Market Crash

Veeky Forums let me ask you in all honestly.

How long can this keep going? The growth of the market is insane and way beyond what is sustainable.

It seems to me that the swings are getting bigger and more rapid. Although Veeky Forums may have steady iron hands all the normies don't. Once the balls starts rolling I think it's over quickly.

1. When do you think the market will crash and how will it happen?

2. Will all coins go down or are there some that will prevail as the rest crash?

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Shameless bumb. I'm interested in hearing your opinions.

i hope that coins with strong fundamentals like eth, zrx and req are going to survive, but i do believe that shitcoins including btc and ripple will crash

when there won't be questions like "bit what?"

>what is that?
it's not as known for people as we think

Honesty I see this going to the 8-10 trillion dollar market cap before it pops. That was the dot com bubble adjusted for inflation.

this will go to 10Trillion dollars total market cap and then it will pop

The thing that I was most interested in seeing was how the market as a whole would react to Bitcoin popping from 20k. I wanted to see if the entire market would come down with BTC or if there would be some coins that bucked the trend. I told myself that if that happened, which it did, that it meant that the market was now mature enough to absorb any future crashes of any coin without the market taking a huge blow like it used to. And honestly, with the state of the world, where are people going to put their money anyways? Crypto is it. Just have to choose the right coins.
In other words, we have hit the critical mass in which the amount of coins and amount of people in the market now outweighs the small amount of traders who violently pop bubbles for financial gain.


Can this meme please die? There are trillions of dollars in the world, just because crypto is growing faster than anything else in history doesn't mean it's inherently unsustainable.

Universal healthcare is unsustainable, crypto is not.

Nobody knows. It could crash tomorrow or it could crash in a year. If people could acurretly predict major market changes bubbles wouldn't exist in the first place

UPDATE 0.15 incoming!
Cloverhash incoming!
Bittrex incoming!

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The market as a whole is only going to increase in volume and adoption. Certain coins will have large corrections, out-dated coins will fade out. But from here its picking the right winners at the right time. I see this continuing until the market matures and becomes more efficient (another way of saying regulated). This will take years.

We are uniquely situated in history as being able to retire (and I do think most of us will make it), because we were around for this.

2018 will be the last year for cryptocurrency.
It will pop very soon or some Jews/bank/governments restrictions will destroy markets for keep the currency control.
This is already too mainstream, normies are here faggets. You have 1 year to accumulate and make your million.

You will remember this post.

I'm not sure you could be more wrong if you tried to.

In 5 days another blog "Veeky Forums everything is red, the bubble is bursted. What should we do" every fucking week.

little investors are already in

blockchain is the future, and with the success of some applications, more serious money will start to come in

>We are uniquely situated in history as being able to retire (and I do think most of us will make it), because we were around for this.
At first I thought there's no way the market could continue like this because a large percentage of people my age (26 or so) would be able to retire at a ridiculously early age. But I now realise my perception of what's normal is skewed by Veeky Forums and what I'm like personally.

1. While everyone knows about bitcoin now, most people haven't heard of specific altcoins - even the most famous ones like Ethereum
2. Many people are too dumb to get into crypto at the minute
3. Many people are too dumb to save more (and therefore be able to invest) more than $100. Yes, I know this sounds mad, but $100 is a lot to many young people
4. Even among the people who are smart enough and have the disposable income to invest in crypto, most won't because they're scared of the risk. I told two friends from university who now work in accountancy and told them about Ethereum back in February. I was talking to them again recently and asked if they'd invested in crypto yet. Both said they don't want to because it's too risky. These are smart(ish) people but they just don't have that mindset to take a risk - even on something with the incredible upside potential of crypto. They'll only invest when mainstream media starts saying it's a good investment and when they can buy it from 'safe' investment platforms like Hargreaves Lansdown (UK here) or invest in crypto ETFs as part of their pension (this is when you want to sell, btw)

technology is rebalancing what politics and corrupt marketplaces could not

crypto here to stay and is damn well almost already too big to fail


The alt bull run the past three weeks was an early indicator, to me, to move back in to the large cap coins and commence the wait. Your risk betting on shitcoins is going to increase very quickly as the market matures. A lot if them will start to falter and fail. Now, i'm not necessarily saying there is imminent impending doom if you're all in on shit coins but the days are numbered. Don't hold them long term. Take your profits.

probably a long time, since cryptos aren't companies that can "fail" for the most part. like.. development can stop I guess, but short of governments squashing the market through legal means I can't see what would pop this bubble completely

You think this run can last another few weeks?

Yeah probably. My few is more on the 6 month+ scale.

