Don't miss out on the next Kucoin. It's not too late to get in on COSS and get guaranteed 50% fee split every week, forever.

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how does this fee split work?

My beautiful .05c bags have reached $1 each. Is this what making it feels like?

COSS uses the DAO/smart contracts to distribute the fee split. So you end up getting 30 tokens a week but small amounts, at least for now.

Dudes I bought this coin at 22cents and it fucking rose to a dollar in a week.
Holy fucking shit.

This coin's exchange is taking a shit from all the traffic but with the UI update everything should smooth out.

This is the next big thing.

Fiat pairing with ALL coins, 50% dividends signed with a smart contract, partnership with ARK, and an actual dividends system that PAYS you. I can't believe it.

WEhat ARK partnership? You got a source?

Bottom of the page.

And civic, eth alliance..
Coss will be huge!
Remember, coss still in beta

Use my link guys

How many coins have you guys got?
I got 60% of my portifolio on it, well now it's more with the moon.

So I can get more COSS tokens just because I hold COSS tokens, and then get even more ?

currently 8500, my goal is 10k+ but the last bit i will accumulate over time with mining/dividents


If this takes off, the dividends will be insane

The best ref link is this though

You get a portion of all fees. Every buy or sell order on the exchange takes a small fee in the form of some of the coins you are buying or selling. At the end of the week you will end up with some of every token on the exchange. The more people buying and selling on the exchange means the more tokens you get at the end of the week. I got 1500KIN this week along with like 20 other tokens.
Lets not turn this into a shit kucoin like thread please.

it's going to x20 easily and reach Kucoin's cap

yes I receive 2-3 a week

I wonder if this moon is mostly due to UI or more of that ppl starts to understand what coss will be in the future.. if this is mostly due to UI release then i wonder what the moon b4 the new engine or even better fiat gateway will look like. just some thoughts.

After KCS and BNB it's obvious this is going to moon. Pretty comfy.

Coss is a good future hold for sure
It has a market cap of 20mil if I recall, the only way to get some is with dividends.
It's a DPOS system I think

Next week:
UI Release
Listing and trading promos for Nitro, Vezt, CanYa

$2 by friday

kucoin at 1 bill.

COSS will be 1 bill at least.

$20 coss.

If you have 50k coss you will be a millionaire.

It is people waking up.

BNB is at $20

KCS is at $14

Coss was at

Already up like double from yesterday. Thanks Veeky Forums.

I'd say the main reason is the success of KCS and the potential COSS has. KCS was first, but COSS should offer the better product in the longrun.

Little of both.

If the coin keeps going up, is that really so bad? Eventually we're going to reach a tipping point where a ICO or two will draw in big investors, and people will start trading other coins in earnest.

Fuck off Kukikes, COSS is for a more refined audience.

I think this is the better chart.

Technically COSS was the first.

I forgot I had a stack of this shitcoin from awhile ago

oh and look it 8x'd....fucking what?

thanks for the new car, you dumb faggots

>If you have 50k coss you will be a millionaire.

I'm a happy little COSSlett, I am I am...

This chart is lowballing it. I am already making way more than those numbers.

Remember, you have to be part of the MEW to get the dividend. Otherwise you are removed from the dividend calculation.

And this isn't even counting when the FIAT goes live, something that Binance and Kucoin won't compete with. Those 3x FIAT fees, mmmmm...


What? I thought you just leave it on the exchange's wallet?

>Remember, you have to be part of the MEW to get the dividend. Otherwise you are removed from the dividend calculation.

This is only when you keep the Tokens in an external wallet, right?

it's closer to 100mil bro, ~100 mil tokens in circulation at 1 dollar each. stats on CMC is off

you get your dividents from holding on the exvhange yes, if you send coss to MEW you need to take extra steps to get dividents

You can do either. MEW requires that you pay the gas fees though.

fucking kucoin...

every single 'dividend exchange coin' will now be receiving a shitton of interest as kucoin grows, and then crashes

I really want to sell this shit, but I'm absolutely certain its going to moon hardcore from a bunch of pricks assuming its the next kucoin

$3-$5 next week, easy

what's the mew?

Cant wait to live off my COSS fee split too brother. I was really thinking of getting more a couple days ago. I should have

Pls use this link:

I could have doubled my stake, but I didn't because I didn't have the balls. It's only now that it's a dollar a pop that I feel vindicated in my ICO purchase.

No, fuck off poorfag.

its going to get better. This is just the start.

And for the dividend chart, couple things it doesnt take into account:
>COSS that is sitting undistributed in peoples shares
>COSS sitting in misconfigured wallets
>fiat fee split (which will dwarf the trading dividends)

No joke, if they get working fiat to alt and stay in the IRS/SEC good graces, everyone here will be retired from holding a few thousand dollars worth of COSS from back when it was a shitty buggy exchange.

ITT a bunch of people looking to dump their COSS since it's up 300% this week

Sure thing bub come back in a month and maybe I'll sell you mine for $10 each

im literally up 1300%. you think 300% means anything to me?

Why the fuck is the exchange / entire website slow as fuck?

