Up 44% and rising. Who WTC here?

300 bro brought @ 9, held that shit for so long while seeing retards make cash off tron. Finally.

Nice. I'm holding 1500 since $0.82.

If WTC could focus on marketing for like 15 mins this shit could blow up and be in top 20.

Master node, checking in

Ready to BTFO vencucks

Feels good. Walton's tech will win out over VeChain's desperate shilling attempts

Finally going to $1b market cap

Ouch. Shoulda got 5000 for that node bro... early retirement

Bushcoin To the Top !


Finally mooning on those non existent walls lmao
Have fun being in the top 100 for another week but your shit coin falls out completely

Yep. Vechain is all hype. They post medium articles and quotes from the main dude sunny or whatever lol they’re sheep like the tron followers

bought 5 at $1 for fun
should have bought the dip but i kinda forgot about it

I have 0.90 WTC on Binance.

Here here!!!!

Salty vencuck pajeeter

the problem with waltoncucks is that they
a) think VEN is a peer
b) don't realize that rising VEN lifts all supply ships, even if VEN is more than that
c) walton doesn't need ven or mod or wabiballs

waltoncuks are getting the reputation they deserve just bashing everything else and it will come back to bite them

name any partner as big as Renault or PwC and i'll buy another WTC guardian node now

oh wait i already retired on THOR i'll just use that to buy 10

Rumors of Walmart and Disneyland. No one shills harder than ven fags are you fucking serious right now?

Oh yeah?

Just you wait! Ven will increase by 5%!!!

Sauce? Been in WTC since August and this is news to me

You dumb fucks do realize both WTC and VEN can coexist right? You know how like we don't all have the exact same brand of computers or phones... You idiots think that only one can survive while I ride both the gains to the moon. You fucks are idiots.

Sell Wabi for this? Only holding 50.

Honestly im still pissed would have had 40k of i had held qsp instead of selling for WTC wouldn't surprise me one bit if this piece of shit nose dives right back to 60k



X10 really soon, screenshot that anons

Guardian node here

embarrassed by all the shilling and anti-ven

good shit don't need to attack other projects

i also hold VEN nodes

grow up WTC

Fuk u

regretting only buying 300 @ $10

give me a real named partner not rumors

stupid for Ven to even talk about PBOC because its a rumor

PwC and Renault and Kuene and Nagel and Healthcare Inc are all real already

speaking of disneyland, you're in fantasyland

they are the worst of the internet, they will only make money because walton is a good project, they hurt their own cause

PwC alone knocks out any partnerships WTC fags even have. Only retards who probably work slave labour jobs have no idea who PwC.

Fuck off no waltons

Buy on KuCoin, Walton is going to the moon!

If you use 1e81a I will give you 1 KCS

Already over?

I would sell at least half


Someone is constantly setting up sell walls

Itll settle at around 75k

I used to have 4 gmn, I sold one during the dip to trade and I feel rekt right now.

These are sell walls.

FUCK IT, i was looking at it some days ago

There is a reason why these sell walls exist.

>exclusively made and designed by chinks
>they name is "Walton"

Who the FUCK are you kidding, you slimy squints? You think people will assume you are more legit because you have a Western-style name on your brand? Fucking lol.

Vechain is doing it to with this "Thor" bullshit. Stealing a western pagan mythological figure to add an aura of I dont know...western legitimacy? to their product. Christ. This fucking gooks are making me rich, but I really can't stand them.

Literally kys



Right right up until BTC goes on a slight run then it will drop 50%

Zoom out and look at the hourly chart, not very dependable. That's why I got out of WTC 2 months ago its just spinning wheels

You couldn’t afford a masternode anyways chump

It's named after the inventor of RFID retard

VEN niggers are grasping at straws at this point desu

Id sell before china wakes up and dumps their bagsv

nice counter-argument

Chart is looking bullish to me on the daily.

WTC MCP $404,094,939 USD

WABI MCP $143,551,194 USD

Hasn't mooned yet, took my profits from WTC, left my bags of VEN for gullible faggots

Got into XLM and a bit into wabi

Want to get the meme lambo, or buy a waifu? Get in! >>discord / X77h5PR We got solid daily signals 50% gainz! No SHIT! Get in or stay poor

Yes sell a coin that hasn't mooned yet for one that is 16x

Then when WABI moons, sell WTC at a loss to buy WABI at ATH

unless you have a node you have no bussiness holding WTC cuck

>unless you have a node you have no bussiness holding WTC cuck

You can stake your WTC with much less than you’d need for masternode fuckboy

Q:How much WTC would be required for staking/becoming a master node?

When a node or account is holding more than 5 thousand WTC, it will become a super node. Extra rewards will be granted the super node for bookkeeping. The more WTC and the longer it is holding, the more rewards it will receive.

This is the Veeky Forums way, don't do your research and buy bags of useless shitcoins because they're shilled on a retard board

Have you never heard of PoS, user? How fucking new are you?


Neck yourself.

No you're right, you can hold WTC for two months and maybe get a 2x

Good find

VEN niggers getting more and more desperate lol

Mad Vechainer

>Walton isn't allowed to use RFID
>Firms can't name themselves after pioneers in the field

wtf are you talking about?

> Sometimes keeping your cumhole shut works best

> There's levels to this shit, so yes hold less than 5k for shit tier rewards and petty 3x gains TOPS in half a year, while you're missing 20-50x moon missions left and right every single week

A = GMN Pool

B = MN Pool

C = POS Pool

D = PoW + PoST (Coins in your wallet and time) rewards

GMN = A + B + C + D

MN = B + C + D

Normal miner = C + D

WTC holders (Not mining)= C

> you're in the shit tier with your lunch money

Ahahahahaha, this is the average waltonchainer. You all better stock up on diapers for when VEN goes up 20x

WALTON is also a super cringy acronym too they are using
you would know that if you DYOR, which you obviously didnt, VENnigger

get ready for round 2

Over 100k satoshi real soon

Do you think I care about a lying chink's shitcoin? Sold my bags long ago, have fun going sideways

WABI is another shitcoin, only thing I care is that is very low MCP and it will have a moon mission start of next week due to 2 PnD groups on disc

Waltonchain is easily one of, if not the most, adopted IoT solution in China currently. It has limitless real-world uses in all industries that require some form of supply-side management. On top of its potential uses in IoT home based applications, they have a highly skilled team as well as strong partnerships. Though some people tend to be weary of Chinese Blockchain startups, for Waltonchain, they couldn't be in a better place if they tried. Currently flying incredibly under the radar until completion of mining the Genesis Block (scheduled to take place within the next few months), investors still have the opportunity to get in while prices are still under $100.

Waltonchain will allow for faster/smarter item tracking for the digital age. The combination of the Waltonchain blockchain, which implements a revolutionary dual-chain scalability protocol which will theoretically allow for millions of transactions per second, and their proprietary RFID tags they produce themselves, making them the cheapest, yet most advanced chips on the market, will allow companies to increase efficiency and cut costs by jaw dropping margins.

TL;DR Waltonchain has some serious potential. It stands out not only as a concept like quite a few coins do, it stands out as one of the few coins that has serious potential for global scale adoption.


No doubt Walton is gonna be 100$ in the near future