>Made thousands of dollars in a few weeks

This doesn't even feel real. It's feels like a fucking video game.

i wake up and see i made 10k while sleeping! it does not feel real

yep, its like real life cheating

who's losing this money so that I can have it?

> gain $5k
> meh
> lose $10k
> time to buy more


People from the future who catch the mother of all falling knives.
Most of them browse this board. It could even be you.

im concerned that this bubble will pop and i wont have cashed out enough to live like a neet for the remainder of my time and due to the insane gains right now i will never be satisfied with slaving for even $100k a year or some shit
it has me worried

Yup, totally feels like I'm cheating the rules of life. All my friends have worked hard and got careers and I'm making more than them with internet funny money.

Its a joke.

That's how it should be done. Waging is for suckers.

naw you'll return to baseline whether you're up a million or down a million, trust me i know that feel.

>It could even be you.

It all feels like a fantasy until you try to cash out

well its not uncommon to feel that way

a lot of people dream of living the NEET life.

shh everything will be ok, now go back to sleep and dream of your monopoly money little girl

Gotta remember for everyone that makes money, a ton of other people lose it.
Wont last forever, FOMO while it's good

this is how we get revenge on the normies.


i've never worked a day in my life nor do i ever intend to work but i cant keep living off of barely $1k a month in neet pay
i think i will have enough to live somewhat comfortably by start of 2020 if i can continue with a steady roll of gains until then but the crypto bubble might pop before that and it has me scared

It only takes 13 20% trades to 10x your money dude, you're not dependent on every coin going 100000x

Carry on hodling for a few more weeks and it won't be real anymore.

You haven't made shit until you cash out.

Someone has to buy your bags fella

>never worked a day in my life
You should kill yourself. That's embarrassing as fuck.

I invested $8k in August 2017. I just broke past $100k on my ortfolio an hour ago.

I have made more money in 5 months than my father makes in one whole year as a vice-president in a medium sized architectural development company.

I'm 25 and have a net worth of 160k. When I came to Canada, I had nothing but a suitcase and $3k. If I move back to my home country right now, I'd be in the top 20% in terms of net worth.

I'm finding it difficult to come to terms with it.

Nice slave mentality.

Why do people keep saying this? It's so easy to cash out if you live near a major city.

what coins?

Nice parasite mentality. Good luck with not killing yourself after the crash.

whats the point of working when the government provides for you?

>Good luck with not killing yourself after the crash.
It has to crash over 90% for me to make a loss.

Yes, but you're unemployable. You won't be missed.

Nice assumption. I worked for a year after I graduated and then retired to gamble shitcoins. Worst case scenario I have to go back to work.

>retired to gamble shitcoins
You are already in the worst case scenario.

1k neetpay, congrats
In my shithole country, rent is 400/mo, groceries and internet 250/mo, neetpay 100 bucks per month. You dont work, you die in the street.
No wonder Western govs are tanking

my condolences and yeah its surreal that they actually pay this much
easy scraping the pockets of tax payers i guess, wouldnt want to be one of them

The current market state is not sustainable. There isn't a single soul who isn't sitting on a fat stack right now. This has gone on for too long, we're overdue for a crash the likes of which we have never seen before. If you do not cash out soon then you can look forward to waking up one day and finding your gains completely eviscerated, your time on this earth is soon about to expire.

Fuck I'm in the same scenario. I worked for about 9 months out of college and then got fired, but made 300k while unemployed, and I have a house and no debts. I've already cashed out about 200k of it and I'm day-trading the last 100k and doing well so far.

What the fuck do I do though? I tried looking for a job but nothing worked out. I even had a few interviews. At the same time, I keep making money with this.

Seriously, what do I do?

>there isn't a single soul who isn't sitting on a fat stack right now
No different than May of 2017. Those of us who have cashed out most of our money and are still playing with "big money" don't really care because a crash in the markets only means a "rise" in the value of fiat. We win either way.

If you made enough to cash out then cash out no one is stopping you. Most people haven't made the gains you are alluding to dumbass. This will last at least another year mark my words.

