XLM isn't going any lower, right?

XLM isn't going any lower, right?

just stop fucking swinging it dont you realize you suck at daytrading. Get a good hodl portfolio. Close the browser and do something productive with your life


No, not with the fairx thing happening next week at least

Jesus Christ OP, you trade strategy is quite amazing. Where did you learn such skills?

Get good at trading while you HODL. XLM is a very technical coin. It's currently in a correction, I think you guys hit your low already (Wave A), then it usually goes up to restest the high (WAVE B) and then it drops in the middle of WAVE A and WAVE B (Wave C). After Wave C it should go on it's third leg, which should be stronger than the last leg. I put it in my calendar to buy after wave C completes, because it could go lower with less volume because people like you being hesitant. Ideally it should go lower, but it never really does that, so after WAVE C I'm going all in.

If it does, you should wait a second or two before you decide to sell at a loss.

Have you tried making money in the XLM market yet?

always makes me laugh when people write bullshit like you do

i srsly hope you are shitposting and not being srs

No, it's really technical from when it first started. There are technical coins, like XLM, and there are non like TRX. You know this if you go through it's entire cycle to see if the bots or whales or people are trading by algo or by elliot wave. This thing is elliot wave driven with some special nuances like the ABC correction with the C in between the AB (different from C being lower than A). I have no stake in XLM, I have my money elsewhere, but I'll buy after the C correction because it's a safe entry point. I don't know why you faggots think that TA is a meme if it's followed TA since 10 cents.


Who hit the pause button?

Tell me the difference between technical and non technical coins

Are you FUDing TA because you don't understand it? Sorry bro, XLM follows TA trends and you're dumb to not realize this because you can make more tokens off trading it.

Technical coins follow an established analysis strategy. For instance, XLM follows fib and Elliot wave almost 100%. Things that aren't technical are like TRON, where the mooning phase was media and hype driven. It could still follow TA depending on the next couple of weeks, but that surge was purely media/fomo based. Verge is another good coin that wasn't technical. Another technical coin is ETH, BTC, and LTC, because of their volume (i'm guessing) they go by the playbook even outside of fib or Elliot.
Also, most shitcoins are traded by bots, a lot of them are. So seeing the trend they follow gives you a good sense of what type of analysis is better.

I do actually believe you bro. Some user on here did some TA on ripple and made me 700$ in an hour, it went exactly as he said it would. Do you have any recommendations where I can learn about TA? I'd be grateful.

big news coming

this isn't an ABC correction.. it's wave 4 (down) and wave 5 (up) is about to start

Buy high sell low

Where can I read more about this?

What is TA

Forex.com they basically have a tutorial on forex trading strategies. Afterwards its about finding out what kind of strategy you'd like to adopt. I like Elliot waves and fib techniques. DESU the sites that talk about it are really lame and old, so I think there might be something better out there, but it's a good place to start. Support and resistance lines are probably the most important, next would be possible trajectories. THe good thing about crypto is that there are a lot of amateur investors caught up in the hype, so the ideals of fib and Elliot wave shine hard on most coins.
It depends on what wave heirarchy you're looking at. Usually B retests the high after the primary run and we aren't there yet.
Technical analysis
FOREX.com and google TA analysis that own funds and happen to do youtube.