There's no doubt in my mind we will see a steep correction in the future. However at the moment new money is still flowing in. Binance had 250.000 new sign ups in less than a day recently. They had to disable sign ups since they couldn't handle all the traffic. As much as Veeky Forums likes to meme about not being to cash out, it is much more difficult to actually cash in at the moment.

800billion marketcap seems small considering crypto can be bought by anyone in the world using a smartphone.


The year is 2018. Satoshi sees that his brainchild has devolved into a cesspool of greed. Floods market with his stash. Bitcoin crashes, Etc follows. Tether collapses. 90% of alt coins go to zero as people desperately try to cash out. Every crypto to fiat site gets crushed under the load. Transaction wait time skyrockets to years due to sheer volume. Its over, stories of people who mortgaged their homes committing suicide across the county. SEC bans crypto. It's over.

"In the year 1999, there were 457 IPOs, most of which were internet and technology related. Of those 457 IPOs, 117 doubled in price on the first day of trading. In 2001 the number of IPOs dwindled to 76, and none of them doubled on the first day of trading."

Approximately 1 year until vaporware shitcoins like tron and dbc or whatever have nothing to show
BTC will never die just like gold will never die but alt coins will stop being free money and all crypto will tank hard for a few months at least

Once the Tether scam blows up and those idiots finally get arrested, the crash is gonna be godlike. Every pump and dump korean exchange relies on those things, and they'll all shut down at the same time. Gonna be fun to watch


Let me tell you this honestly there's alot of money in this world printed out of nothing and half a trillion is still pocket money for some people so stop projecting your insecurities thinking this is alot of money

I hope you're right, bro, if so I might actually break 6 figures. Good luck to you.

4 years.

Oil companies see this and buy all the Petro coin. Then demand the oil backing it. Venezuela refuses, US invades. 5billion barrels hit the market, crashing it. Saudi dollar goes down in flames, ruble does too. Putin's payback: Launch the nukes. Bye bye world.

XMR is the only one that will survive if all else fails.

Regarding congestion from influx of new investors, that also happened with the canadian marijuana sector last week. TD, RBC, CIBC and i think a few others had technial issues and downtime because the rate of new people signing up for investment accounts was so high. I've been trading stocks for a few years now and have never seen anything like it. In crypto we get that regularly with the exchanges but big banks haveing congestion on their stock brokerage pages? Crazy. And Canada is still 6 months away from legalization right now. This circus will turn in to a riot in the month or two before legalization date, when the date is official and all the government red tape is complete.

Outlawing crypto currency is a death sentence for government. Just as much as not outlawing crypto currency. The times are a changing.

The crash wont happen.

The world will run out of fiat. Crypto becomes the new paradigm.


>Its over, stories of people who mortgaged their homes committing suicide across the county. SEC bans crypto. It's over.
Sounds delightful

shitcoins will die

realcoins with real use cases, technology and backers like


will survive.

If you're not holding most of your portfolio in these you will be wiped out when the bubble comes

It crashes all the time, just look at any BTC/altcoin chart like Ripple, everyone goes full fomo, it pumps then bleeds out to where it started, then pumps all over again.

Altcoins pop and re-inflate twice a year.

swap FUN and XMR for SUB and LINK and youll be right

Lies, 2018 is when Satoshi's Vision comes to fruition. There are so many good projects out there developing on blockchains. There was always much more to this than just bitcoin.

Satoshi is an alien AI btw.

tell me how, I have 500 bucks

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I don't follow.

Crypto has no inherent value, they could ban it easily if they wanted to and face zero repercussions. However it would be a challenge to ban crypto in every country

Old fag Gen-X here. Crypto is here to stay, but not like it is in the current form. Exchanges will be restricted, transferring to/from fiat made very difficult. Controlled banker coins such as XRP will become the mainstream.
I invested (and got out) in the dot com boom. This is that Mk 2. Plenty of headroom yet until later this year.
When you see paid for Ripple seminars for boomers and adverts for crypto in newspapers it’s time to run.

>bans crypto
Like that'll make us stop bitch ass nigga
Go pay your taxes on every crypto like your suppose to hahahaha


you think crypto will die?

how tf could governments ban crypto?
it's decentralized for a reason

Decentralized ledger technology (blockchain) is rapidly growing technology that will fuel economies for the foreseeable future. Outlawing technology while your rivals don't is a death sentence. Not outlawing it will make your economy rapidly grow, but it will forever change the way your country runs. Blockchains will move into government, as proof is much better than trust. People lie, math does not.

No matter what states do, in the long run DLT's win.

Crypto is never going to be a real form of currency, but the agreed worldwide value of it can make it like previous metals. Something people invest in to dodge inflation.

