ENG Enigma the next 20x-100x

>What is Enigma?

Good explanation: archive.is/TtVhR


Enigma WP: enigma.co/enigma_full.pdf

Catalyst WP: enigma.co/enigma_catalyst.pdf

>Estimated Launch?

Q2-Q3 of 2018

>What is the MIT connection?

Began research and development at MIT Media Lab since 2015

CEO is Guy Zyskind (MIT Blockchain Instructor and MIT Media Lab Research Assistant)

Team consists of mostly MIT graduates and MIT prof. Alex 'Sandy' Pentland

Enigma is included in MIT Stex25, a startup accelerator focused on fostering collaboration between MIT-connected startups and member companies of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program

A list of ILP's members:


Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, Pfizer, Tencent, Swiss Re etc.

Enigma is part of the MIT Connection Science Research Initiative; Trust::Data Consortium, founded by Prof. Alex 'Sandy' Pentland





>Current Partnerships

Aion: archive.is/sE6wk

Kyber Network: archive.is/NnQWz

EtherDelta: archive.is/HROOK

>Where to buy Enigma?

ENG/BTC & ENG/ETH found on Bittrex and Binance

ENG/USDT on Liqui

>Other Resources







>Did you know?

Money Skelly follows Guy Zyskind (CEO) on twitter.

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we just need more volume right now. everyone is chasing pumps dont realise that eng is sitting at the bargain basement rock bottom ready to be scooped up any minute

go up you enimgmer piece of trash

agreed. and the fact that they aren't marketing it yet either means less exposure.

lol seriously though, these stupid whales are assholes, we really need higher volume to fuck them over.

be patient
in the end we will rise beyond those p&d

The devs said they will give an AMA soon, hopefully this will give the project some more exposure.

What does it actually do?

Been in this for the past few days.

It actually held up with BTC as BTC was pumping, then up about 35%. One this becomes more well known it’s gonna be 5x minimum.



poorfag here. have 800 to invest. I'm putting half of it into this, where should i put the other half?

Do they not have publicly available source code? I can't find it...

it is blockchain agnostic, meaning it can run on any blockchain. has the ability for Dapps to built on the platform (Catalyst) and provides privacy for transactions (think private ETH),

From a recent blog post which explains use cases as well: Based on our CEO’s MIT thesis, Enigma solves blockchain’s scalability and privacy issues from the protocol level with a second-layer, off-chain network. Key to this is Enigma’s “secret contracts”, which allow data to be processed by nodes in the Enigma network while still being kept private.


From the CEO on reddit answering this question: "Everything we build around the Enigma protocol and Catalyst is either already open sourced or will be as development progresses. This is a big part of our philosophy to develop and support a public, open, peer-to-peer network. Currently, only Catalyst has been publicly shared, and it's easy to see how actively it's being developed.

It's also true that we have proprietary code for enterprise solutions around our tech, which we are using to reinforce our work on the public protocol - but these are pretty narrow. The public protocol is meant to be much more extensive."

This is just the catalyst trading platform.

can a ta fag explain:
is this a cup and handle ?
or maybe
a double top ?

either RLC or BNTY (when it drops a bit)

Do your own research into each. Don't take my word for it. I could be a pajeet after all

it's hard to apply TA to a coin that has been manipulated as hard as this has the last couple of days. There's a bot/whale selling at market any time it tries to pump.

anyone tried catalyst ?

that's just the trading platform

Failed c&h. It’ll be a repeated fractal of the first curve and then it’ll turn into a c&h and go off. Screenshot this.

Note: any sort of rally by btc will invalidate the second attempt at creating a c&h.

2nd on bnty. 50m marketcap with and actual product and purpose in the cryptospace.
look into it

XLM its gona have a good q1/q2
CVC can be great to, blockain ID can be huge if some government picks it up.

Put half into eng and half into eng of course

ENG is one of those projects that will make a difference IMO