Anonymous P2P crypto and fiat exchange

Anonymous P2P crypto and fiat exchange

Less than 10ml market cap, get on this moon mission

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Is it still less than 10 mil? Holy fuck does it feel good to have got in at 3 cents. Guys this is the next PRL. I could have bought that shit at 4 cents and watched it climb to 2 dollars or whatever the fuck it's at. I remember every thread when they were like

>40 cents
>you're not missing this moon mission

but I stubbornly stayed out because I was pissed I didn't buy at 0.04. Now you have the same opportunity.

what's the damn name you fuckwits

Payfair (PFR)



god damn it and I almost invested in it.

Shit UI but mooning shitcoins everywhere makes it worth it

Yeah I might throw some money in there anyways, but what makes this coin better than ZenCash/Monero? Or are we knowingly shilling a shitcoin

also a decentralized exchange right? this will be the trend in the future

Decentralized and annonymous exchange = tax free cash out of your crypto

what was all that EtherDelta FUD?

my Delta just informed me that payfair is mooning
keep it up bros

the question is do i take my gains on LTC and put them into this or wait for the coming LTC moon

what do we do about a new exchange? they dont have enough money to buy access to kucoin.

Is litecoin hitting 20 grand in the next few months? Because that will be the equivalent to match your gains in PFR.

when will this come to not etherdelta, beacuse im not going to get scammed trying to deposit there, its the worst website i have ever seen in my entire life

kek. don't wait too long.
PFR has a long way to go!

They are currently in talks with kucoin

Someone just bought 10eth at .0003 lmao this shits really about to go into the exosphere. Thanks biz

where are you guys holding it? I dont have to hold it on this shit site right?

oh good. hopefully kucoin doesnt try to jew them.


MEW or equivalent

Join and win BIG weekly rewards up to 500$. Take part in pumps and instantly gain up to 40%-_

discord dot gg/6ddqFHd

so why do people bitch about using the site? It doesnt look great but its pretty damn simple to use...

referring to etherdelta

I hope everyone here understands that Gayfair is literally confido 2.0.

Look up the team if you don't believe me, research the telegram, they are pathetic scammers.

You can probably make some money on this, but keep in mind the people behind this shill are looking to dump on your ass. This coin is a joke.

SHit is poppin off right now. Sell walls have been destroyed. We're clear until 7700

that is good that people find it hard to use. that means even LESS people have PFR.

When your done at ED send it to your myetherwallet.

Confido? wtf u talking about devs are totaly real

is this real? Can you post any links b/c I'm not finding anything

I bought PFR during the early shill threads. It was all run by bots. I thought we all knew this?

This is a PND coin like BNTY. We'll pump it up until it reaches the normies attention (latecomers) and then we'll dump on them.

I put an ETH on it and doubled my money but I'm out. I don't understand why the website has no info on what's even going on with the coin or what purpose it has. If you're gonna scam, scam well.

Already made like 5K out of it and handed my bags over to the next one in line.
The deciding factor was their exchange game, even Tittiecoin is easier to buy/sell than this shit.

Whitepaper written in comic sans size 20 also played a role in my decision to get the fuck out.

It's complicated for newfags

So what's your next pick then? This coin with sub-20 million matrketcap doesn't seem terribly big yet

basically this.

These threads exist to pump + give buy volume so early investors can exit with their gains.

There is no coin here. Leave now.

It is quite small, no one knows how many profits there are to be made.
All I know is I bought in at 0.04 and sold at 0.15 in just a few days time.

I graciously took those profits out, I won't feel too bad if it reaches a buck at the end of the month. I'm content with what I earned in just a few days time, 2x my month salary.

Just be careful to not be the last one in line holding all the bags. Don't let greed take a hold of you. Remember how this game is played, someone at the end of the ride is getting fucked

My eyes at the moment are on EOS, i'm not TA fag but judging by the graphs it's about the surge up in price somewhere in the upcoming days.


Don't fall for it you fucking retards, this kind of shit is toxic to biz. BUY TRON AND DBC, WHAT IS SO FUCKING HARD ABOUT THIS? See you on the fucking moon if you wish to join me.

Not a TA fag either so I can relate. I wish I could base investments off tech rather than "hype" but seeing shit like Tron proves it's not smart in this market. Isn't EOS a shit coin though? If I could find a coin with at least alright tech and

Theres no reason to FUD guys, marketcap is still minuscule. Just get in and quit fucking lying

BTW payfair is now around 18mill mcap and trading 28cents. Hope you didn't get FUD'd like a retard.

I like how it moons while I'm waiting for my shit to confirm

Why is this shitcoin being shilled?

It's a literal cut&paste of LocalBitcoin.

that's my story everytime, but not this time
holding a lot of payfair bought dirt cheap

You did remember to take profits, right user?

>17 cents
>i'll go fap then learn how to ED
>it moons to fucking 27 cents

>doubled market cap since the thread was made
who else comfy?

i did the shill threads by hand



Here we go fags!!!! Been waiting on it to take off!

>tfw up 660%

>proud of being to stupid to use ED

im about to crash this pump lol

trons already been revealed to be trash dude. dump your bags.

Buy high sell low faggot