2$ by tonight

2$ by tonight

i believe


That's right!

Does this mean req will go to 1.50?

Excellent, I'm expecting 10k by the end of the month.


damn still accumulating this

You guys still have time. Ethfinex opens for normies on the 15th. This year is full of zrx news. New exchanges and teams might even jump on board.

2$ is nothing for this coin, this shit will go places.

ETHFinex won't have decentralization on the 15th, it should come soon after.

This coin will 10x this month. Easiest money you will make in your life.

So 0x is gonna be big I know that but what's the coin for?



ZRX $20+ before eoy. Excellent money short term but if you looking for massive gains then just hold.

It's the crypto equivilent of investing in html, if every time you pinged a webaddress, it required a tiny amount of html that was worth something.


Hold ZRX, wait till 2020, be rich.

Best kept secret in this bull(shit) market that is crypto.
I don't even care about these threads anymore; by the time everyone else notices, it will already be too late.


I'm thinking once it starts its run this Q1, it'll run to $10 - $20. By EOY, I'm expecting around $50.

As the Ethereum Network evolves during 2018 and 2019 into a multi-Trillion dollar network, ZRX will grow.

Honestly, I see this coin reaching around $200 - $500 by 2020, assuming the Ethereum Network succeeds massively.

>tfw missing out on zrx cause I bought xlm at 5500

i know whales are moving in on this. there were bots scalping it with 30 eth walls when btc was moving up yesterday

Tfw I got 20226 @.36 in mew, feels good

39k ICO bagholder plus another 5k bought @ .20. Not selling until this little fucker makes me a multimillionaire.

comfy af here, so much potential

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