Panick fucking sold at 1479000 sats

Fuck fuck fuck


do you really think this will settle anywhere below 10billion marketcap? Not a fucking chance.

Lmaoing at ur lyfe. This is what happens when you try to chase gains instead of investing in good tech and teams etc and letting the gains come to you. But you won't listen and continue trying to time the next XLM pnd, only to get dumped on by whales exploiting your weak psychology.

put a buy order on 0.0011111

It will pass, how much lower will it go on the upcoming flash crash I do not know, but this should be "safe"

I exited at 27k, re-entered at 21k, exited at 23, re-entered at 18.5k, and exited at 16.5k

I missed the last flash crash tho.

rest in peace OP

That is fixed now. Hasnt been flash crash in a week since they said they fixed ir.

Don't daytrade. Research different projects for a week, invest in 3 best ones and come back in every 2 months to reevaluate your positions.



Its almost impossible to lose money in this bull market the past couple of days. The only thing you have to do is not panic sell.

> falling for the obvious paid fud campaign

man i'm so glad there's an endless supply of noobs so that my portfolio grows at a healthy 5-10% a day

I know they have, that crash will be just manipulation, no news needed.

>I hate money

How will they drop it to 111111 sats? You could do that when bitgrail was all there was...not now I think.

This. I dont have raiblocks but everything I have is mooning this is going to the best year of our lives :^)

Whales can still create panic on one exchange if not on multiple, buy orders are still easily manipulated by whales.
Whomever is doing this, is increasing both his xrb and btc stack.

oh, nice. I bought your cheap coins.

thanks user!

This. People need to:
>1. Learn about sell walls
>2. Learn to call bluff on a sell wall

When will it be added to binance?

Why would you hurt yourself Op

Buy high sell low

I told you retarded fucks that it'd drop before the Binance listing, and drop even harder once it's actually listed.

That's what happens when thousands of people who spent a few thousand dollars become theoretical millionaires in less than 2 weeks. They all want to secure their gains.