No ones talking about this?

No ones talking about this?

Don't you need like twenty dollars for each battle?

Battling is only just coming out, market doesn't appear to be in this update. Current prices are like 100 dollars a mon other than the holiday mons that will likely be worth very little

Fees too high for this. More interested in trading when it drops in a week or two

>Buy pokemon game from gamestop
>$60, play for countless hours with other people, no other purchases necessary

>Buy fan fiction pokemon
>Pay $300-$1000+ for a single pokemon and $20 for every fucking battle

Okay. The devs are brainlets someone needs to talk basic economics with them.

I've been watching the dev transactions on etherscan. They just added 6 new mons, two of which are Gasons. Starting prices from 0.03 to 0.09.
The question is, which one will be Smorple? Impossible to know until they update their website.

You get paid when you destroy a castle, so if you play efficiently you can make a profit even if you're not trading mons.

What are you supposed to do with these fucking things?

you get paid .04 eth for a castle
that's assuming you're the lucky fella who did the killing blow

You can go weeks without making money by battling

this sounds like gambling with extra steps and worse odds.

>You get paid when you destroy a castle,

The issue is that there is no reason to actually purchase a castle

That's what I mean by playing efficiently. You want to snipe weakened castles. The amount you get paid depends on how big the castle is too. If someone set up more bricks (because they wanted more XP for their defenders, which depending on gas prices can result in more efficient leveling than attacking as you don't have to pay the gas to calculate the battle resolutions) then the bounty is higher upon destruction. I'd expect the devs to set up some high-value castles as a marketing effort to get things started. They have a ton of money from the early ponzi to do so.

pls stop ETH cant handle this.


devs aren't brainlets...this is an amazing pyramid scheme from the very beginning, and they are riding this beast as long as it has steam

they (all two of them) are already millionaires with their original stake, and it happened in under 1 week

>they (all two of them) are already millionaires with their original stake
If ETH doubled right now you'd be correct. Looking at the smart contracts (both the old and new one) they're sitting on a good $650k worth of profits with ETH at its current price, counting both the earnings from the old mons and the new mons. That's still an obscene amount of money for what was literally no product at the time, but if all they wanted was more quick cash they'd have just kept the pyramid going like their clone EtherTanks did.

Vibe is such a shitty name and the artwork is so different + sucks dick

Yep, it's literally stock art. With fucking mickey mouse hands. Some lucky bastard got a bounty for submitting that piece of shit before the devs retained Smiley.

>You want to snipe weakened castles
you really think they're gonna display that info? castle owners are already at a big enough disadvantage being outnumbered by attackers

that is what they have made currently, but they also have a stake in all existing mons, and there is no way for this shit to crash and burn instantly overnight

even if it did enter its death spiral, they would walk away with another several hundred thousand dollars worth of eth from the feeding frenzy, before total implosion

also eth is going to 2x this year so they already made it :^)

Well based on the OP screenshot you can see the win/lose and # of bricks, which is all the info you need to figure out when a castle is one loss away from destruction. Even if they didn't display it you can see it all on the smart contract at any time, so hiding it would just give bots and people who play with MEW an advantage over the website users.

It can be possible for a win or two to push it over the threshold into a new brick which would bring up the # of losses required to destroy it, but that's unlikely since attackers can set up their team to counter the castles as effectively as possible so most battles should go in their favor. Once a castle is near death it'll just be a race to see who can get their transaction in first.

Yeah, as I said it's an obscene amount of money and shows how irresponsible people will be with their ETH because it doesn't feel like "real" money to them, but the devs aren't quite millionaires yet. They probably will be soon though.

>Windora is literally a knockoff rapidash
>artist didn't even bother to try and hide it and actually shows him using a rapidash pic as a reference