Wtf are these gains, I'm never this lucky, are you guys gonna hold or sell?

wtf are these gains, I'm never this lucky, are you guys gonna hold or sell?

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Put it £500, cashed out yesterday for £950, right now I woulda had fucking £2k

Its overvalued as fuck, who is going to use KuCoin when PRL/DBC is listed elsewhere, dont be delusional, not only that the dividends will be reduced in future.


it's over valued right now, but still going to hold just due to the influx of new users. 15% can still set you up for life, assuming crypto and kucoin stays


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I bought this shit at $3 this is fucking amazing.

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Giving KCS away if you sign up

One of the easiest 4x ever. With the new users flowing in I dont think its going to be dropping much soon. KuCoin is trying to get people to use thier coin as a store of value between trading other alts. Its a pretty good system with their dividends.

>Users flowing in
Users flowing out when DBC/PRL/XRB are listed elsewhere fool, dont be delusional.

It is a quite good exchange desu.

It is not done mooning - so I'm HODL'ing

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Pyramid scheme and they are going to lower the payouts in the future, its a good exchange because it has the hidden moon missions at the moment, lets be real.

The interface is way better than bittrex, it doesn't tell me the monster eats the image and is still accepting new users, those are a plus for me.

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this, registration is quick and easy and more people are flooding in, dont miss the boat

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Definitely going long on these, even at this price and current exchange volume you are looking at 5% a year. This is going to scale with exchange volume and keep driving up the price.

Just sold, this shit is not sustainable. Coin is now at 1b+ marketcap, for an exchange that barely does 2.5% of binance's volume


pls anons, help a poorfag

Do you understand what a pyramid scheme is? This is the average crypto investor, folks.

Smart move, its so heavily overvalued its insane, people are speculating that it will hit Binance's level of volume, but it won't happen if the coins get listed elsewhere.

I sold at $8

this shit is retarded, kucoin is a garbage exchange with terrible fees, backend, support, and USERS who are literally pajeet referral beggers

I still have like 5k bnty there (which is mooning happily), but the moment I sell that shit I will be done with that exchange, for real.

The coin is legit. The referrals are the pyramid. But I don't give a fuck, the coin has given me incredible returns.

oh and I bought kcs at $2.50

easiest $1000 I ever made, but I'm glad I got out when I did because this shit is going to detonate instantly when the rug finally gets pulled out underneath of it, and the userbase of kucoin is revealed to be exclusively leeching third world scumbags who contribute nothing, but expect dividends

would not be surprised if its a total scam, and kucoin fucks off after selling their kcs, and leaves the place to rot

You want to get into who is smarter when it comes to crypto? They even have a fucking image showing how the referral system works you double digit IQ drongo, I can see you are a TRX and XVG investor from here.

you forgot to include your referral link, pajeet

I couldn't give a flying fuck about KuCoin's referral system, I got my DBC and PRL and want to get the fuck out.

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The FUD is real, KuCoin has a lot of coins, hidden missions and some of the more popular ones now. This isn't a pyramid scheme by definition because people aren't paying to fund someone at the top in an unsustainable manner, they just an amount of the fees. Though it doesn't really make sense that someone would get the benefit of the indirect invitee, but that's just Kucoin showing people they can get "benefits" for joining

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First thing I found googling:

a form of investment (illegal in the UK and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.


nice try, you are also hoping these coins don't move to other exchanges with more volume otherwise KuCoin will go back to receeding.

> each paying participant recruits two further participants
> paying

What part of paying that don't you get? A pyramid scheme funnels new people's money to the top, crypto is just supply and demand. I already gained enough off my KCS and don't have anything for or against Kucoin, but I don't get why spreading this FUD. Kucoin is way better than most of the exchanges out there already and doesn't look like it's going away with it's massive listing and all the bigger ones not taking any new signups.

>Fees are gone to pay the referrer for referring the 'further participant'

You are looking at it in a very biased way. I don't even have anything against KuCoin except it being overhyped and the KCS being overvalued at the moment.

Actually I take it back, I hate KuCoin because its filled with 3rd world country pajeets spamming their referral codes to get a few rupees.

Still can't believe I got 15 of those cunts for free LMAO
Basically 219$ for free. I love crypto.
Pay attentio to the "retweet evets" guys, that's how I got everything before.
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