Can someone with a brain tell me if we're due a correction? If not im buying some more of this shit now

Can someone with a brain tell me if we're due a correction? If not im buying some more of this shit now

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Cup and handle, MACD on the week chart, yeah sure we're due a correction

It's correction was at $0.85-$0.95 each.

Huge support at 90K ether
Its going to test the top once more then check the bottom again.
After that blast off to $2.


>cannot read charts

It is worthless. biz is desperate to meme it's way to money, but biz isn't pol, crypto isn't meme magic

Look at the 1w and 1d charts. Mega cup formed.

Buying now, thanks guys

either way 1 dollar for link is still cheap as shit, im about t o sell all my doge that 4xd and buy more :)


yeah, nah. do w.e you want OP. I'm not selling my link for a long time

thats for the cap. i havent seen this bit of AB. his posts always make my tip tingle

You are due a correction for buying this literal shitcoin

this project has no progress whatever
team of 2 people

Here's the thread. It's still up.


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Correction? Lol?
We’re in for a huge pump . Look at the fucking graphs

it feels so wierd paying 500 dollars for 500 link when ive scooped up so much more on the cheap but i still think that 500 dollars gonna be 50,000 more by end of year so yolo

Bull pennant? I suck at reading graphs.

>i don't know what market cap is

i made 1100% with this coin, keep fudding but im comfy holding 50k link.


>I don't know what market cap is

I think we are but the market went insane (well, more than usual) those last days so who fucking knows.
Grandpa BTC looks like it's waking up so maybe he'll make all alts dip, LINK included.

Interesting reading. Is Assblaster usually correct? Before now I just ignored every of his post because I tend to dismiss tripfags.

>I tend to dismiss tripfags.
Good call. He predicted Link would go up. A stopped clock is right twice a day. I believe this will be huge but a tripfags opinion shouldn't sway anyones opinion.

>i pretend to know what market cap is

You don’t seem to understand the scope of the chainlink project. It literally solves the oracle problem using smart contracts on a decentralised blockchain. Adjust your mind to this reality.

what huge biz is going to partner with a small ass team without big partners yet


link needs to start getting small low hanging fruit customers

until then i still hodl coz its making me money and i think it's going to moon to 1 b mc in a month like everything else

>without big partners

eh, SWIFT...

breakout in 3 hours