Upfiring General - ufrg

website: upfiring.com/
chart: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/upfiring/
Lore: pastebin.com/KaLGXzcw

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bought 5k 2 days ago

This is going to moon so hard. Why isn't this being shilled more???

*UFR not UFRG :^)

hey newfag, the g is for general.

>buying this shitcoin when VTR exists


Steady upwards trend. Looking good so far boys. How much you holding? Pic related.

vtr is dead no changes have been made to the code since 2016

I have 5300k ufr

Shit man, I just woke up.

>nice logo
>cool name
Yep I'm buying 100k

vtr was a sacm that is why i dont thrust this

exactly, all that matter.

being added to a larger exchange in 2 months

i mean 2 weeks

Doubled my 1btc then pulled out except a couple thousand.
Was annoying to sell cause not many buyers

Fukn bump, went all in on this shit easy 10x


Joke aside, this would be a pretty sad life desu

>good website
>easy to understand
>solid use case

Goddamit, I want to buy this, but it's at an ATH. The only reason I'm even considering buying it is because the market cap is relatively low.

UFR da beast!

cant wait for binance to add this thing

or atleast bittrex, would buy 100k instantly

Cool name and logo. Normies will rush to this when they hear about it. We are all going to make it

Read the whitepaper and I'm actually impressed by how well they explain the technical details. Can't believe this has such a low marketcap.

Fuck it, I'm in. This is gonna 5x. Just hope cryptopia doesnt shit the bed.


i should wait for the dip? its ath

what if there is no dip?

this is heading straight to 100 mil market cap fast so trying to time the dip may not end well

damn its surging. why?

maybe because of my post lmao who knows

It's frequently dipping to 40cts from 70

I bought at ATH when it was like 20k. It's not really a problem because it'll keep going up. If you wait too much you'll regret it, it always goes like that.

Chads talk in $, only the virgin stride counts in sats

UFR the best coin January 2018


Right now is GREAT TIME TO BUY. It's in a dip!


The king of coins.



Wrong. The developer has released 3 release candidates of the new wallet in the last 3 weeks. One per week.
Torrent functionality has been tested for years now, once released it will x1000. Fuck your pajeet fire

>coin that does no marketing and no hype
Pick one and only one pajeet