My dream is to get enough to be a NEET and sleep whenever and jerk off to BRCC videos where the woman spreads her cheeks apart. Literally porn and sleep and no working. That's the fucking life.

Cash out a bit and buy property or some other non depreciating asset for your own mental healths sake. I want to start a business eventually so i'm learning skills that will help that. Just do something to keep your mind busy, i'm learning a new language for example.

So what exactly does this mean?

>made 300k while unemployed, and I have a house and no debts. I've already cashed out about 200k of it and I'm day-trading the last 100k and doing well so far.
I'd buy another house or two and rent them out. Just rent them for more than the monthly mortgage.

Did you read my post? I just said I already cashed out about 200k and have a house. As for keeping my mind busy, I'm married and going to go teach English abroad actually so that might do it, but I'm worried that too will ultimately just make me even more unemployable.

The anti-work mentality is going to kill crypto. The people in power are not going to sit idly by and watch as we disrupt the wealth cycle so easily. It's not about being a "slave," there's a component of dilligence and purpose to working qualified positions. For me, the only reason I work is to keep myself occupied, otherwise i'll end up having a horrible sleep schedule and no order in life, which is debilitating.

I made about 100k in a day thanks to xby.

Surreal and nice feeling.

this is the last stage. the biggest money is to be made now. things will go quite fast from now on. be extra careful.

It's your problem if you can't figure out anything productive to do while not working. It sounds like you've already wired your brain so that you can't live without working for someone else instead of yourself.

I meant cash out more. My mistake for some reason I thought you only cashed out a tiny amount.
>I'm married and going to go teach English abroad
Me too funnily enough.
Do you have any interest in setting up a business? I can't see myself working for anyone else ever again but think i'd be fairly happy as an entrepreneur.

You speak like everyone is making money in crypto.

Think of all these normies that bought Ripple or TRON at the top.

I personally know someone who tried to buy and hold BTC but panic sold and lost a few grand.

It's not just pure profit for everyone and it definitely won't be in the future.

Nice user. You + have had a very similar path. I'm about $12,000 since August and am finally about to break 6 figs.

Playing at least a year+ with my investments, but the plan is to cash ~%50 out and start bankrolling my own architecture projects.

You realize crypto isn't just printing money, right? For every dude multiplying his investment, there's several other dudes losing everything

Buy a rental property in non-nigger area

I've thought about it but I'm not sure what business, apart from cryptocurrency-related consulting. I worked an office job out of college and if possible I'd like to avoid it at all costs. Teaching, I hope, will be more rewarding and less mind-numbing.

What kind of business, though? I really wouldn't know exactly where to start.

When WW2 was over, the soldiers just discovered the stock market.

>other dudes losing everything
For the most part, it's unrealized losses for those people though, ideally at least. In a perfectly growing economy it would be almost like a lending system, where those who want money now cash out and those who want it later are effectively "loaning" it to those who did cash out, but of course it's nothing like this at all.

how the fuck are you going to work abroad when you're married and own a house in a different country? you're just going to abandon your house? what about your wife? i guess you want to teach english so you can go fuck japanese girls, right? you're just leaving the wife behind? how is that going to work? or are you bringing her with you and leaving an empty house behind? why the fuck did you ever buy a house then? how the fuck do you plan to juggle this clusterfuck of a life you have planned for yourself? holy shit, i don't understand how some people live

I want to open a bar/hostel but that's not for everyone. To me it seems like I could work the desk myself in the quite times and read/shitpost behind a desk as often or as seldom as I wished and hire people to work the busy times. I'v thought about being a rep in the science field where my degree is but I don't think I could do that without a partner with much more experience than me.

>how the fuck are you
When you have money and family you trust to keep an eye on your assets you can do whatever you want.

Technically you didn't make anything. You only make it when you can cash it out.

i see. i have money, but no family i can trust. i feel paralyzed.

The house is in the country I'm going to work in though, and my wife's entire family is there. Does that answer your question?
No that isn't why. My wife is going with us because our house abroad is literally a 5 minute walk from her family's houses.

I could see the hostel idea working. That's a great business you could do abroad too.

