I have $100k and I want to turn it into $1m by this time next month...

I have $100k and I want to turn it into $1m by this time next month. Shill me your coins - must have high enough volume to cash out $1m

Currently considering:

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PRL is going to moon to top 50 in the next 2 weeks. It has a huge usability case (monetization of anything that has a cpu/gpu). For example Snapchat has had a horrible time trying to monetize their service, PRL is the perfect solution. While people use snapchat or any other website (think porn sites) their device will mine PRL for the website. They recently hired a bunch of people and its set to moon.

Put a big stack into XBY and the rest into BBT and SGR.

XLM is only going places if the FairX announcement is true. ICX is good for 2x at best and VEN is overhyped. High cap alts are fucked right now, your only hope is rockets that haven't launched yet.


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Those are all great coins, but they are long term hold coins that will succeed as products. If you are trying to double your stack by swing trading moon missions, you need to chase hypecoins and memecoins.

Of those coins, ICX probably has the most potential to suddenly moon 10x by next month, because it will be available in korean fiat on korean exchanges started 24 jan.

source for this,. and is it priced in already?

sorry the mainnet release is 24 jan, which will be the huge moon for ICX

it will be going onto korean exchanges around the same time, early feb,, got my dates mixed up


tracking too many coins on my radar atm ;)

unironically HST, United Nations details go live this month

do u really want to gamble 100k user? just choose solid coins and hold

No it's not priced in because koreans can't buy it directly with krw.

delete this asap, I'm NOT DONE accumulating yet

100k to 1 million by next month seems a bit too flashy to me. It will probably take a year.

DRGN will x5-10 this month
KCS will x3
ZCL will x2

> will be available in korean fiat on korean exchanges started 24 jan.
Stop spreading false information, korean exchanges can't add any new coins right now until further notice.


Have a look at Sprouts which is going to 10x its market cap due to the upcoming swap. You saw what happened to PACcoin.

Those are some solid choices user. I am personally in VEN and ICX. Can't go wrong with those 2.

If you want to cash out at over a mil, you need to think about tomorrow's volume and today's low market cap:low supply. But I'm not sharing because it is soon to moon and it's time to buy.

Any big news or events coming up with DRGN to make it (potentially) moon so hard?

Keep seeing people shill ven. It looks like a complete shitcoin with some bullshit about carbon futures for hippie cred. Website looks asshole too

More ICX. Wish I were holding these


ven icx xlm

those are my 3 too

You're going to throw in 100 grand at the word of internet strangers?
I hope you cry when you lose than money, brainlet.

Dbc is a guaranteed 3-4x by the end of the month

No I don't care enough to detail further or stay in this thread after saying this. This is the same way I learned about it so I've done by part

>ZCL will x2
more like x10 if you include btcp