Lets have a talk about where this is going...

Lets have a talk about where this is going. The recent news was leaked by some twitter guy a few hours before it came out. The same guy has also been correct on everything he has leaked.

He is also the person to leak the PBoC rumor. So with these things in mind where is this going after the PBoC partnership is revealed?

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I just don't understand why people would pick VeChain over Walton. Walton has better tech. Woudn't companies want better tech?

I think what people are missing is that it isn't always the best service provider or the best tech that wins market share (not that Vechain doesn't have both). Connections are enormous in business. So far, Vechain's ability to rack up partnerships makes it the clear favorite, in my opinion, to the extent there is any direct competition.

Yes, I am aware Walton also has partnerships and is also building a smart city. Yes, I believe Walton is also a really good project. This isn't FUD. My assertion is just that the partnerships are not on the same level as Vechain's.

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I don't care about VeChain VS Walton. This is about the news and the potential implications of the rumor being true which has gained a lot more credibility today.

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I have VEN. WTC being a direct competitor to VEN is pretty significant, no. What happens when companies start recognizing the superior tech?

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Don't know and don't care. This thread is to talk about the implications of PBoC implementation.

Walton is the clear choice. Ven touching the upper limit of its possible market cap. Waltons at the bottom. It's a no Brainerd. Of course, deluded Vennies are brainlets.

IMO the actual technology superiority is worth ZERO.

People look at technology maybe only when buying hardware, otherwise strong marketing and partnership is what's really important.

In the end it's just software, they'll figure out a way to make all the mess work.

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Which rumor?

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wtc good project not even a real competitor to ven

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PBoC is modernizing more and putting QR codes through a clearing system that goes through them. The rumor is that VeChain is that authorization and verification system.

The pilot test starts in April which is also when the VeChain blockchain launches and the person who leaked this information weeks ago has been right about everything else he leaked.

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To add to this for the record he sounds like a complete cuck but he does have accurate information.


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Planing to buy few VEN next week. Should I expect dip like the recent one or buy whenever I can?

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the project is amazing in the sense that it has all the connections, but they dont have a working prject yet. Right now you are buying an ERC20 token that will have some use in the future, but literally does nothing right now.

If they can fulfill their potential then yes, its a top 10 coin, but if they take too long to finish their software they will be left behind. I will not invest in them yet because I can get bigger gains elsewhere. Will consider buying it later on
depending on their technical development progress

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Walton has just been picked up by a pump group. Notice that all WTC posts in VeChain threads on Reddit are now upvoted double-digits, whereas they would be down below zero 24 hours ago. Also note two Walton threads on the crypto front page. Walton is going to be shilled hard for a pump and dump to try to surf in VeChain's slipstream.

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