BAT is the only dev team that actually visited Facebook and Mark zuckerberg

BAT is the only dev team that actually visited Facebook and Mark zuckerberg.

BAT is the only dev team that actually visited Coinbase

BAT is the only dev team that actually visited Apple.

2019 will be the fall of google.

Pay attention.

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BAT will not disappoint, whales are accumulating, this thing is about to skyrocket.

thanks just bought 100k

i am already strapped in and waiting. do not disappoint

I have bat but some of ur statements are wrong, for example qsp visited coinbase


i also have bat but these statements are just wrong kek

>the fall
>of google

best place to buy rn?

I've been in and out this shit for most pumps and made a decent money from it. This is the first time that I see it properly shilled to attract random faggots, I would love to jump back in to make an easy 3x but I just don't know, will you keep shilling OP? or will you be tired by tuesday morning?

Eich has never had a failed project.

forgot this

>t. socialfags
Sounds terrible.

you have my attention, basically

wait, shit, so I should sell my 100k now?

I'd post my etherscan, but I don't want to make myself a target. I'm holding BAT all 2018 and will be retired this time next year.

Love it, have some, use Brave but still hesitant about going balls deep in it.

London Letter.

Own google and Bat, why will google fall?

You idiot got shilled way too easily.

why are you shilling this random blog? Nobody has ever heard this so-called "London Letter". Fuck off, pajeet.

quality post

and I thought FUN had good memes...

no no man, don't pull that shit line, that's what pajeets say "I will hold for X amount and retire by X time" sounds stupid. Specially when you make that assumption from putting all your eggs in one basket. You want to fuck up, you say you only hold one coin and that everything depends on that. That's insanely stupid.
It's more believable that you actually hold among other coins a good chunk of BATs or you are actually hoarding those using the profits from other coins like SNT or DNT or whatever had a huge spike the past month.
I don't give a shit about making enough to retire, since that's bullshit specially if you've been doing this for less than 5 years.
What am I asking is if I put 5K on this and we will see that become 15K. I want to get my 5K back and then yes I will keep holding the rest for even a year.

Nice FUD, London Letter is literally never wrong

See .

what's the best way to get it? binance is not allowing new registrations, and I have bittrex but have yet to use it.

New BAT catpcha system in Q1 2018. Users earn BAT by posting on Veeky Forums.

>fall of Google.

Imagine being this big of a brainlet

that will never happen, not with nagasaki chinkmoot.

Sounds good, however I think it will take a lot more then that to take down google. do you have an clue what % of Googles revenue is ads? Isn't it pretty much all ad revenue?


Yes, google and facebook both make most their revenue from ads, I recall it being around 60-70%.

>doubting the power of Eich's cranium

Again see here:
Google won't be able to adapt to what Eich is throwing their way; choking their revenue stream. Facebook can easily adapt, and would probably be liked allot more if they stopped data mining everyone. Zuckerberg recently said he's looking to adopt crypto/blockchain into Facebook. BAT/and Chainlink are the only known likely candidates.

you have the minimum amount of my attention

Only the biggest and most obvious of all time.

Should I hold onto my trx/ fun or just go all in on bat?

All in on BAT. It's really obvious at this point.

nowhere near enough volume to launch yet

Let me ask you a question

What makes you think going all in on BAT is a good idea.

Forget about TRX for a second, focus only on BAT.

Drop the TRX, it's finished it's growth. Hold the FUN.

Great product and team for bat

I have 2400 BAT, will I make it?

Yes. Keep accumulating all the way to $5.

>Install Brave
>Ads are blocked by default
>getting ads on Veeky Forums as we speak

the fuck. This is a scam

Just tested it. You're wrong.


I'm getting ads right now at the bottom of this thread. I can see them with my own two eyes.

BAT memes are great

Click the lion in the top right.

I did. Ad Control is set to "block ads", but these ads aren't being blocked.

The memes are converging

Should I drop XLM for this?

It's because they are integrated in Veeky Forums, same thing happens when you do searches via google. First 2/3 hits are ads. Brave only blocks external ads/pop-ups for now.

well how do I get rid of those within Brave? Do I need to get another adblocker extension on top of the built-in one?

Newfag here. Have $200 to invest and cant decide between BAT or ENG. Any advice?

I'm sick of being in BAT. It's at the constant mercy of whales and it doesn't seem like they're going to let up any time soon.

m8 what if it breaks out downward

it could happen

>I'm sick of being in BAT. It's at the constant mercy of whales and it doesn't seem like they're going to let up any time soon.

>tfw stuck in XLM

Best Guild in Crypto.

This looks too impossible, normies wont give a fuck about this shit they use chrome and safari period. And stfu with this fall of google shit thats an obvious shill, nearing key resistance, if it breaks and sustains i might consider but only for short term

>brainlet here
Isn't this a coin that is less valuable the more people buy it on exchanges and hoard it?

>tfw when BAT & LINK are my 2 biggest holdings
>tfw when multimillionaire by end of March

Guys, I want to buy BAT using ETH. I have the Jaxx wallet with integrated shapeshift exchange. Do you suggest that? Any pro tip?

Jaxx/shapeshift rapes you but to send it to exchange will likely rape you too so you may as well.



I've been checking out the Brave browser, but I can't seem to find the option to get paid for my attention.

Is that not implemented yet?