why not just admit you’re a broke communist pos?

That's exactly what they don't mind. A bunch of poor schlubs throwing around racist memes on a containment board.
What they do mind is not being able those people's wealth. Normally openly pushing wrongthink is easily punished in the form of targeting their bank account. Post something that is deemed "alt-right" and lose a job, clients, advertising partnerships, etc.
Now crypto is allowing these types of people to accumulate 'fuck you' money where they can say whatever it is they like without the fear of living in a cardboard box.
Or at least this is the theory. It's all retarded anyway since 'white supremacists' are irrelevant and only used as a boogeyman tactic to drum up propaganda.

>muh socialism
>muh gender divide
crypto will always prevail


dont worry
look for the sirens to come
we have john oliver doing a "what is this bitcoin thing anyway" segment where he mocks it AND colbert is going to make russia jokes about ethereum.

crypto is practically over already.

I would rather be broke than be a supporter of CRYPTO-supremacy.

The worker must seize the means of crypto-production. Coinbase must be seized and liberated for the people IMMEDIATELY

That was the most obvious bait I've ever seen, how did you not figure that out after "Ronald Flumpf"

more like invest in XRP

Why don't you explain us how cryptocurrencies enable rape?

Viltalik is putin's little crypto puppet.

It is truly pathetic to see a large group of people sucking Putin's dick by investing in Ethereum.

Russia has interfered with our election and we have elected a Russian puppet to be the fascist chief of ameriKKKa.

Putin's little puppets are happily handing all of their money over to the Kremlim by investing in Ethereum.

Every single one of you will be investigated and sent to the Gulag when we rise. This presidential and cryptocurrency nightmare will come to and end very soon.

Tick tock fascists

>White supremacists like bitcoin
wrong, we switched to xrp



>garbage article disuades lefties from investing and getting rich
Thanks greatest ally

We have a communist nigger here.

>wrong, we switched to xrp
you gave in to a literal jew coin.

see1.) THE RUSSIA CONNECTION. putin loves cryptocurrency and hates progress. trump is very close to putin.

2.) FROM RUSSIA WITH PUSS. trump has been confirmed by salon to have raped a record 40 minorities and victims of rape

3.) FOLLOW THE MONEY. vitalik -> gay putin haha (no offense to the lgbt community) -> humpty drumpfty AND THE WALL -> rape

ethereum is rapecoin

When are we making Hitler coin?

We should make it so it identifies all of the Jewish businesses in your local area, on the blockchain

I don't mind if it goes to drugs, Nazi's, fraud or whatever.
As long as my coins have gains

Was made 8 months ago, newfag.

Where is it

I may be a racist, but I'm a rich racist, and that's all that matters in the end.

i seriously hope that this kind of ironic shitposting doesn not proliferate

If ya can't beat em, join em. Might as well make money off of it.

Goddamn, (((they))) REALLY hate crypto, don’t they?

I hope it does.

I predicted Veeky Forums would turn into the new /pol/ back in 2016.

Once /pol/tards start making money, we will come here, and we will coordinate some of the most heinous business ventures that the world has ever seen.

We are going to apply /b/-tier trolling to the financial world.

It was some shitty waves token. Go hunt for it if you want, I'm not making the effort for a newfag.

Honestly I agree with this thread. It angers me that white supremacists are making money and us black people are oppressed yet again like all the years before.

We were kings before, and that was taken away from us.

The United States should tax every person that has crypto 90% of their earnings and give it to the poor black communities due white privilege.

the root and all its black contributors is a fascinating insight into how a people with no empathy, no comprehension of the future, and an IQ of 85 behave and act. They are fucking retarded.

Blacks don't even comprehend "racism" the way whites do. Their view of racism is a very ethnocentric view.

But it wasn't actually called "HitlerCoin"

We need to make HitlerCoin. Can you imagine the screeching from the MSM?

They really, really, really hate it. It's an existential threat to the Jewish hegemony.


so Chinese people are white. This ends the debate over at /pol/


Neoreichsmark (NSR)
>6,000,000 total supply
>very first Proof-of-Chad-Genetics Adolfchain

No, its just a copypasta from a nigger comment. Its how niggers actually think.

This is also how they think. Niggers attacking Korean business owner.


stfu you ignorant retards... you trying to scare away the normie money?

>w-wait white peepo stop makin' money
>ok now give us the money

How do we use Crypto to send blacks back to Africa?

Or at least enslave them again

Kikes spics niggers pajeet goatfuckers and chinks are all racists.
Everyone of these groups have demonstrated nepotism toward their own kind and bias against the other to a far higher degree than whites. It is literally illegal for a white man to work in china for example and blacks in south Africa are full on running a campaign of white genocide
Getting accurately called a racist is not the problem.
Getting targeted by kikes and their sjw proxies so you lose your job lose your bank account your web site and social media shut down have your family harassed and getting tossed into prison is the problem.

>6,000,000 total supply
>transaction fee set to match the maximum possible cremation rate of all the alleged nazi concentration camps
>yfw there's still a significant circulating supply decades later

Don't worry user, niggers can't read

okay—THAT might be another matter entirely
jesus christ, i'm sitting here giggling to myself like a giddy little idiot just thinking about that

i'm worried about the effects that this sort of ironic shitposting may have, in that we may see some people participating ironically who then go on to genuinely believe the ideology behind it
but, if we're talking the entire financial industry and everything it's attached to, then it may simply be a means of weeding out the most politically correct retards

oh my

Ill bite
How the fuck are you oppressed. Did anybody prevented you from buying bitcoin because of your race?
Whites are into crypto because its decentralized. Central institutions ban Whites from entering universities, getting jobs, even if they are the best candidates. If there was say a open source smartcontract to asses the candidate regardless of the race, every employed person would be White, Asian and some Pajeets.
Whites are the most globally oppressed group, yet somehow still find the way to make it.

>WAH black people missed out on BTC
>I know, I'll write an article about how BTC is secretly white supremacist
>WAH why aren't black people investing in BTC? It must be because it's racist!

These people engineer all their own problems.


We are going to be shitposting on levels that will make corporate CEOs fling them selves off of roofs.

I have seen this coming for a long time. It may not happen this year, or next year, but it is coming.

Crypto is the start of it. I am a total /pol/tard but i started coming here last June.

I am sure more are migrating constantly every week.

Just wait until the energy that was channeled into politics in the last few years is channeled into the financial world

Warren Buffet will hang himself

I'd buy it.

how about you dont bite, retard


So you be saying whites be the better racists and SHIET?

>taking obvious /pol/ bait

Wow this board is going to need to adjust to it's incoming /pol/ shitposters

What is the gas price for transactions?

>Widely distrusted and ostracized group gets control over burgeoning economic system
>Uses this control to impose their own goals on society through the use of nepotism and economic manipulation

Sounds familiar.

>Trump has emboldened white supremacists
>it wasn't the jews, having spent the last year openly calling for the death of the white race that might have started encouraging whites to finally group up against the kike scourge

As much as I agree with you, is that way.

fuck off nazi scum

your anti semitism and extreme right-wing propaganda won't be tolerated on this board

Sell your crypto and give it to strong POC women so they can start a magazine