Should one diversify if you have small amounts of cash? i hold 4 coins and have 1k, is it too much?

should one diversify if you have small amounts of cash? i hold 4 coins and have 1k, is it too much?

Those 4 coins better all be LINK nigger.

Sure if you want to stay poor and have $2,500 by the time summer comes.

Get on mu level, i have 4 coins and only 100 dollars.

I have 100 coins and 4 dollars.

im investing in moon missions tho
xlm, rlc, wtc, ven

i have no idea what im doing but those coins are shilled with universal agreement so ill just roll with em

Why both WTC and VEN? Pick one they're literally the same coin

Me? I like to play it safe and steady. 4000 coin and 1 dollar

Except one understands marketing while the other potatoes at it.

hmm my reasoning is that ive been buying during moons or way too high and wtc looked to be prior to mooning + it has gone up to 20 before so if it does take off itll atleast reach that or more. bought at 12 bucks.

That's my strat.

Couple hundred in every suspected moon mission. When it moons, sell and reinvest in the remaining suspects. Eventually I plan to be down to like 3 HODLs

in August I put like $50 into every altcoin I saw on here and now I'm up to $5900

Now take half of that and put in actual products, and keep doing what you were doing with the rest.

What list did you use back then, and what would you recommend now? Over the last week I've been watching for the same thing here, got a list of 10-15 coins sub 1bil market cap, I might put $100 into each and keep adding to the list as I see coins to do so with.

Current list:

I feel like having say $2000 in this is probably $100k+ end of year at minimum right? Adding and getting rid of coins as necessary of course

You might not get so lucky but probably will

Best to have patience and strong hands

started with 250 and added costantly other 250 in 1 month. 1k now. no day trading, just moving from peaks to dips at most. started with big safe guys, eroded and invested the gains in middle size guys during dips (xlm/xrp/link/iot) eroded and invested the gains in high potential low-mrkt cap guys during dips (icx/cnd/dbc/qlc/hst). overdiversified, ultra safe blockfolio of 25 coins rn. planning to go for the best 12 in 6 mo, then the best 6 eoy, while injecting no more than 100/200 euros per month. eoy i'm gonna cash out half of the gains anyways. always invest only what you're willing to lose, don't make this thing steal time to your real carreer or studies, don't get greedy. better lower gains than pink wojacks. peace, all my best

1-2 coins at most
5k onwards
3-4+ coins

I have 25% of my holdings in BTC and 15% in ETH

All these alts were purchased between late august and early september. In order of what I know have the most returns on:

BNB - $90
IOT - $50. My only mistake so far was then putting in $500 when it was ATH an basically wiping out nearly all my gains on Iota. Hodl because why not.
ZRX - $100
XRP - $50 at 19 cents. I'm up 1,275% right now
LTC - $50
XMR - $80
BCH - $50
OMG - $30
NEO - $25

I'm over 150% return on all of those. Some I've sold off my initial investment so now they're just fun money.

Also binance gave me 500 TRX bounty so that's currently $117 of free money

is that what lion looks like in real life? i never seen one, not whats i was expecting

>buy high
>sell low

Not buying TRX at a 25% discount. Why even live?

I did solid off XRP and XLM recently too, I feel like PFR DBC ENG etc are probably the next solid returns similar to your list. I've been trading just too often recently, bought a lot of 5x moons and sold at the first sign of dip after a 50% or 100% gain, need to just HOLD more. Altcoins will definitely be where the money is for the next year~, casuals are just now hearing about bitcoin and coinbase etc, all these memecoins sub 500m mcap that are any good should be 5-10x returns if I'm capable ofjust holding for months at a time

its a doggo

Also forgot, how often do you make moves nowdays? I'm looking at my balance hourly, maybe I should only check out crypto once a day at most and make at most a move a week, otherwise hold these memecoins because its almost impossible for then to ultimately go down over a multiple months timeperiod

You should sign up on KuCoin and buy whatever cheap, low market cap coin they have on there. You can get some free stuff on signup if you use my referral code, too: 1uuvg

All I do is hodl and refresh blockfolio when I'm on the shitter. I keep crypowatch BTC-USD open on my second monitor just in case things start getting weird but thats it. The two times I tried to play the market (Iota, and I bought $100 of BTC at 18500) I've lost money.