Id rather see this than the million of Kucoin threads that have ZERO info and just a "pls use my referral code I swear its goooood pls pls".

because everyone wants to get in on the action

The entire point is to hold numbnuts. This isn't a shitcoin pump and dump. This isn't a Kuckoin referral ponzi scheme. I've bought and sold dozens of great coins, but COSS is the one coin I'm holding until the heat death of the universe.

COSS is love. One day you'll see, and when you beg to buy my bags for $10 a coin, I will look down upon you and whisper, 'No.'

Where’s the bro with 500k at? If your here thanks for shilling me into this bro I owe you 1!

yeah ive also seen him.. 510,000COSS if i remember correctly

You are welcome COSS brother. Pull up a nice reclining chair and get comfy. The next year is going to be wild.

Why did coss just pump to 1.5 dollars holy shit.

I only have 2k that I bought at 8 cents. please for the love of fuck do not dump this on the exchange. I dont wanna get buttfucked.

Cryptocoins youtuber said that coss is their second favourite coin for 2018

I don't plan on selling COSS until it looks like cryptocurrency itself might fade away. If we reach even Kucuck level of volume then I'll make 50k/year in dividends. The sky is the limit here.

We going to$2 so fast before UI, fiat, exchange engine, crypto cards, etc

>tfw my 1/10 stack
Save a spot in coach for me, moon man.

Correction, 100k+ a year.

coss is literal fucking garbage. can't wait for the massive market crash so the good coins can recover

Thanks based whalebro.

I'm actually getting nervous this would happen now especially people with 500k coss are showing off.

My nigga right here!

Hope it all goes as planned for the both of us!

Market is irrational, more problems there is, the more the price goes up
Ppl buying future peofits

Fuck yea COSS bro! Get comfy.

Its funny you say this. I have seen 100s of Kucoin threads and not one single person post their portfolio while they are shilling it. Yet here in this thread you have what many would consider "whales" showing their portfolios WITH COSS in it. Gee, I wonder what coin is full of pajeets and what one will actually be here in 2 years

This is about to be dumped hard as fuck, get out.

you cant fud us anymore faggot. Secrets out, we were all right all along. 1500% gains if you were smart.

Not selling any more, but some smaller holders can take profits early or ppl who just doesn't like the exchange would be selling

Holy fucking shit, volume nearly doubled in the last 2 hours. This week's payouts are gonna be sweet.

The people that hold a ton of COSS are the least likely to dump their stacks. Take a look at this chart and look at the incentive to hold if you're a whale. I know I'm sure as fuck not going to take a one time payout over massive dividend payouts for years + token price growth.

When the exchange was being slow and shit the volume as crap, I believe they fixed it somewhat last night and now look at it. Once that UI update comes out and that new trading engine or whatever it is we def gonna be on Kucoin levels at least.

Jesus fuck this exchange is slow. Are they going to improve it?

new engine and ui will speed it up. release soon. next couple weeks +

BETA. They hit something like 30% of their 2018 New User goal within the first 4 days of the year. They weren't expecting this much interest.

Think of the shitty slow exchange as a litmus test for those that want to make it, and those who want to scrape for pennies.

UI is near end of next week but engine is near end Q1

trying to buy some, but cant even the the exchange to load

Dude it doesn't matter that it's a good coin with huge potential. It's not going to moon because as soon as normies get on there and find out the site is 100% unusable, it's over. It's been like this for weeks now.

The fact that they can't even get their fucking website running after SEVERAL WEEKS is very telling. I would not invest into this project.

Hey guys, i would be really happy if you use my invite link. Thanks and good luck.

Fucking HitBTC is selling at a premium. I don't even know what's going on anymore. This is my first 100k on paper, it's only 80k if I switch to ED which is even with the COSS exchange price.

Am I making it guys? Is this what making it feels like? I've made more this week than the last two years of wagecucking. WHEN DOES THE OTHER FUCKING SHOE DROP??!

Been waiting for a transfer for almost 4 days now. Check their reddit too, no one can even get off this trash website, literally unusable. Might be a good 1-2 year hold but if you want access to your money then stay away from COSS for now.

kekeke enjoy bags, the website is unusable.
Not even gonna try to transfer my ETH, if Reddit is complaining all over then normies will not flock to this shit hole website. Bags are us

Never heard of any coin you got besides COSS.

I got 50K too.

kucoin shills go away

>Never heard of any coin you got
Thats the point. No one heard of COSS at one point either friend.

Could you shill me some of the coins you got?

Buy a sizeable portion of MBRS, DBIX, and RKC. I think the amount of money I have in them speaks for itself.

I mean... what? My shit is normie-tier.

DOGE is a crypto staple. It's functionally indifferent from BTC but has 100x the supply and some of the cheapest transfer fees. It's an utter shitcoin but has one of the most reliable boom/bust cycles in crypto. We're currently on an uptrend, so I would advise not jumping in because youre not gonna make more than 2x from current price.

NEO is Chinese ETH, homegrown. They have 27 ICOs coming up soon that only take NEO, and creating NEO ICOs require you to put capital up front, unlike ETH which will allow any neckbeard with a dream to create one.

Substratum is the most exotic on mine. They're attempting to decentralize the internet by allowing people to host webnodes and earn SUB as compensation.

REQ is trying to become the next Paypal, and from what I've seen it has a pretty good shot.

ICX is freshly released Korean ETH, but has much more initial partnerships than NEO, and thus I believe much more potential.