At exactly 6:00pm Mountain Time, Juicy J will be announcing the future importance of Chain Link while live on stage...

At exactly 6:00pm Mountain Time, Juicy J will be announcing the future importance of Chain Link while live on stage. He will say that He's bought over 1 million links and will be distributing some of them to the crowd. Screen cap this.

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Who the fuck is juicy j?

Thanks just bought 30 thousand nigga 30 thousand, spend that shit nigga its CHRISTMAS

Another monkey that thinks he can rap

Isn't Juicy J a chewing gum?

He was sick in the 90s. Don't know anything about his recent music though

Sheeeeit my nigga I'm gettin on them shares of link

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if you don't know about three six mafia you're uncultured swine tbqhfam

my nigga

This timeline is insane. When I was way younger in highschool and was still into nigger rap, I remember downloading this nigger's mixtape at 40 thousand downloads. I was the only kid that liked him. Fast forward 2 years and that motherfucker had a song with Katy Perry with a billion views.

Now years later, on a fucking chan I get news that this nigger I used to like is buying a fucking Veeky Forums meme coin like link. If this is true, praise kek.

That was my first hipster experience where I hopped on a trend before it was cool. I've done that a lot since. It's a talent people that browse imageboards have. And I don't mean casual normie lurkers, but veterans of this culture.

Jessie J's son bruh

If you don't believe me, I will post his lyrics that he's going to rap. He's going to make a Chain Link reference.

(Verse 1: Juicy J)
Cause niggas be plottin’ on me, fakin’ like they my homie
Realest nigga in the game, from the hood I ain’t phony
Choppas on the front seat, choppas on the back seat
Goons in the back seat, blowin’ blunts of purple weed
Liquor on my breath, so I gotta relieve the stress
Cause these feds on my ass, and these jackers wanna test
Man I flood up the streets, show some love on some bricks
Couple of quarters of that mid weed, you can have it
We goin re-up, re-up, I gotta get this weed up
Everyone buy some Chain Link, before they pump the price up
Patrón in my system, I’m high off that tequila
Celebrate all day, cause I just made a million

Very prescient. I hope you've exploited your talent for crypto gains user

that timeline makes no sense. 2 years before his song with katy perry would be 2011. juicy j has been huge since the 90s. you got your niggers mixed up

Wow so cool

No I know, but his popularity from 07-2011 tanked back to obscurity. It was when he joined with wiz khalifa that new fans started listening.

are you retarded nigga? three six mafia hasnt been """"underground"""" since motherfucking 1995

congrats on your patrician taste you dunce

yeah i guess. now that i think about it, three six mafia turned to shit after 06

>40,000 downloads vs 1 billion views
>calling other people retarded

I'm quite skeptical OP you have anything us anons can use as verifiable proof?

hahahaha GTFO YOU FUCKING UNDERAGE FAg. Holy fuck I hope this is bait. This nigger has been around since the 90s. 3 6 mafia.