HERE we go

Get in APPC while you can

too late BE POOR

What is this? I can't find shit

? where

Ugh pajeet

binance. Appcoins. Garbage team, garbage idea.


Newly added to binance
Coin sites and blockfolio haven’t added it yet though so that’s why



I can't... I'm all in on XRB. It's mooning right before my eyes and there's nothing I can do about it. Congrats to those who bought tho.

AAAAAAAAAAA we're leaving the orbit


What a blast. I will buy 100k of whatever coin binance adds next

see y'all @ 10$



Is this how you play crypto nowadays? I have literally no clue what this shit is doing. And bought 10 BTC worth of it? Already 40% up.

Laughing my fucking ass off at the faggot dev team patting themselves on the back thinking they came up with a billion dollar idea

not really faggots, we're just junkies for risk who love bidding eachother up.

it's fucking wild, see ya at 5$

Sold off all my FUN to put it in this @ 2.50. Decent move.

If only TRX can make it to 0.20 so I can get rid of it. Appc is completely propping me up right now

the feel when you're up 3800% on initial investment


>autistic screeching

all the weak hands selling is giving me an aneurysm

Well said. I just needed a new laptop so I flipped a nice 20% and you will never see me again here

at what point do you think we shoud sell

this is an definition of an PnD lol

What the fuck is the ceiling on this? I've doubled my money and I'm paranoid. Thinking about pulling out half.

Also is that guy that I convinced not to sell from yesterday in here? You're welcome bro!

Is it too late to buy right now?!

You guys know this is a total scam coin? stop buying

Damn. I got in at $1.70 and pulled out at $3.00. Oh well. Still got gains.

sell now and buy the dip???

Made another 2 BTC on that dip

>saw it pumping
>went in on it for the memes
>up 50% in 2 hours

5$ here we gooo

Do you honestly think anyone gives a shit about these underlying coin anymore? I think we left that stage of the market behind in may 2017. They're all completely interchangeable I'm just betting on charts at this stage.

Jesus Christ people. Don't ever enter a trade without knowing when to exit. Have a plan, set expectations and know how to minimize risk. That's why you start panic selling when shit starts to dip and you run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Fuck I dumped it this afternoon with a +20% gain and called other anons bagholders after it dropped


You're right. My goober post probably triggered this response. My goal was a 2x and I got that. Sold half and let the rest ride. Stress free right now.

any gain is better than a loss user

Hey man I fomo'd out of req last night before it moon'd.

Around $10-11

will it get to that point?

looks like everyone is dumping pretty hard

hit a sell wall at 4.2 and there's another one in front of it at 4.1 now too
probably cut your exposure by a bit

realistically $7 or $8 in he next few hours. the correction of where it ends up in a week is the real question. we might be getting a steal even at +200% for the day

Only targets Android AppStore that is way less profitable than the iOS market, huge loss of market share

still gonna get returns from the coin, but not insane potential

I shit you not, somebody in our PnD group rigged it so that the very first bid on this coin when it was listed was $10. That meant it has that beautiful chart on binance showing it crasing catastrophically initially so all the normies buying in now think that they're getting it at a discount. Something about that chart just tricks the human mind into thinking it was ever worth $10 to begin with.


am i correct in assuming we're going to see major gainz once this gets listed on coinmarketcap?

Thank you Mr Dip. You're very bought today

reminder to not be one of the people who panic sell low without holding for a rebound

Dude my fucking blood pressure

I fucking dumped this at a 75% gain cause it's a total shitcoin if I would have just held I would have made 200%. Anyways this is going interstellar I just bought back in.

sold at 0.0039999 ETH and bought at 0.0038, was retarded and thought it wouldn't dip so much.

Fuck, guess I am not sleeping tonight.

>larping this hard

This literally happens with every coin that gets listed on Binance you dumb fucking newfaggot. Even when they list shit that is on Bittrex. This board has become insufferable.

Relax, It will be higher again tomorrow. I think people are running out of ideas and will just keep bidding up whatever is most recently listed.

You are so fucking stupid.

There were 98 mil coins that aren't locked up from the ICO. Market cap wise there are way better things to invest in.

Look up AST (AirSwap). Novogratz is an advisor (see their website). Market cap still low and this is flying under the radar.

this actually looks decent. got a whitepaper and everything. when do you think this is going to blow up user?

In 1-2 hours I would say.

>up 200% in the past day and 30x from the ICO last month

Yeah not sure when it's gonna blow up haha.

I'm going to help you poorfags out. Some of our whales are accumulating because it went up too fast. Give it two more hours and get ready for liftoff. Don't say I never helped you.

bought at .00007800, put in unrealistic sell at .00025. thanks Veeky Forums, i just made 1k

>buy my bags

sure thing faggot

user should i trust you?
AST will make me jew coins?

exiting appc now ... stay poor fag

i'm not even in it m8

I was last night during the pump and pussied out

I feel like it is about to crash now

t-thanks, user

ah fair call bruh.

in wave 1 of 3 right now... next target .00441btc, retractment to .0023 with final target of .0106

dis a money maker, dat volume

you fuckers late to the party best buy in now then get on over to plebbit n shill. PNS the fuck out of this.

It's even a fucking solid project so you cant rest easy not cunting some other poorfags life

Lol I've already made .1 BTC just swing trading .5 BTC back and forth between .00019 and .00021 in the past twenty minutes.

I'm not too nervous doing this cause it's obvious this is about to rocket off, I don't think I will get stuck with bags.

volume is picking up steadily as well, looking at another 200% increase.

In exiting at 36k within four hours

thats a bit optimistic isnt it user

Put all of my spare btc in APPC. Let's moon

Volume is insane right now. That means tons of people are buying in at the current price, and they are all gonna want major profits before they sell.

When you get ridiculous volume like this at a solid price it's only a matter of time, it will pump at least 25% within hours.

Damn we wuz kangz

Have a feeling in 10-15 mins, a massive dip is going to happen followed by a crazy mooning.

nah, more like it will keep bouncing between .0002 for a while before the moon


We will brake 30k easily this time.

onboard and sooooooo comfy

I really hope it does, I went all in buying 282 at 25799

Eternal bags kek.

dude what

I swear to god I will forever bow before my gook overlords when they pump this up by another 100% today.

i did at 24000
we are obviously retarded

oh good morns korenahs

Go sell now, if you regret it, already there

bout to hit the wall at 41k again, reduce and reload on the dip

i have seriously stopped caring, i put 300$ in

er 40k whatever

yall niggas gamblers

Lots of resistance at 4$
Push through soon?

did you know you can actually see when people are going to buy and sell ahead of time?
damn thats the last i help you retards

are you talking about buy and sell walls?

i'm out @39k
please dip now

Thanks for the tip Veeky Forums. You gave a poorfag food for three weeks.

what the fuck is this coin?
its not on coinmarketcap

mate people can do instant sells, and tear you down
Buy and sell orders are just part of it, fact