Why is this down? isn't it going on binance in a few days!?

why is this down? isn't it going on binance in a few days!?

Whales are dumping after this insane bull-run in 1 month. Remember, it went from $0.50 to $35, so the price is consolidating. Just wait for the FOMO after Binance+Rebrand.

what if the rebranding makes it look shittier

they started with a shit name and logo for a reason mate. hard to drop below that

Maybe but the current name is a big obstacle in adoption. Who the fuck wants to buy something called RaiBlocks?

If they renamed it to Rai that would be nice, but then there'd be confusion regarding pronunciation I guess.

We are giving you a chance to get in

because idiots don't realize that it's gonna be up to $100 before the end of Q1. I just bought 30 more.

If they went with something like "Rai" for the new name it would be cool.

But if they go with "nano" then wtf, I prefer RaiBlocks.

who cares about a little dip, most people are faggots and panic sell, let them lose money.

people are panic selling cheap xrb on merc because they're thinking exit scam

im going all in, made about 200 xrb just arbing from kucoin

they got about 2k xrb of mine now tho

you do realize XRB is actually quite untested right
if there is any flaw on this system since it is largely not studied price would drop to 0 in minutes

yes, the reward far outweighs the risk imo. even if i lose a giant percentage of my port im not out, and if everything goes well this is an easy 3-20x

i almost sold some off when it dipped below $20, im ready to pull the trigger it shit goes south

I am having similar thoughts user. this is a good all in move. plenty of hype will escort this coin to the move once on binance. it may dump at first, but a moonshot feels inevitable esp with normie appeal of rebranding + instant and 0 fees

Nano is okay, normies gonna norm. We're just used to Raiblocks. But to normies it sounds like a lego toy, or some other thing.
Nano sounds like fast and techy to the masses, I think it would be better.

You answered your own question.

still vapor.. vapor worth as much as Space X

will be good someday but for now whales are riding your asses to riches and will leave you so many bags

get out after next run

>I almost sold when price tanked
>I'm ready to pull the trigger if price tanks

Because now it's settled that it will be listed on binance . Think about it user.

A lot of bagholders have made some very nice gains on the crypto given the rise in price over the last months. Now they'll be able to liquidate some or all of their holdings without crashing the market given the large amount of liquidity that the coin will have once it becomes listed on binance. So it's anticipated that when the coins becomes listed on binance some whales will sell off their bags. This will drive down the price as excess supply always does. This effect is anticipated and that's why the coin is dropping in value right now.

Of course once it's listed on binance the demand might be enough to offset the sell off. Who knows it might even exceed the supply and drive the price upward. But really it's just economics 101.

It's been on Kucoin for a bit now. Shouldn't that allow whales to dump bags? At least soften the blow before it hits binance?

no cuz deposits are stuck, apparently 1mln xrb is about to get into kucoin when they put their node on, mommy I'm scared

bracing for impact. Riding this train straight into hell.

>still vapor.. vapor worth as much as Space X

How have you not heard of Bitcoin??

I didn't notice that. Well sure, every exchange listing is added liquidity. I see that it was listed on Kucoin yesterday, so that might be the reason the price is dropping as of now, if whales have already started offloading their bags. Then you're right that the binance listing shouldn't have as powerful an effect. In any case I wouldn't worry about it. At least I just view this as market fluctuations. Maybe it's a good time to buy more, but I couldn't tell you. I'm invested in "nano" for the long haul.

The price is constantly higher on KuCoin that on Bitgrail and Mercagox. KuCoin is not the reason the price is dropping, it is actually helping to hold it up.

I think it is dropping because of the recent huge run-up needed a consolidation + some FUD + exchanges still not capable handling Rai withdrawals/deposits correctly, which makes people wonder if there is something wrong with Rai

I see, sounds reasonable. Yeah the fuck-ups lately on bitgrail and mercatox can't have done well for Rai's marketing.

Think of it this way. It's still way up than it will be in 2-3 months.

Smart money has left. Only idiots hold this shit

Binance is dumping time. Good exchanges exist to dump shitcoins that mooned too much before getting there.

Obviously retards who never went through it have no idea and spam votting their idiotic project without any idea of what will happen.

Yup, Rais first real use was meant to be fast/cheap arbitrage between exchanges. With exchanges taking hours to process the transactions right now, arbitrage is not happening.

Mind you, normal wallet to wallet transactions are just as advertised: ~2s and free. So XRB is working perfectly. I have tested it myself multiple times. There seems to be trouble with single nodes on behalf of exchanges to process large volumes of transactions. XRB devs are working on it right now. If this gets solved and easily implemented on exchanges, we are looking at moon ahead. If this gets solved... that is... and hopefully within a reasonable amount of days. There must not be any troubles once Binance XRB trading will go live.

Yea smart money is going into Cardano...kek

That's actually pretty insightful, I didn't even think of XRB as 'the' arbitrage coin. But come to think if that could be much more than just a pleasant side effect. Do you know when exactly the listing will happen? I only joined binance a few weeks ago. Ceteris paribus, there might be some good money in buying now and watching the tweets & forums religiously for technical issues leading up to the listing.

pick one

Not true. I have deposited xrb to kucoin and even though it was never properly accepted by the deposit wallet (node was off) they still credited my account. They must be doing it manually. People are already cashing out and any smart whale would be cashing out some now in case shit hits the fan on binance. Because it is holding up so well still, I think it is a bullish sign

yea I regret not dumping my bags at $35, i bought in at $1. At this point its too risky to hold even if it hits $100 in a few months when it can easily correct back to $5 or $10.

I'm starting to think the implementation of rai isnt perfect. Who cares if wallet to wallet is instant if exchange to exchange is broken which is what everyone wants it for.

RaiBlocks just won the Binance Community Coin vote. Normally if a coin wins such a vote on Binance, it gets listed in about 10 days, so I've heard. I think it will be longer with XRB however. Binance will see that other exchanges are having trouble with it. So they will wait and make sure they will do it correctly. If they don't implement Rai transactions perfectly they will get loads of unwanted support tickets from users asking if their coins are safe... That is not what they want: time wasting support tickets.

I don't understand Rai tech perfectly, so I am not 100% sure if the problems are even fixable. I still hold large amounts of XRB. If it gets fixed, we mooning high.

10 days is a lot faster than i expected. It changes the context af bit if a lot of the fuck-ups are du to rai rather than just the exchanges though. Chronic technical issues is really the only thing that could void the massive potential of rai. Oh well, let's hope for the best. Nice debating with you, sure was a change from the usual encounters in here.


That's going to be hard. A lot of people say Nano sounds bland and generic, and I tend to agree, but people eat that shit up. As long as it has that minimalistic Web 2.0 feel to the logo and website, people will love it.

>I don't understand Rai tech perfectly, so I am not 100% sure if the problems are even fixable.
All the problems exchanges have ran into so far have been rare bugs that surface more easily once they go through the extreme volume of exchanges. So it's nothing that isn't fixable, just hard to reproduce outside of these conditions and can therefore be a bit time consuming to pinpoint and fix.