I have 50k in crypto

will i make it Veeky Forums or is it too late?

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I am predicting a reasonably smart investor (top 15% or so of /biz) will 1500x their money in the next 3 years.

Mr. Shekelstein after the great Shoah

Not even close to too late. Shit is going to get fucking weird this year. Normie money starting to pile in.


Market cap total is like 700 billion $ only right now. Could swell up to like 10 trillion $ within 1-4 years.

invest in TRX, beginner crypto coin of choice

TRX just exit scammed

That's what I was thinking. Last year was great, but this one will make last look tiny because of the hype and money coming in.

Join Kucoin, buy some shares and get dividends on other peoples trading fees, it's likely to go up more in itself too, invite people and use my invite code for the a good act to a por fag ^)


Nobody knows

I have 263k now and feels like it's too late but who knows. Never underestimate stupid money. There could be a crash, bubble pop or we enter new paradigm phase and go to 10 trillion marketcap.

at some point ppl are going to dump.

michael jackson?

god, i fucking hope so. currently at $200k, but i really want a fucking million. life would be so much easier.

This, a shitload of people have been asking me about crypto lately, literally all the normies want in on the fun.

feels like I missed the boat desu
frantically researching for a sure-thing moon mission atm that will 10x my monies

I mean all you need is a good 5x coin and you're there. So close buddy.

I went form $500 to $13k in the last two months. But still much Harder for me.

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Hahaha what the fuck? Are you retarded? I put in 5k in December, sitting on 12k now. And I feel early, early, early. Do not underestimate the normie rush that will be coming. This is not the dotcom bubble. This is the gold rush. We are in California and word that we’ve struck gold is just now finding its way back to normie country.

normie money is already here, idiot.

yeah, i guess i shouldn't complain with a $200k portfolio, but i've been mostly in LINK and ETH for the past 5 months or so. missing the whole BTC bullrun, plus all those fucking x20 coins like ICX, KCS, TRX, etc., feels like time is running out.
feels extra shitty because i sold a couple of moonshot coins like KCS low...

Dude no need to research, buy paccoin. Go on the website, get on discord.
Hype is real!!!


I smart. That"ll be meee

There are still a very very very large amount of people who, when trying to explain how to buy cryto, and how you have to move money by turning it into different coins sometimes, will give up immediately because they don't understand it, and they sure as hell don't want to put their hard earned money on it.

I'd say we are getting the first dump of normie money over the last month or two as the more ambitious ones learn how to do computer. As they figure it out and tell their normie friends and they figure it out, then we will really see the normie money.

show portfolio. I started on the 28th, here's me now. Started with 30k, and added 50k yesterday.

Newb here. This is exactly what is happening because I am doing that right now.

Feels bad that I missed 2017 boats.


We aren't even close to the full brunt of norm money. The mainstream is just now really starting to talk about bitcoin and the other crypto and most of them still aren't sure how it all works or how to get started.

Once things get to the point where they start seeing crypto in every day life and have to use it routinely we will become millionaires.

had 50k like a week ago, now it's 95. we gonna make it user kun

Can confirm. 50k last week now it’s 80K you could be me last week.

started in july with around $30k.

If you guys want to easily double your money, jump in on GVT on binance. It's going up hard right now.

chancoin brah
Volume rising to insane levels

what coins do you recommend going in the next 2 weeks?

also, do you usually go all in?

I have 17 coins at the moment.

>what coins do you recommend going in the next 2 weeks?
100% LINK

>also, do you usually go all in?

>I have 17 coins at the moment.
that's really dumb

am normie, can confirm

imagine an exchange like coinbase, but it offers the top 100 coins, not just 4 out of the top 10.

I think we've got at least another year until the party is over.

Doesnt even need to increase that much as long as shitcoins keep grabbing other shotcoins mcap. Ride the fomo waves for some easy dosh.


lol good post


No because AssBlaster said so. You are just an echo gollum

Diversify in good ICOs


This one is 30 cents per coin
Binance has 2,500,000 in their hot Wallet

This is going to explode
Throw in 3 eth and forget until June

Bought approx 30 alts (+ ~0.3 btc). Been going up ~$500 a day every day regardless of alts or btc trending. At $14,755 now. am I going to make it bros

this is a gem that will hit top 10 cryptos eoy2018

This one is on my moonlist

what is the one thing I should invest in

>5G roaming as mining


This for sure. I’m fairly new to this, but as a friend of mine who’s been in for a while and has already banked told me
>this is a 9 inning game and we’re only in the bottom of the second
Immediately moved all my ETH to an exchange and I’ve already doubled up. This was 4 days ago. Let’s fucking go anons.