I studied math in college and worked briefly as an insurance actuary, so I'm not sure where I could apply that to my own business beyond possibly consulting or having a general sense of business. But a smaller company like a hostel or bar sounds nice and cozy. I never considered 300k enough to live like that really though.

Read above. Some of us have cashed out a few hundred grand. Really sick of this meme.

>tfw I've made more this month than in the last 2 years of wagecucking

I had 2.7k on Christmas, now I got 30k. Dunno what the fucks up.

>no family i can trust. i feel paralyzed.

Not according to the faggots at the IRS

As long as I don't cash out I also treat it like a video game...

Maybe youre not wrong. It's more like, I'm not used to the NEET life. I've graduated uni recently and have a food science degree, and employment opportunity is extremely higher right now, but I've just been making too much money in crypto to care about finding work. School has conditioned me to be a mindless drone and with no responsibilities I'll just watch anime and jerk off until 8am every night and then become nocturnal.

Oh fuck.

This post makes me angry. Property here starts at 600k and those houses are fucking shit.

>made hundreds of dollars in gold digs this week
Guys this can't be real.

god i sure hope i never become a depressed neet adult male who posts anime girls and speaks stutter-weeb

Waiting for verification of my accounts is killing me :/
I have been waiting for the clearing of my outgoing transaction at coinbase for 72 long hours and it's still not being processed.
This platform is ridiculous, the days are counted until the situation become less profitable.

tip: the government doesn't provide for you, other people who aren't parasites provide for you

I feel like a failure because I only made a few thousand in two months, and that was because I had a lot in BTC

Has anyone tried doing crypto in a self-directed Roth IRA? $5500 into a Roth IRA crypto with these sorts of gains....make that $11,000 if you do a prior year contribution as well.

Youre on Veeky Forums buddy

I made more money today than in several months of wagecucking (mexico), it feels unreal even though i have a small portafolio compared to most of you

>what are exchanges

T. Wagecuck

I also went from 3k to 10k, but I feel like I am not fast enough. My current cashout plan is 10k at 100k, so then is actually the first time I'll realize some profits, but at the current rate it will take another two months. Who the fuck know what happens in this time, I already dream of crypto every night. In the morning I wake up and can only think of checking charts.

t. leech

Im not on welfare like niggers, nice try though.
Jokes on you if you live in a socialist hellhole

>I'm not on welfare
You sound too salty then. Do you get triggered when people call out leeches despite not being one? Funneh.

Fucking same, 2k to 8k here. I'm gonna take out my initial 2000 in 500/week increments after I break 10k, then probably very little until 50-100k. Makes me anxious if I watch the markets too much even though I'm making money

I get triggered when people imply things on taiwanese basket weaving forums

I don't know why you are so anxious.
VAST majority of you have just numbers on a blockfolio, you never experienced the lifestyle that comes with this easy money therefore it can all go back to 0 tomorrow your life would not change.
If it goes up then nice, if it crashes you just wasted times but that's it.

So you're a beta that married an azn gril and now you're moving to her village to be a gawked at by a bunch of subhumans

Exactly. I put 150 € into this. Idgaf what happens with it, has a lot of fun so far so it's vidya for me. If I get rich from it, cool.

Me too, but I'm thinking about pumping more in it. That would actually hurt if I'd lost it. Idk what to do.

I don't, it was a one time investment. It multiplies quicker than I could put money in it.

>Please be patient, I have autism.
ok beast.

You haven’t made shit unless you’ve cashed some out.

I mean I'm fluent in the language and have lived there for years before. It's nothing new to me. I'd be moving there even if I never met this girl, I just happened to meet her while I was living there. So no, not really.

I am putting half of my savings into this because this is not serious money (10k€) but has so much potential.
If I lose it my life will not change at all, some people may tell me it was stupid but why would I care ?
If I make it my life will truly change, like never having to work for real (I have an extremely frugal lifestyle)

stupid wagecuck...its the "parasites" that rule the world right now

Do you think George Soros, Rockfeller or Rothchild families ever "worked" a day in their life?

Working 9 to 5 is for idiots and cuckolds

What country?