Who else /loser/ in RL but /winner/ in crypto?

who else /loser/ in RL but /winner/ in crypto?

>be me
>get cucked by college girls 24/7
>they choose the fucbois
>networth over .5mm
>20 yo virgin thinking about kms

Get a hooker holy cow who cares about stacies
Obligatory /larp/

Fuck sakes. Go read some heartiste and get your shit together.

>unironically using the term fuccbois

Sluts use that word to bitch about guys that pump and dump them. The twist is they love 'fuccbois'. I shame every man and woman that uses this word in my presence.

If you're in college you have nothing to complain about. Cucked by college girls? Imagine not even seeing a girl for months or years

> 5.5inch erect penis

>tfw making it in crypto made me drop all the bad friends I had and stopped giving attention to women
>tfw crypto made me not put up with any shit because I'd rather just make money
crypto was the best redpill therapist I needed

Just hit the gym and wear some decent fitting clothes, get a haircut, it’s fucking easy

OP one of those roasties is my gf and its the worst shit.
I was a virgin for 23years because i was shy and always wised had a gf

I would rather play an mmo or trade crypto rather than spend time with her other than fucking.
I was always the type of person who thought that prostitutes are disgusting and only lowlifes would pay them for sex.
But ever since i got with her prostitutes dont sound that bad to me anymore. You may think that you want a gf but you really just want someone to fuck. At least thats seems to have been thr case for me

how'd you meet your roastie and why are you still with her sempai.

>story time

This, even though I am still poor

Tell us your stories, great user

Same OP, but I don't have 5MM

u wanna pay for a hooker for me? kek

are you me. i stopped being such a beta fag. just stopped giving a shit knowing i was making fucking bank. suddenly girls seem more interested.

start meditating user. you'll realize its all bullshit and you'll walk around as such. for whatever reason, this shit works.

dont kys. grow into the chill dude you know you are

dude you're only 20

This is \biz.

Not \r9k

the funny thing is r9k barely has any crypto threads

There's plenty of people who lost their virginity at 20 years or older.

There's not so many 20-year-olds who got on the crypto train and fucking made it
If played right, the money will get you fucking retired before you even joined the workforce.

Go overseas to Thailand. Fuck a bunch of hoes. Start eating well, working out, and work on building your social skills. Use your intelligence to build even more wealth while these "Chads" enter the wage slave life after college. Quit being a beta fuck faggot, and become the Chad you were always meant to be.

GL faggot, you make me sick

ok so i think i will do it tonight

bye Veeky Forums

btw im taking those 0.5mm with me

you are using a permanant solution for a temporary problem, perhaps you will be very happy years from now

u need 2 hodl on2 life

I moved into a flat with 4 other people in Q1 2017 and she was one of those people.
Once we all share the kitchen and bathrooms so she would always come into the kitchen whenever i was cooking to start a coversation with me.
One day she invited me to a party with her friends and i said ok.
I fucking hate parties so i cancelled later and spent the night at a friends house playing dota.

Then after 2-3 days she invited me to her room to watch a movie and i said ok and actually went.
We watched some shitty movie in her bed and once she pretended to fall asleep i made my move. My heart was racing and i was really nervous but i started touching her hips, stomach and moved up to her tits and then we got naked.
I couldnt get it up.

I couldnt get it up for like 2 months because of nervousness and i thought that something was wrong with me because i didnt have sex for so long.

Thats why i kept spending time with her and eventually she kind of slowly pushed me into a relationship with her.

My dick eventually worked how it was supposed to and i also tried breaking up 4 times but it never really happened because we live togeher.

Now i trade crypto so i can move out once i finish uni and finally leave her.

She is a 6/10 in the face btw with a pretty good and tight body. She likes rape larping and i always cum inside because she takes conraceptive pills so at least the sex is nice.

Still not worth the mind numbing hours i have to spend with her. Every day is pain.

Paying a hooker and having the rest of the day to yourself sounds 100x better.

>she pretended to fall asleep i made my move. My heart was racing and i was really nervous but i started touching her hips, stomach and moved up to her tits
>she pretended to fall asleep i made my move


Dog, use the money to get girls, I don't see which part of the equation you're missing. Even if it only gets you gold diggers at first you will get the experience with talking to girls and you can get NON-HOES at that time.

Just dont fall for one of the money loving practice girls. I beleive in you user. Good luck. You'll be ok.

I have a lot of the things I should want.
> six figures of crypto
> $70k a year easy remote job, can work from anywhere with wifi
> hot gf who loves me
> decent looks (altho now i'm getting fat)

i am so depressed i want to die all the time. nothing makes me happy. i am a loser in life.

8/10 larp, would read again.
Being on Veeky Forums has ruined you and me. If I had the option, all I would do would be to
> play vidya
> go to the gym
> read books
> trade cryptos
Women are tiresome.

I haven't masturbated since last july. not because of nofap but because women seem such a waste of time now.
And yes I checked my test already, it's fine

>she likes rape larping

lol what she sounds fucking nuts

man u guys funny af

no homo

you faggots are the only ones who understand me

Same. The time i spend on her just isnt worth it but then again she is trash so i cant 100% say that every woman is like that
She is. She used to meet up every weekend with some rando she met off of some dating app and get tied up and fucked in the ass.
She did that for 2 years every weekend.

Now she has chronic constipation and doesnt want to have anal anymore, not even with me. Which, ignoring everything else wrong with her, is a deal breaker on its own.
She had anal regularly with a random guy and doesnt want to have it with me, her boyfriend. Thats a huge turn off for me to the point where i sometimes get limp during sex whenever i think about it or start fingering her asshole.

There is just no way i am not going to drop her ass once i move out.

>he is a 6/10 in the face btw with a pretty good and tight body. She likes rape larping and i always cum inside because she takes conraceptive pills so at least the sex is nice.
kek ill see you BTFO in a couple of years

Virgin at 20 isn't even bad senpai. Relax

this, seriously go to Thailand, fuck a bunch of bitches, but begin focusing on yourself, workout and derive your value from your accomplishments, not from bitches.

Your improved self-stem and money will drive bitches nuts and you will have enough exposure to touching, being around them and speaking to them not to freak out.

I've been thinking about that and i seriously dont think she is low IQ enough to want to have a baby with me.
She comes from a middle class family and my family is poor as fuck none of my family members have a car of their own.
I have nothing except a laptop and a smartphone to my name and i live in the cheapest shithole shared flat i could find in the city. I have 19k in crypto but she doesnt know anything about it of course.

Women are retarded and she could still fuck me over but no risk no fun.
Thats why 100% of my portfolio is in shitcoins and link has the most %.

This is such a faggy soyboi thing to say

I have friends who are perfectly well-adjusted people who are virgins at 20. Honestly not a huge deal

>tfw you have been with over six girls but never managed to get a boner while "sleeping" with one of them forcing you to lick their pussy instead

Strangely enough I am attracted to girls and I do get boners, though randomly. I'm not sure what is wrong with me. It's like I psychologically haven't made the association between girls in reallife and sex, because I'm still a 24 year old virgin despite succesfully attracting girls once in a while, and my dick has never felt a vagina so I don't get hard from seeing or touching them.

I'm considering dropping sex and roasties out of my life completely, and focussing on crypto and my hobbies. I don't enjoy being intimate anyways, though I do fap to porn sometimes.

Is being free from wageslaving, roasties and sex drive and social obligations the true Veeky Forums endgame?

He's right user, but be sure it's his old shit back when he wrote under Roissey. Google Roissey Reader and go through the links posted on the forum that shows up.

what a fucking faggot u are srsly