>market crash
not happening for a while now that companies are bringing $$$ back
where do you think that money is going to go?
R&D, technology.
Crypto is the technology and the future. Stocks should crash but they wont, same with crypto

Why would the government want to destroy the market? They get double tax. First they tax your income, then you put your already taxed money into crypto and when you exchange it back to fiat they tax you again. As long as you are not buying actual product with crypto money, the government won't try to destroy the market.

Nice fairytale. Try writing fanfiction, pays better than than kneepad business of yours.

y. These niggas panicking over nothing.

This shit ain't going no where, everyyear the same conversation

Lmao, you're a fucking idiot.
They just want in on it, they don't want to kill it.

You wouldn't know what money is if it slapped you across the face.

Why is monero carrying a spanish flag in that pic?

>Satoshi is an alien AI btw.


I think the crypto rush has also something to do with long time low interest rates for fiat money.
People need crypto more than crypto needs people.

CrYpTo iS nEv3r Go1Ng tO b3 A r3aL fOrm Of cUrreNcy

Do you even basic economics faggot everything that can be used to bought shit is a currency if someone gives me a bitcoin for my car I'd sell in a heartbit so btc is already a form of currency, monero is being used to buy lolis in the deep web so it is already a form of currency, for gods sake this shithole place has lowered the iq with the normie migration


Its better than any form of currency we have now.

With projects like CoinLoan and Salt, you can keep your crypto assets and spend fiat loaned to you. If your asset rises in price during this time you can pay off your loan in fucking gains. This of course can go south on you and you have to liquidate to pay off the loan, but still this is a huge advantage for crypto.


It will definitely happen.
Cryptos are here to stay though.

just go all in on fun and u are safe

That's not enough time to make anything worthwhile

what coins are you holding

Too early for it too crash unless something huge happens like Bittrex or one of the major exchanges gets hacked then a melt down will happen. No market crash yet biz bros chill and keep buying 2018 is going to be f sweet make those gains and be careful out there---Semi Whale Bro here

why would we go back to a draconian era of boomer fuddites?

Hello more money coming in man

Exchanges can't even keep up with all the new users, we still have a long way to go

Exactly this all the normies are talking about Ripple lol f ing chumps, its time to make bag holders of them all and rip the rewards. The bold and skilled will be on top the rest will be bag holders for life

yup still early look at Binance I have too keep hitting that refresh button, they had to stop taking in new normie users and some users sold their accounts, do you hear that had to SELL THEIR ACCOUNTS WTF, its just getting started buy and hold faggots

You don't think they have actually cashed out the btc they bought with tether and now actually have u cash to back tether up?

Becoming more and more irrelevant by the day.

Yeah I don't know what's going to happen but I think most of you are wrong. Also, it's not like this shit is gonna disappear if the market did collapse. Dot com burst only weeded out the bullshit and left behind big winners as will probably happen here.

When are they reopening subs? So glad I get in like a week ago.

not sure bro im sure they cannot handle the growth at this time and are trying to fix their systems to handle it but its going to be a while

For sure, high volume coins lag hard on the website. The desktop app is fucking beautiful though, basically never get any lag. Only thing I don't like about it is you can't deposit or withdraw using the app, have to use the website.

> Bitcoin crashes, Etc follows.
Back to containment board faggot

lol cut me a break bro im trading crypto chatting and texting some hoes at the same time

>new paradigm

we just had a crash you faggot, you fucks think it's going to crash every fucking day or something? faggot.

clearly he must be a big fan of the """stock market"""

We need decentralized marketplaces to start becoming more mainstream so I can buy whatever the fuck I want with my shitcoins. Counter-economics ya'll.

we live in simulation. this is an experiment

Shouldn't have made the universal healthcare comment, you made the cucks mad.

Personally I think universal healthcare can work, but you need strict immigration policy + border controls, and either forced or heavily incentivized sterilization of the dumbest.

>Venezuela starting an erc20 token
>"muh govs will outlaw it"
I like a good jewish globalist conspiracy as much as any other guy, but not every government is on the same page. Countries who decide to ban cryptos give a competitive advantage to countries who don't. The Venezuela situation is already an example of crypto used as a power play, avoiding traditional centralised embargos.

Universal healthcare is literally unsustainable, as people get healthier they live longer, which means they need more free healthcare. All of this burden of cost shifts to younger people. But as quality of life improves populations dwindle, it's a literally unsustainable pyramid scheme.

This user gets it.

it's already very difficult, and DHS is watching you if you use local but coins

that's specific. your reasoning?

Agreed. And we're talking about upcoming GLOBAL FOMO for crypto. I think that fomo will be sustained all year, and that there will be a significant pull back (or bubble burst) Q4 this year or Q1-Q2 next year, but crypto is here to stay.